One Fifty

Girl: ‘Thanks for your help earlier. I don’t normally go out to places with a lot of people. So it was really scary when I feel how many eyes were looking at me.’
Me: ‘It’s okay. I have too many coins anyway.’

She was stuck at the entrance of the bus for a few long seconds trying to find some coins in her bag. After seeing how frantic she was, I handed her S$1.50 and she dropped it into the coin box, surrounded with impatient eyes that were waiting for the bus to move.

I had gone up to the upper deck of the bus 166 towards Vivocity and she followed, sitting herself right next to me. As usual, I wore a t-shirt and pants and was not bothered by the fact I was going to a crowded mall at all. That was who I am. But for the short haired girl, she wore a body hugging spaghetti top and a pair of shorts that left much of her thighs exposed. That was how girls in this age dress to kill right?

Not wanted to be bothered at first, she introduced herself as Nicole and went on about how she seldom went out, contrary to the clothes she wore that misled me.

Nicole: ‘You’re going there alone?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Feel like spending some time to myself.’
Nicole: ‘Sorry. Am I too talkative?’

I couldn’t tell her otherwise after she leaned herself closer to keep her legs out of the aisle. The lavender fragrance emitting from her body was soothing my tensed mood trying to get some peace.

Nicole: ‘I’m going out alone too. Maybe I can accompany you? Oh ya! The money.’

She took her wallet out and handed me the only note she had – a piece of two dollars. I nudged her hand away and told her it was okay, since I was working and she did not seemed like she had any income. A sweet word of thanks came out of her thin pink lips and her arm just went under mine, like I was her boyfriend.

Sitting myself upright so she could rest her head comfortably, I could peek into the cleavage she made with both her arms squeezing them together.

Nicole: ‘Can put your bag down?’

I dropped my sling bag between my legs and kept it away, letting her turn to me and lie on my chest. Wow, who is this girl exactly? She was doing things I wouldn’t expect to feel as a stranger. Was she carrying any viruses that she had given up hope looking for love?

After a few stops, I felt my shirt getting wet and a few soft sniffs came from her. I picked her chin up and she was in tears, biting her lips to hide her sobs from me.

Me: ‘What’s wrong?’
Nicole: ‘I.. I feel so useless.’
Me: ‘Why? Did something happen?’
Nicole: ‘My boyfriend don’t even let me hold him like this. All he wanted was sex.’
Me: ‘Oh.. That’s the thing bothering you.’
Nicole: ‘He.. *sobs* just find every chance to get me wet and turns me on so I would return the favour. I don’t want that kind of relationship anymore.’

Okay, I was getting into some kind of trouble I did not want and she was sticking to me like super glue. Surely such things don’t happen just like that right? I patted her leg to calm her down and she wiped her tears away after some sweet talk.

Just as I was about to place my head on the headrest to catch some rest, she brought her lips to my ears and breathed hot air into me.

Me: ‘Eh. Don’t do this. I’m not your boyfriend.’
Nicole: ‘Can you be mine just for today?’
Me: ‘I don’t know. I’m not single.’
Nicole (whispering): ‘Shhh.. ‘

What was I thinking? My reply did not even bother her since, well, she wasn’t single too.

Nicole (whispering): ‘I’m wet.’
Me: ‘Don’t tell me that. I am not going to do anything to you.’

What she told me about her boyfriend was more than enough to gain all of my sympathy. With such a troublesome guy in her life, there wasn’t a need to add to her sense of helplessness by taking advantage of her – even if she was throwing herself at me.

She placed her hand gently on mine and lifted it to her legs, pushing my finger into her shorts that was just loose enough to fit two or three fingers. The hems of her shorts was moist then and I knew she was not joking.

Me: ‘Why are you wet?’
Nicole (whispering): ‘Cause his fingers are always in me when we are on a bus.’

After I moved my fingers to rub against her panties, she went to my shorts and pulled the waistband down to expose my dick. For the longest time, this pair of shorts was my favourite because of the netting in it, allowing me to skip wearing a pair of underwear. Not because I expected random girls to want to stick their hands into my shorts, but it didn’t seemed like the case that day.

Within seconds, her head was on my lap and taking my dick into her mouth, semi-erect at first, then growing to its full size in her working tongue. The long trips from her tongue was driving my head numb and she was going all out despite me not fingering her from the awkward angle.

All she did was to push against my chest to make me lie comfortable and kept sucking to really drain my energy. After one passenger came up to sit at the front seat, did she stop and kiss my cheeks, asking me how was it.

Me: ‘I think I am getting addicted to your mouth.’

She cheekily stuck her tongue out with a smile and reached behind to unhook her bra. Those brown nipples were obvious from under her thin pink top but she wasn’t too concerned about it. I guessed going braless was one of her boyfriend’s request since she was so alright with it.

The passenger in front kept turning his head to see what we were doing but she did not give him too much attention either.

Nicole: ‘Let’s go to the back. The seats facing each other.’

She stood up hand-in-hand and led me to the back where three to four chairs were joined. Lying on her sides, she hid herself using the seats in front and I was some distance behind her. Tugging her shorts down to reveal her g-string, she pulled them to a side and waited.

Nicole (whispering): ‘Put it in.’

Quickly, I took my key purse out and rolled the condom on. Having one when not needed is better than not having any when this kind of situations arise right? She curled her body up and kept her pussy towards me. Wasting no seconds, I delivered the fatal blow into her and she rolled herself even tighter together, almost into a ball. Looking at the passenger in front, I thrust swiftly without making any huge movements.

That was all I could afford without risking being noticed. Her body was tight beyond my imagination and my dick was gasping desperately not to cum in that virgin-like hole. Was that why her boyfriend could not stop fucking her? The answer is right over my dick.

Picking the pace carefully, only my hips were moving and she cupped her mouth to prevent any moans from escaping. Doing it in such a modern bus had its danger too, from the CCTV.. shit. Realising the foolishness of my actions, I pounded her harder and deeper, driving my dick all the way in till she began shivering.

Her fingers were at her nipples pinching them real hard but I had pulled out before she stopped climaxing.

Nicole: ‘Why take out?’
Me: ‘CCTV.’
Nicole: ‘Huh? My boyfriend says it’s fake.’

Yeah right. The poor girl did not notice the monitor above the driver’s head all these while. I wore my shorts back and went back to our seats, where she followed after seeing how urgent I was.

Nicole: ‘I can’t just let you keep everything inside. Blowjob can?’
Me: ‘Okay. But don’t slurp too loud k? Got people in front.’

Nicole swept her hair behind her ears and went down on me again. This time shoving her head deeper and at a much quicker pace. My hands went automatically over her head to make sure she deep throat me and there was no gagging from her as I forced her lower.

Feeling my dick harden to an impossible state, I knew I was about to cum and told her the good news. She made me crazy by keeping her mouth at the base of my dick and used her throat to milk me for the next few seconds.

With a powerful jerk, my dick fired into her mouth mercilessly and her lips just adjusted itself to make sure she was still keeping my dick in her mouth. None of my cum was wasted as she pulled away, leaving my throbbing dick that was still twitching in her hand.

Suddenly, the girl whom I had pity for looked so gorgeous, swallowing without a flinch. Spotting the droplet of cum forming on my pee hole, she lapped it up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. Like a hungry wolf satiated, she wore my pants back as the bus made a turn at the port.

Nicole: ‘Boyfriend of the day, like it?’
Me: ‘I love it.’
Nicole: ‘I can do it for you anytime k? Let’s go walk walk first.’

Although she wanted to withdraw some cash before we went around, I did not let her and paid for lunch. Eyes were on her braless chest but she stayed close to me, knowing I would be the only person who can touch her – at least for that day.

After buying a dress she fancied and a small stop at Starbucks, we exchanged numbers and made our way home on the bus we took to get there. An intense round of blowjob and fingering ended our day together, leaving fantasies unused with my balls emptied.

Nicole (WhatsApp): ‘I broke up with my boyfriend. I think I know how it feels to be love properly. Thank you.’
Me (WhatsApp): ‘Take care of yourself k? Don’t lose out to just any horny guys.’
Nicole (WhatsApp): ‘Let’s go to Vivo again tomorrow?’

Could I say no? Our fling is still going on in secret after she found herself a guy who loved her more than himself. Now with more money in her wallet, we upgraded our ‘gathering’ to hotels that gave her all the privacy for a good fuck we both were looking forward to.

Despite how horny I was, she was someone whom touched me deep down but maintained a distance due to our status. Will she be featured on my blog? Let time tell. Now, the tired me finally could get the blowjob I wanted after pleasing her with an intense round of doggie she demanded from me.

Fire in the hole!

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