Insexion 2

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Mel: ‘I think it was a few days later. We were outside after a date, and it was around 7pm. I didn’t want to go home so early, so we went to a staircase around my area to talk. I was wearing a short skirt then, and touching each other led to making out with him that made me a little wet. I sort of wanted him to touch me like how he did that time I helped him at his place.

His hand just went on my thigh and under my skirt. I didn’t even try to stop him cause I know we were out of sight. He just went into my panties and started touching the sensitive spot, rubbing it with his finger. It got me so wet and high quickly, something in me was going crazy I think. So while he was busy I undid his button and zip, pushing my hand into his underwear to help him. I guess it was one way to get him to go faster. Hehe.

While I was stroking him, he started rubbing harder too. And once my panties was all wet, his hand went down lower and for the first time, I felt something inside me. The first joint of his finger went into my pussy and my body wanted more. I didn’t know what was happening, and there was no pain, so I let him continue. His finger fully disappeared into me and it was so satisfying, as though my body had been waiting for it for a long time.

His hand then thrust harder and faster into me and I just grabbed his stick harder. I was feeling afraid, and I don’t understand why. It was like a bomb going off, and I did not know if I would still be alive after that. The tension built up in my mind created a high pressure kind of feeling and then, before I know it, my mind went all white. A gush of wetness just leaked out of my body and I can’t control it. I was worried that I peed but he told me it wasn’t what I thought.

I lost control of my body and was trembling but it felt heavenly. I did not realised two of his fingers had went in and was still moving. The second wave of pressure built up in my brain had gone off and the sensation of great relieve overwhelmed me. I have never felt so relaxed. More liquid flowed out and that sensitive spot, which now I know is called the ‘clit’ was so sensitive and hot.

He pulled his hand out of my panties and sat one step higher behind me, to hug me while I recovered. I was feeling so weak then, but he was around. So I didn’t worry much. After that, he shifted his body next to me and I could see his dick twitching on its own. You know guys can make it move? Hehe. Ask your future boyfriends to try it k?

And after that, it was when I gave him my first blowjob.’

Jaslyn: ‘Don’t stop now eh! I want to know everything! It sounds so exciting the way you tell it.’

Mel: ‘I sat sitting one step below. So I thought I should just help him shoot. But he took my hand away and told me ‘no hands’. Haha. I went huh? and he told me he wanted to feel my mouth. He then guided my head to it and I just sucked on it. I still believed that a blowjob was actually blowing into it. He told me to simply place my lips tightly around his dick and move my head up and down. There was a little smell, but I was feeling quite good breathing it. I guess it was the version of his scent down there.

I kept going up and down and whenever I got tired, I would stop with him in my mouth. Playing it with my tongue actually let me discover his weak spot. You remember during biology class? The part below the penis head is actually very sensitive and it would drive him wild whenever I run my tongue around it. It was so fun watching him struggle for life. I focused my lips to move around that area and true enough, it got him all desperate.

He then slowed me down and asked me if he can shoot in my mouth. Slowing down didn’t really stop me from teasing his dick, so I kept going while he leaned back and begged calmly for me to let him off. There was no sincerity in it cause he really meant for me not to stop. So it was more torture.

I finally stopped and I mumbled a ‘Mmm‘. Somehow that got him so excited and he asked me to keep going. I went as fast as I could with my lips fondling the sensitive ring until he held my head down. He almost choked me but let go shortly after I gagged. His load then sprouted into my mouth in strong jets that tickled the top of my jaw. Anyway, he kept pumping the sticky warm cum for some time. I got my mouth out as soon as he was done and he just pulled me in for a kiss.

All the while, it was in my mouth and when he let go of me, he said one word, ‘swallow?’ I could totally taste the saltiness of it and the runny feeling was similar to half-boiled eggs. Since my saliva was kind of diluting it, I just gulped and cleared my mouth. Once he saw that, he gave me the longest hug I’ve ever had and told me how much he loved me.

I was about to go LOL on that but didn’t say anything to spoil the mood. That’s about it for that day luh.’

Mel was about to end the chat and catch a nap before school end, but Jaslyn did not let her at all.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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