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Jaslyn: ‘Hey Mel, tell us about what your boyfriend and you did in bed eh.’
Mel: ‘Huh? Why are you interested?’
Jaslyn: ‘Not just me luh. We are interested!’

Her usual group of friends gathered around her table as they had a series of empty classes after their final exams. Mel was the tall and slim one, who had taken the initiative to organise PE lessons for her friends who wanted to get her figure. Deemed as a ‘da jie’ of the clique, she had a boyfriend who was with her two years ago. Portraying a decent front, the girls had expected a slow progressive of her relationship, and did not imagine too wildly.

Mel: ‘Well, two years ago, we started dating. And like all couples, we kissed, held hands, made out. Talking about making out, it was quite a memorable one as we hugged and kiss on the roof of Esplanade. There was no one there that night and I have no idea why.

He started out by kissing, then his mouth trailed to my ears and licked on it. Oh my, the accidental slurps and draws of breath made my ear went warm and cold. His hands were on my waist and I was wearing a short dress that night. I felt my body getting warmer and was afraid my sweat would turn him off. But after a while, he turned around and piggy backed me to a corner near one of the doors.

Once he put me down, I was really lost at what we would be doing. His kisses resumed on my ears and it went down to my neck. Of course, I kept looking around for people. His lips went to my chest, and then I felt the shoulder strap on one side fell. He made me take my arm out of it and pulled it even lower. My bra was just tugged lower and I felt his mouth on my nipples for the first time.

The sucking got stronger and his other hand went to my other side and squeezed on it. I can’t help but moaned. It was my first time, so I just let him guide me. He then went behind me and hugged me, hands going under my arms and on my boobs. The massage he gave me made me lose even more control. I could feel my legs going weak and was leaning on him.

My other arm was out of the strap and he could totally pull my bra low enough to touch both sides. From the back, I could feel his bulge growing. Since that was all he was doing, I stopped and put my dress back on. I think he was a little disappointed, cause he wanted to get me hornier. Anyway, I just pulled him to sit at the corner.’

Jaslyn: ‘You didn’t do anything for him?’
Mel: ‘Nope. Not until about a year later.’
Jaslyn: ‘Wah! Good control eh!’
Mel: ‘Haha. I wanted to be sure he was the one.’
Jaslyn: ‘Say say! How did you help him out?’

Mel: ‘We were cuddling on his bed one day. I think it was during a long holiday. We had spent the day shopping and cooking. I still remembered hearing him snore loudly. I don’t know why but I was looking at him sleep, I was a little bored I guess. So, I touched his boxers to feel the material. I saw the opening at the center, and I just put my hand into it. I gasped when I felt how small it was! It was kind of cute.

I just held it between my fingers and then ran my fingertip to the top. It was like a volcano, skin around and then the meat in the middle. I was looking at him all the time, afraid he would wake up and do something to me, but he just looked at me with a bit of confusion on his face. It was priceless.

The size then grew upwards, and my hand was around it all the time. From my index finger, it extended to my pinky. I have to say it was quite fascinating. I could feel the top getting longer and the skin was stretched till it uncovered his dick. I was like ‘is this what raw flesh felt like?’ Haha! He then told me, ‘Move your hand up and down?’ in a wake-up voice.

So I did what he said. Moving my hand up and down, I was holding on to it like an eel, but it was drier. After a while, he removed his boxers and I was pumping it like a water gun. He reached for his drawer for what I thought was a condom or something, but he took a tube out and I realised it was lubricant. He helped squeezed a little on the tip of his dick and it felt more like an eel then.

The slurping sounds was so familiar and he was moaning as well! I could see that he was enjoying himself. As I was sitting cross-legged beside him, he placed his palm on my shorts with four fingers on my groin and his thumb on my pussy. His thumb then started to press on me and went in circles. I still didn’t know what I was feeling but it was getting me wet. I felt so light headed that I even turned my body to face him, cause it was easier for him as well.

As he kept rubbing, I got more sensitive below and suddenly he just stopped. He took my hand on his dick and covered the tip. Then, a hot load of liquid just shot into my fingers and dripped all over him. I remembered it was thick and white, and there were a lot too!

So yeah. That was his first time.’

Jaslyn: ‘Then how he first touched you?’

Mel: ‘I think it was a few days later. We were outside, and was around 7pm. I didn’t want to go home so early, so we went to a staircase around my area to talk. I was wearing a short skirt then, and making out with him got me a little wet. I sort of wanted him to touch me like how he did that time I helped him shoot.

His hand just went on my thigh and under my skirt. I didn’t even try to stop him. He just went into my panties and started touching the sensitive spot, rubbing it with his finger. It got me so wet and high quickly. So I just undid his button and zip, pushing my hand into his underwear to help him. I guess it was one way to get him to go faster. Hehe.

While I was stroking him, he was going faster too. And once my panties was all wet, his hand went deeper and for the first time, I felt something inside me. The first joint of his finger went into my pussy and my body was wanting more. I didn’t know what was happening, and there was no pain, so I let him continue. His finger disappeared into me and it was so satisfying, as though my body had been waiting for it for a long time.

His hand then thrust harder and faster into me and I just grabbed his stick harder. I was feeling afraid, and I don’t understand why. It was like a bomb going off, and I did not know if I would still be alive after that. The tension built up in my mind to a high pressure and then, before I know it, my mind went all white. A gush of wetness just leaked out of my body and I can’t control it. I was worried that I peed but he told me it wasn’t.

My body lost control and was trembling but it felt heavenly. I did not realised two of his fingers had went in and was still moving. The second wave of pressure built up in my brain had exploded again and the sensation of a great relieve overwhelmed me. More liquid flowed and that sensitive spot, which now I know is called ‘clit’ was so sensitive and hot.

He pulled his hand out of my panties and sat one step higher behind me, to hug me while I recovered. I was feeling so weak then, but he was around. So I didn’t worry much. After that, he shifted his body next to me and I could see his dick twitching on its own. You know guys can make it move? Hehe. Ask your future boyfriends to try it k?

And after that, it was when I gave him my first blowjob.’

Jaslyn: ‘Don’t stop now eh! I want to know everything! It sounds so exciting when you tell it.’

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

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