Jamie had a twin sister, Jessica, which she was constantly jealous of because her slimmer figure, and a boyfriend who had been with her for many years, while she drifted in and out of relationships. That day, the both of them had ended their classes in the newly built ITE at Ang Mo Kio. Jessica’s boyfriend, Rong, came to meet them and headed to Cathay above the shopping mall, planning to catch part 2 of ‘Ah Boys to Men’. As usual, the couple stuck together while Jamie walked and was all by herself.

After a ten minute wait, the show started and the two of them started making out, while Jamie watched from the corner of her eyes how her sister’s hand went under his bag on his lap, and started some random movements under. His hand slipped under her short black skirt, and dived into her slippery hole to finger her, which Jessica did a good job not to let any sounds out.

Feeling even more jealous and bored, Jamie was no longer looking at the screen but the bag on Rong’s lap, jerking up and down. Slowly, the movements died down and her sister was the only one enjoying, getting all the attention from his fast moving hand. Lifting the armrest gracefully, Rong did not notice her advances. Jamie then pushed her hand under the bag and held his dick, which almost made him jump at her daringness.

He gave her a quick look and stared at her sister, whose eyes was closed and head tilted, breathing hot air upwards out of her lips. Jamie took the chance to stroke him faster, and in return, her sister got even wilder from the excitement in her pussy. She finally came real hard and her closed legs clamped on Rong’s arm, keeping him immobilised while he continued to rub on her swollen clit.

Jamie’s hand pulled away from his bag and went to her legs, hugging both knees tightly. Rong’s fingers were still busy, poking their way into Jessica’s pussy as her legs relaxed. He stole a glance at the playful girl and saw into her skirt, with a translucent netting underwear to greet him. His hard on got even more solid and quickly gave Jessica another round of orgasm. This time, it was quicker and it made her so weak she rested for the rest of the show, while her boyfriend feasted his eyes on the upskirt from Jamie’s raised legs.

After the movie, the three of them made their way to the sisters’ place, agreeing to smuggle Rong into the house before their parents returned. The plan went successfully and nightfall came. Without wondering, Jessica and Rong were busy humping each others’ minds out and she finally fell into deep sleep after his ever-hard dick satisfied her beyond what her body could take. He went out of her room to get a drink, at the same time to take a look at her sister, who did not possess a figure like Jessica, but could be wilder than her.

He looked into the half opened door to find her typing on her phone, face and bare shoulders lit by the light.

Jamie (whispering): ‘Don’t walk about the house! Come in!’

He took a step in and shut the door, locking it behind him before heading to her bed.

Rong (whispering): ‘Why are you not asleep yet?’

Jamie (whispering): ‘Not tired.’

Rong (whispering): ‘You want me to make you tired?’

Jamie (whispering): ‘How?’

He went under her blanket and turned to her, running his hand down her shoulders, to find her topless. His fingers then went to her nipples and gave it a pinch, sending Jamie’s hand to his thigh.

Rong (whispering): ‘Like it?’

Jamie (whispering): ‘Yeah.’

His head went to her boobs and sucked on her nipples, letting his saliva flow generously all over her chest. She had held his hand from her pussy as she liked to take things slow, but could not hold him still for long either. As his tongue attacked her tips, his hand slid down her body and between her opened legs. rubbing on her clit like how he did for her sister in the cinema. Her free hand was on her mouth, covering the moans but her body was responding well to the sensual fingertips that was going to make her climax.

Soon, she felt her body weakened and went into a sudden relaxation, juices flowing like a stream onto her sheets. He then moved his body below her pussy, and held his dick straight to enter. She reached for his dick and held it firmly, allowing him to push his moist rod through her palm. The tip of his dick touched her pussy and she gasped, grabbing his manhood even harder.

He could not stop midway and just shove his hips forward, pushing his dick straight into her pussy. The sudden fit of his rod into her vagina blew her mind and she flipped her arms to the sides of the bed to hang onto the sheets. Once he was fully parked, his hands went to her boobs and massaged them as his hips rammed hard at her.

The sounds of the juices slurping was louder than anything but it did not bother them at all. They did not change their position throughout, and he did all the work of pleasuring himself and her. The tightness of her had been squeezing evenly along his dick in a milking manner. The heat and wetness inside made him went faster and faster, until he could no longer take anymore of it.

Rong (whispering): ‘Jamie, I’m going to cum.’

Jamie (whispering): ‘Pull it out!’

He got onto his feet and went to her face, kneeling and bending his hips over her head. Her mouth remained closed as she did not want to take it orally.

Rong (whispering): ‘I don’t want to dirty your bed. Open your mouth?’

Her lips parted and his dick was forced in. Pumping her mouth straight, all she could do was to use her tongue to block his deep intrusion. She pressed her lips tightly around his shaft and finally made him cum. His sticky load spewed into her mouth in buckets and she could only swallow the overfilling liquid.

The disappearance of his cum down her throat made him excited to squirt more. A few more pulses of cum and he was done. Wiping his dick with her blanket, he got up and left the room, as though she was just a hooker. As unwilling as she was, the sex was awesome and she gained a little confidence having this little secret from her sister.

I wonder who was the last one laughing, Jamie? Or Rong who get to fuck both sisters?

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