R(A)21 Cinema

This story is told by a friend, a lady in her 30s who decided that it was time she contributed a little from her younger days. Unsure of how young she was then, it seemed that this wasn’t unfamiliar to many whom had romps in public toilets before. Just that her story was a little unique.

I will be writing this from her point-of-view, so don’t mistaken ‘me’ to be a male this time.

After the movie, my boyfriend and I was so horny. We had gone to one of the cinemas along Chinatown that had R(A)21 shows and I could say most of the audience were there just for the sex scenes. Rushing into the male toilets, the worn out state was certainly a turn off for me, but not for my boyfriend who was already unzipping his pants.

He placed his underwear on the toilet cover for me to sit and I hungrily took his dick into my mouth even before stripping. I left my top for him to unbutton and he was fondling my boobs as I sucked him hard.

Throughout the blowjob, the cubicles next to us were occupied and I knew we weren’t exactly quiet. I couldn’t remember how old I was then, but sex was a necessity for the two of us. On the plastic walls of where we were, there were two pieces of paper, with a tape across just the top portion. My boyfriend made me sat upright and kept my chest at the same level as the paper.

When he opened the flaps, eyes could be seen peering through the holes and the wrinkles told me how old the men could be. Two dicks came into our cubicle almost at the same time and was erecting. After a minute of inaction on their sticks, eyes were seen again looking at my body.

This time, my boyfriend came to my ear and whispered something I could never imagine doing. I placed both my hands on the holes to block them out for a while, before feeling soft flesh pressing into my palms.

I let go off my hands and the dicks returned. Holding them like the pilot in the ‘Gundam’ anime, I was sucking my boyfriend while jerking them off. Groans came like surround sound and the old men could be felt standing closer to our walls.

There was no way I could bring myself to suck them, so I kept stroking while my boyfriend made me stand. Turning myself around to face the stained water tank, he adjusted my position so I could hold onto their dicks while he slipped his dick into my pussy.

My mind was in a state of blank when he shoved his way in and I got so distracted from the double handjobs. The men took over to thrust their dicks between my fingers and one even got wet with a salty smell, as though he had smeared his saliva over it.

Three dicks, one girl. I was soon moaning and my fingers on my left hand was suddenly expanding. A few seconds later, thin, translucent liquid came shooting out of the rod and across the floor in front of my toes. The guy left abruptly and another dick appeared in its place, thicker and hotter.

My boyfriend was not giving me any breaks as he slammed his hips against my butt, driving that long piece of cock deep into me. Damn was I so tempted to suck the thick one if not for the fear of contracting any diseases. I was still moaning while jerking them off. The second dick on my right came hard and splattered its semen on the opposite wall, missing my toes just by that bit, and another male took the cubicle with the same demands.

My boyfriend switched position after my knees went wobbly and sat on the toilet seat, planting me over his dick as he kneaded my breasts from behind. High and horny from the impromptu sex we initiated, I couldn’t care less about those dicks but focused on riding my boy.

He was so loud that everyone knew there was a girl in the gents. The door was the only thing that kept me from being raped by the countless horny men waiting.

Shooting! Shooting!‘, a deep voice from one of the cubicles came and I aimed him upwards, forcing his cum to fire across my thighs as he pumped his dick at his own pace in my hand.

A ten dollar note appeared after he left and I tucked it into my bra, still bouncing atop my boyfriend’s lap.

Boyfriend (whispering): ‘Sweetheart. I’m cumming.’

I quickly stood up before damage was done and squatted before him. He brought my head to his dick and took his time to fuck my mouth, one hand still busy with that red, hot rod.

Within thirty seconds, my boyfriend forced his dick into my mouth, choking me for a bit before pulling out and letting his cum pour into my lower jaw like a fountain. I had only one orgasm and wasn’t satisfied, but I knew he needed time to recover as well. I wouldn’t want to have the second round here either.

I swallowed his load and he excused himself to let me rest. My hand did not stop moving till the man fired onto the floor, a thick yellowish mix that almost made me vomited. What if he unloaded in my mouth?! Yuck! I pushed his dick away and another ten dollar note appeared.

As disgusting as it was, I took the money and got dressed, waited for my boyfriend to leave first as a lookout before I exited. At the entrance of the toilet, were two elderly males that scanned me up and down despite wearing a decent pair of shorts and a denim jacket – though shirtless underneath.

We left the place for a hotel nearby and washed up thoroughly, teased by my boyfriend who was trying to convince me to do it again for the money. Well, the hotel was paid for using the dirty cash. And we had another few rounds of crazy sex that left my pussy sore and his dick too weak to stand for the day.

Now that the cinemas are closed, such memories proved to be precious but at the same time, scary. Cameras are so small and portable, and everyone is getting so daring. Rape is certainly one thing to be feared more than being recorded if I were to do it again.

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