Double Trouble

Upon seeing the one carat diamond ring, Christy was so happy that she couldn’t stop smiling to herself throughout the night. The ring wasn’t part of any proposal but a sign of love for her to tell her that he was ready to have her as his wife whenever she wanted. How sweet was that. After they finished the bottle of Jack Daniels 18, he helped her back to her car, where he took the wheels and drove her home.

Surprising or not, it was the first time he had gone to her place and to be in a state carrying her into her house. Just as he found her keys and was about to unlock the door, a clicking sound came and a girl who looked exactly like his girlfriend stood in a one piece nightgown, nothing too suggestive to send his thoughts wild.

Girl: ‘You’re James?’
James: ‘Yeah. Help me take her bag in? I’ll put her in her room.’

She grabbed the bag that was sliding off his shoulders and walked in front to lead him to her room. All along, he knew that she had a sister but never told him they were twins. The uncanny resemblance was so unbelievable that James couldn’t help but stare at the busy girl who was removing her sister’s high heels.

Girl (whispering): ‘Hi, I’m Chloe. Let’s go out and give her some rest.’

James nodded while looking at the sleeping beauty and pecked her forehead before leaving. He was reeking of alcohol and the perfume Christy wore and Chloe brought a cup of water to let the sweating guy catch his breath.

Chloe: ‘My sister and I share a room. That’s why she dare not bring you back. I mean, what will you think if you know two 25 year old girls are still sleeping together right?’
James: ‘It’s fine to me though. Not everyone can afford one room per person here in SG.’
Chloe: ‘Haha. Right. So you two had a lot to drink?’
James: ‘Yeah. She drank more after I gave her a ring.’
Chloe: ‘You proposed?!’
James: ‘Nah. Just a present for her.’
Chloe: ‘Whew.. I don’t want to be all alone man. Why don’t you sleep here tonight? It’s late. I’ll bring a towel for you.’

He was not given any chance to speak and simply went to the bathroom in the kitchen, where he showered while admiring the bra and panties hanging on the wall. To think the two girls were sharing clothes made it even wilder when he imagined to have gone out with the other and not noticed. Or did such things already happened?

James: ‘Chloe? Is the towel outside?’
Chloe: ‘Yupp! At the sink.’

He wrapped the towel around his waist and stepped out of the bath, bewildered at the disappearance of his clothes he placed on the basin.

Chloe: ‘I put your clothes into the washing machine. We have a dryer. It will be ready tomorrow.’
James: ‘Umm.. What do I wear?’
Chloe: ‘Here. This is my shorts. I was this fat in the past.’

The pair of shorts were made of thin material and it fitted him nicely. It was hard to imagine what she was like before she achieved a figure like her sister, an athlete’s figure without knowledge of Christy working out.

They were back on the couch in the dark living room with only the lights from the television. For a moment, both of them said nothing except watching an old Huang Fei Hong movie that was playing.

Chloe: ‘You believe twins has telepathic powers?’
James: ‘I won’t say it’s impossible. Why?’

As she was seated right next to him, her hand did not have any trouble reaching his thighs. For a few seconds, she was brushing her soft palm along his leg, inching upwards into his shorts as she kept quiet.

James wasn’t escaping the situation and even pulled the openings of the shorts wider so she could enter. Within a few strokes, she was wrist deep and sliding her fingers along his growing manhood. After letting her turn him on to the max, it was his turn to lean towards the distracted girl, and pushed his hand under her dress, to the pussy that was bare and moist since unknown when.

Their breathing was picking up pace fast as they masturbated each other, jerking and rubbing with their tiring hands. Chloe’s body was slowing pinning on top of him, lips touching right when he gave her breasts a squeeze.

A wildfire immediately broke out and she climbed over his lap on the sofa, grinding his dick outside her pussy. The twitching of his cock was stimulating her clit at the right spots and making her moan uncontrollably.

Chloe (whispering): ‘Put it in?’

Their faces were millimetres apart when she whispered her desires to him. He then lifted her waist higher and dropped them as he felt her pussy at the tip of his dick, sliding downwards in one move that sent him into the pleasure zone.

Not wanting to let the twin sister do all the work, he thrust into her and watched as she gasped silently to the powerful strokes fill her up with lust and satisfy her craving for the man her sister fell in love with. As their bodies slammed against each other, the juicy slurping sounds grew louder and it woke Christy up, who got horny and wet halfway into her sleep.

There was no mistakes about what she could hear from the living room and she immediately dashed out, to see her sister riding the crazy bull while kneading her own boobs.

James: ‘Christy! Come over.’
Chloe: ‘Jie, join us.’

Chloe got off the thick cock and let him slide lower to let his mouth reach her pussy. Christy held her sister’s hand and allowed her to help him mount on the dripping dick, going double on the trouble as James worked his mouth with his hips. Christy was still high from the alcohol but could not care about what she was doing – sharing her boyfriend.

In a magical effect, their bodies were in sync as their pussies leaked juices over their man. The mental and emotional link between the girls was amplifying the pleasure in their heads to a whole new level. They just couldn’t stop no matter how tired they were from the orgasms.

James: ‘I can’t take it anymore! I’m gonna cum.’

With that Christy pushed down on his abs and rode him wildly, bouncing up and down while squeezing her pussy. Chloe whose pussy was being licked drove her groin harder onto his tongue and was screaming out for her sister to go faster.

Happening in a flash, their bodies expended all the energy they had and kept going till he jerked his hips violently. Plunging deep into his beloved girlfriend, his cum jolted straight into her non-stop and kept her grinding while she trembled from her orgasm.

A wave of liquid came shooting out of Chloe and he swallowed them as it flowed, not wanting to waste a single drop of her goodness. With the clock ticking away, they caught their breaths while still interlocked in the three way position. Only after Christy felt his dick began shrinking, did she lift her ass away and helped her sister to dismount the sweaty body.

The two girls fell to his sides and rested, leaving the younger sister to fondle his dick.

Chloe: ‘Jie, are you angry at me?’
Christy: ‘Not anymore. But he’s mine k? We can share him till you get married.’
Chloe: ‘James, can we have a foursome if I have a boyfriend? I’ll make sure he agrees.’
James: ‘Haha. We’ll say when the time comes k? Let’s sleep now.’

He shut his eyes and felt Chloe moving away from his chest, going to his dick and suck on it till she was asleep. As the blood in his rod flowed away, Christy and him exchanged a peck before dozing off, ready for their new sex life involving her twin sister.

If only James has a twin too right? It would be the most exciting foursome anyone of us could imagine. Truly the ultimate wet dream of anyone to be James.

Now, sidetracking from this story, I have to express my condolences for the closure of Felicia’s ‘Panty4you’ blog, arising from unknown reasons. It’s a loss to all of us even for someone like me who did not make any purchases from her. She still provided a great form of entertainment for me to let me have an insight about her daring enterprise.

If by the time you guys read this entry and her blog is live again, do take care of all the female writers or bloggers no matter what they do to keep the erotica going on our tiny red island. For me, you don’t have to take care of me. Just try not to bring any trouble and the stories will keep coming. :)

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