In Good Hands

Raphael was at home on a rainy morning browsing the net when a knock came through his door at six thirty. With his parents sleeping in on that Saturday, he went quietly to the door to see who was there. He looked into the peep hole and saw his neighbour standing outside, a middle aged female with her hair still wet and clothes looking messy.

Raphael: ‘Yes?’

Woman: ‘对不起打扰。我是住十楼的陈太太。可以麻烦您吗?’
(Translation: Sorry to bother. I am Mrs. Chen staying on level 10. Can I bother you for a favour?)

Raphael: ‘什么事?’
(Translation: What’s the matter?)

Mrs. Chen: ‘我的女儿病了。想请你帮个忙,照顾她一下。’
(Translation: My daughter is sick and I would like you to help take care of her for a while.)

Raphael: ‘您会几点回来呢?’
(Translation: And what time will you be back?)

Mrs. Chen: ‘嗯。。两点左右。’
(Translation: Umm.. around 2pm.)

Raphael: ‘好吧。’
(Translation: Alright then.)

She handed him the keys to her place and gave him her unit number, leaving him to gather some of his belongings to spend the next few hours at her place. He brought his iPad to the tenth floor and entered the house, to find the layout clean and somewhat empty. They had a straw mat around a coffee table and a TV, but the rest of the house was very modest.

He checked out the room her daughter was in, and was not surprised when she sat up in shock to see a stranger in her room.

Raphael: ‘Hello. I’m Raph. Your mother asked me for a favour to take care of you.’
Girl: ‘Oh. Thank you. I’m Jolene.’
Raphael: ‘I realised you speak good English.’
Jolene: ‘Yeah. My mother sent me to an international school here. She seldom talk to me at home to keep me from being influenced by her Mandarin.’
Raphael: ‘I see. That’s very noble of her. You get some rest. I’ll be just outside.’
Jolene: ‘You can remain in my room if you don’t mind. I’m fine with it.’

He sat on her single bed and tapped away on his iPad, playing the game Candy Crush that was so hot among his friends. The room had no air conditioning but it was cooling for him. A couple of hours passed without any happening, and he enjoyed the peacefulness as well. After some time, she woke up just as he was dozing off, jolting him up from the movements on the bed.

Raphael: ‘Had enough rest?’
Jolene: ‘Yeah. You can have a rest on my bed. I’m going to get some water.’

Barely awake, he shifted his body to lie down on her sweet smelling bed, and she went out of the room to do her stuff. Halfway through his sleep, the door opened again and he woke up half-asleep, which was his weakness as a light sleeper.

He watched her figure from the bottom of his eyelids going to the other side of the bed, and felt her getting into the bed. Turning unsuspiciously to his side, he could feel her body closing on him and before he knew, a hand ran around his waist and rested on his stomach.

Jolene: ‘I know you’re asleep. That’s why I am telling you this. I was the one who asked my mum to get you to take care of me. I’ve seen you around a few times, and find that you are quite a nice person. Plus.. I think you looked hot too.’

In Raph’s mind, he was wondering what was hot about him, his hairy legs? HIs bulging tummy? Or his round-nerdy-looking glasses. Still, he did not make any sudden movements and her breasts that was on his back actually felt bare – as though she was braless. Very slowly, he moved his hand to place over hers on his stomach, hinting to her that he was awake. He did not let her hand move away when she discovered, but pressed hard on her hand.

Raph turned his body to face hers, and her head leaned in for a kiss, that did not separate for as long as they were cuddling under the blanket. Her hand had moved down his waist to his shorts, and Raph was doing the same for her, sliding under her shirt to her boobs that was still developing.

Jolene: ‘You know my eighteenth birthday just passed?’

That sentence got him even more excited and his hand went around one of her boobs, squeezing in a massaging gentleness. Jolene’s breathing got deeper and warmer, while her lips was still sealed onto Raph’s. Her hand had dug into his shorts and roamed to his bulge for her revenge handjob, stroking him at random angles while his hand quickly tried to enter her shorts as well.

They had to take a break to fix the awkward positions their hands were in, and removed their bottoms so their foreplay could have more freedom. Once her shorts and panties were gone, Raph’s hand dived for her pussy and rubbed hard on her clit, making her moan openly for the first time. It was not everyday someone was there to ‘play’ with her, and her mother living in the same rented room, made it even harder for her to have any alone time.

Pushing his fingers into her, he thrust his hand with full force and Jolene was lying flat on the bed panting, trying not to let her moans turn into screeches. Her hand quickly found his upstanding dick and pumped on it, in her tightly clenched hand which was causing some aches.

To give his all, he got on his knees. The change in position helped him to finger her deeper and he continued ramming his fingers in until she finally climaxed, wetting his hand further with the generous amount of her hormones filled bodily fluid.

Jolene: ‘Put it inside me?’

Not exactly sure what she meant, Raphael repeated her question and she nodded eagerly, as though waiting for this precise moment to come. He could not bring himself to claim her virginity and so he sat quietly beside, telling her that he wasn’t looking for a relationship. The heart touching conversation lasted for a while, and clarified that she was just looking to lose it to him, since he was the first guy she had gone so far with.

After getting her assurance that it was a ‘friends with benefit’ deal, he positioned himself between her legs and leaned over her body. She took his dick in her hands and guided him to the entrance. As soon as she felt her heated tip at her opening, her legs went behind him and forced his body forward before he could get his stance right. The sudden engulfment of his dick in the mind-blowing warmth and juiciness got him groaning and created a resistance to stop himself from cumming too soon.

What happened after that need no introduction. His hips began ramming into her tight pussy, pushing his hot rod into her continuously. What she had moaned out in accident, he was filling her over and over again (with his meat). Her hands rested on his biceps, holding onto his strong arms firmly as her mind was fucked to a disappearance. Her body got warmer by the minute and so was his, using all his effort to last as long as he could.

Jolene: ‘Shall we change positions?’
Raphael: ‘To?’

She flipped onto her limbs and reached out into her purse for a condom. Opening the wrapper with her teeth, she then placed it at her pussy for him. Although this was something new, he understood that the safety issue was taken care of. Putting the tip of his dick into the condom, the slow penetration rolled the rubber over his little head and he was pumping his hips at her butt once it was securely around his base.

In this position, her pussy was feeling more of the stimulation and the thickness of his dick. Her pussy was totally lost in the pleasure of the roughness of his shaft, brushing along her walls. Raph’s excitement made him went faster, until the both of them was moaning more in distress than enjoyment.

Raphael: ‘Jolene, I’m going to cum.’
Jolene: ‘Go faster Raph. Don’t waste it.’

His hips went hyper speed for the last few seconds until his dick exploded in the rubber, flooding until it was full and some of his cum even leaked out of the condom. She had been clutching onto her pillow as she could feel the condom getting filled. After he was done, he pulled his dick out of her and removed the condom, which was sagging with the man juice.

Jolene: ‘Let me see?’

She took it to place the ring at her lips and overturned the contents into her mouth. Sucking the tube into a vacuum, his load slipped like runny eggs into her mouth and gulped it down.

Raphael: ‘You don’t mind the taste?’
Jolene: ‘It’s not the taste that I wanted to try. But it’s the first load of cum that my body had received. And it should not be wasted right?’

The American influence she had was in Raphael’s favour and he nodded happily. They got dressed and cuddled in bed, while waiting for her mum to return home. She could not help interrupting his sleep once again, putting her mouth to work on his dick to give her first blowjob, and it totally drove Raph crazy with her untrained but hardworking mouth. Of course, the second load went into her stomach just like the first.

I guess it was not too bad an offer taking care of Mrs. Chen’s daughter. Would you guys like to help out next time?

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