Sweet Sweet Love

Andrew (shouting): ‘Honey! I’m home!’

He placed his bags down and went into the bedroom, where his wife, Alicia was reading her Kindle on the bed. Going into the bathroom after stripping down, the cold water rinsed the sweat off his body from the long day of work. It was finally time to rest with his hot wife he married just a few months back.

Andrew: ‘Have you eaten?’

His wife had changed her position to face the edge of the bed, lying flat on her stomach to read her ebook.

Alicia: ‘Yupp. Had a tiring day?’
Andrew: ‘Yeah. Extra busy today. Everyone is clearing their off days.’

He was standing in front of her with just his towel and she reached for the knot to bare his groin for her. Parting her thick lips, she tugged at his dick to bring it to her mouth and he took over to thrust at her sweet mouth.

Slurping like a good girl, she listened to the manly voice of him groaning as he went faster. He was enjoying the treat she was giving till she stopped to roll on her back, straightening her neck so he could go deeper. Knowing their routine, he bent his knees to aim his dick down her throat and pumped away, growing thicker as her throat collapsed around his stick.

Up till then, he was the only one getting the pleasure and Alicia was soon tired of using her mouth. In a swift change of stance, she got on her knees and waited for her husband to shove it in, filling her pussy with that thick juicy piece of meat she had been desiring. As usual, she jerked her body back and forth to fuck that dick till he was grabbing her waist.

Picking up his pace, she was moaning as his dick stroked along the insides of her vagina, pushing on all the buttons to give her a mind-blowing orgasm. The noise level in the bedroom was rising steadily but it did not bother them one bit. They were just about to get started.

Alicia reached for the compact camera on the bedside desk and turned it on, clicking on the one-push video mode while the lens was aimed at them. Now, this was unlike normal days where he had to ask for permission. She was willingly making a sex video with him.

Andrew: ‘Honey, move in. I wanna lie down.’
Alicia: ‘Okay. Since you’ve been hard at work, I’ll do the honours.’

He laid on his back comfortably in the 400 thread count sheets and let her climb over his groin, lowering her pussy till his dick was embedded in her pulsating pussy.

Getting more turned on by the rare occasions to please her husband, she bounced energetically to give him a roaring great time, squeezing as she went down. Andrew was losing his mind as the tight hole made downward pushes, forcing his muscles to move in the opposite position.

Alicia: ‘Dear, just shoot k? Don’t hold back. You need rest for tomorrow.’
Andrew: ‘Okay. Safe day?’
Alicia: ‘Yupp!’

With that said, he did not hold himself back anymore and hugged her in his arms. Ramming his dick ferociously, Alicia went crazy from the sudden climax that kept coming for as long as he pounded her. He was moving so fast that her breath could not catch up but it felt so heavenly she just begged him to go faster.

Alicia: ‘I want it all inside me dear. Fuck me as hard as you want.’

Her body stiffened as he went all out and she was picking her body up slowly, knowing he could be cumming anytime. A minute later, she was sliding her hips across his groin with his dick shifting against her g-spot. Alicia had gone cold, supported only by the pair of hands on her boobs.

Halfway, Andrew expected this to happen when they went crazy on each other. Part of him knew she had her share of fun and it was all he needed to know. Carefully, he placed her on the bed, ready to give his dick a quick wash. But before he left her, she woke up and held him by his wrist.

Alicia: ‘Don’t go. Let me finish it for you.’

She made him lie on the bed and went into doggie, with her body by his side and mouth over his dick. Working her way up and down, Andrew’s legs shivered from the constant dick head teasing, overwhelming his sanity with lust.

Alicia wasn’t done and she placed one of his hands between her legs, letting him finger and rub her clit while she did her job. Sucking for the next five minutes diligently, she was slowly going deeper and his other hand was pushing her head down too.

Andrew (whispering): ‘Honey, I’m cumming.’

*Mmm.. * She went faster down his rod till he suddenly kept her mouth on his groin, shooting the huge load of man-juices into her throat. Still trying to maintain suction, his hand finally relaxed and let her empty his shaft of sperms.

As she squeezed her hand, he knew she had swallowed his load and she made her way to the bathroom to clean her mouth. Returning to the panting man she loved, he was all smiles when she tucked herself into his arms.

Alicia (whispering): ‘Goodnight dear. I love you.’
Andrew (whispering): ‘I love you too.’

Next morning, it was his turn to wake her up with a pussy-licking, stirring her sober with his quick flicking tongue that easily drove her to an orgasm to start the day off.

Is that the sex life we all wished to get when we marry? Some of you guys must be living that dream now. The wettest dream that could come true in our mundane lives.

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