Paid Too Much

Yumi: ‘Boss.’
Me: ‘Yes?’

She came around my desk and leaned her ass on it, unbuttoning her blouse as I watched with my eyes wide opened at what she was doing. Office romance was not encouraged but she was taking it to the next level, skipping the romantic part to the action.

Me: ‘What are you doing? I still have work to rush you know?’
Yumi: ‘It won’t take long.’

Her pink laced bra cups shone between her buttons and the knee-length black skirt fell to her ankles. A matching pair of thongs appeared before me and she sat on my messy table, pushing some of the files out of the way.

Yumi: ‘Pretty? I just waxed it yesterday.’
Me: ‘C’mon. You want a pay raise or promotion?’
Yumi: ‘I just want you.’

She hopped off the desk and kneeled on the floor, spinning my chair towards her. Thereafter, my zip went down and her hand disappeared between the teeth to fish my dick out. As disinterested as I was, it was flaccid to a sad state but she wasn’t going to stop there.

Yumi: ‘You can continue with your work. I’ll just help myself.’
Me: ‘You said it.’

I turned my back painfully to the monitor and tried to focus on the email I was typing halfway when she cupped her mouth over my dick, toying with it with her tongue till it was growing. The method which she stuck her tongue under my foreskin was so skilful that I couldn’t keep still, giving in to her and resting lazily after a whole day of emailing clients.

I watched in pleasure as the half Japanese, half Singaporean girl work her lips along my shaft tirelessly, slurping harder as she went up.

Yumi: ‘Boss, gave up typing?’
Me: ‘Ya lah. Do what you need to.’
Yumi: ‘Okay!’

She stood up and peeled her thongs off before bending over the table, making me get on my feet to plug my dick into her. The soft fleshy folds of meat greeted me as I pierced into her pussy, feeling those bumps along her vagina brush against me. It was so arousing to have one of the best looking females spreading for me and I wasn’t going to waste the chance.

Jerking the table forcefully, my dick was making juicy sounds between her legs and she was moaning wildly. Her legs that were dangling kept trembling and I knew she was feeling it no matter if she had faked her moans. Resting my chest on her back, I thrust into her at a fast pace and she grabbed the other end of the table tightly.

Yumi: ‘Boss! I’m cumming!’
Me: ‘Good. My turn after that.’

I made sure to pull out all the way till only my dick head was inside and proceeded to ram deep into her, repeating the above time after time. Usually the outspoken girl, she had became a demure slut crying for me to slow down as I went harder.

Slamming my hips at her ass, I pried her cheeks open to go further in, delivering the consecutive multi-hit combo at the pleading girl. I was already beyond my own control when she offered herself, it was just my instincts driving that meat stick inside her.

Yumi: ‘I came already. Take it out boss. Let me use my mouth. I’m really sore down there.’

Seeing how worn out my faithful staff was, I sat down on my chair and waited till she recovered enough energy to go under the desk. Sitting properly at my workstation, I resumed working on my email and let her suck me.

Everything was quiet and still until three minutes later, where she picked her pace sucking so hard at my shocked penis. My body was shaking uncontrollably as she went all the way down, and swirling her tongue at the pee hole.

Me: ‘Your payday is here. Take it all in.. ‘

I grunted loudly as my dick pulsated the violent streams of white liquid into her, trying to calm myself down as she continued sucking away. Yumi only slowed down a minute later, extracting the last bits of my cum before crawling out of the table.

Yumi: ‘Did I make my boss happy?’
Me: ‘Very. Good job.’
Yumi: ‘Tomorrow is Sharon’s turn!’

She left the room to retrieve a piece of paper made with Excel. It was a roster of those single and horny girls who wanted to have their turn with me. Well, that’s the result of paying and giving your staff too much benefits while having little work to do.

I hope the young male supervisor that I just hired was having as much fun as I do. Anyone looking for a job?

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