Half Time

Wearing just a pair of worn out shorts and t-shirt, I walked towards the bar where Beatrice was waiting quietly at the alfresco dining area. We had planned to return to the workplace on a Monday where it was closed, to drink together since we both had nothing on. Closing in on her, the white fitting shirt and a pair of denim skirt was seen on her slim body. It was a surprise to see her wear so casual yet appearing sexy, so unlike her black attire when she worked.

Me: ‘Reached so early?’
Beatrice: ‘Don’t want you to be drinking alone mah.’

I opened the door and locked it behind us, turning on the aircon and putting some lights at the semi-circle sofa. She was quick to make herself comfortable while I brought a bottle of Barcardi and a jug of Coca Cola, pouring some into each of our glasses. There was nothing more relaxing than to drink and chat in a drunken state, sharing our lives over laughters and awkward silences.

As we reached the halfway mark of the bottle of liquor, she was hugging my arm and talking with her eyes closed, face flushed to a light pink. I knew things were going for a change when she held my hand and brought it to her tummy. Guiding me under her shirt, my palm was soon over her bra cup and squeezing as she moaned. It felt like I was on my job, except that I was serving her in a sexual way.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘Can we have a little fun in here?’
Me: ‘Yeah. The CCTVs don’t come on on the closed days.’

Seated with our backs facing the glass door, she stripped her top off and unhooked her bra, giving me full access to fondle her boobs. She was lying with her back straightened and arching to my advances, feeling the gentle waves of pleasure wash against her mind. As a guy, I couldn’t just ignore the pair of erected nipples and dived into them, sucking and nibbling to get her to moan louder. That was one way to know if I was doing a good job pleasing her.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘Take it off too.’

She let the elastic waistband slap against my groin and I hurriedly removed my shorts, with her hands lowering my underwear while I kicked my bottoms away. Those cold fingers on my dick did sent shivers up my spine, but I changed my arm to reach under her skirt, digging under to peel her panties away as well. Contrary to the outfit she wore, the pair of cute white panties with pink seams made her seemed cuter for that brief moment. Nonetheless, she was too heated up to care about what I think.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘Lie down. Let me try sucking. I have my braces though, you don’t mind right?’
Me (whispering): ‘Just give it a go?’

She nodded innocently and I laid comfortably against the arm rest. She held my dick upright and brought her lips over the tip, sucking it hard before sinking her mouth down my shaft, saliva filling up in her jaws as things got slippery. Her teeth were well out of the way and just her lips were on my girth. Sliding up and down continuously, my groans couldn’t hold themselves back and my mind succumbed to the non-stop flow of euphoria making my heart melt.

Me (whispering): ‘Hey. My turn to lick you?’
Beatrice: ‘Don’t want! I want you inside.’
Me: ‘Condom?’
Beatrice: ‘Nope. Let’s do it like this.’

She flipped on her hands before I got up and I made my mind not to disappoint her. Adjusting her skirt to her waist, I parked at her entrance before ramming all the way in one stroke, causing her to grunt from the splitting pain that froze her momentarily. Not waiting for her cue, I thrust violently to ease the pain and soon after, the petite girl was screaming as my dick plunged into her. Her arms were straightening and bending while we were at it, sending orgasms shooting through her body as I alternated my speed.

Unknowingly, her pussy was taking my pounding for at least ten minutes before she crawled away in an attempt to get a break.

Beatrice: ‘I can’t go on anymore. Let’s pause for a while.’

A halftime was unexpected that night, but it felt good knowing I had given her orgasms to a point she couldn’t take it. We rested with her hand stroking my dick to keep me up and my fingers inside her to ensure the wetness. After five minutes, I did not want to wait anymore and let her lie on the sofa, while I angled myself at her legs.

Me: ‘Ready?’
Beatrice: ‘Yupp. But go slow k? It’s sore down there.’

I sent my dick in gentler this time and let her vagina spread at its own pace. A gasp came and I knew she was done, so I increased my speed and sent her moaning crazily once again, this time with our genitals slamming hard against each other. After the rest, my dick had regained its sensitiveness and I was feeling the disappointing urge so quickly.

Me: ‘Oh no. I’m going to cum.’
Beatrice: ‘I’ve had my fun the first round le. Let me suck you off.’

I backed away from her and sat dangerously on the thick armrest, obvious to the passers-by if they looked into the bar. Her head was between my legs and milking me through a series of deep throat and under-the-hood tongue swirls. My mind had gone blank from her oral skills but it always took longer to cum with a blowjob.

She took her time and did not stop for the next few minutes. It was certainly arousing to see such a beautiful 18 year old go down on me so willingly, and grinding her hips as though she was still feeling me inside.

Me: ‘I’m shooting.’

A nod from her head stirred my dick into ejaculation mode and she sent her lips all the way down once the first load splashed into her mouth. Sucking me without mercy, my cum was drained long before my dick had stopped twitching. The grin on her face told me I was hers to play with till she deemed it was time to let me go.

Finally, after another minute of mind-blowing cocktease, did she let me go and I just slide to the sofa to catch my breath.

Beatrice (whispering): ‘It’s so crazy with you. The orgasms just kept coming.’
Me (whispering): ‘Same for you too. Your mouth.. it’s awesome.’

She shyly covered her face with her shirt and we got dressed after dashing into the toilet, risked being seen. We drank for a while more and left the bar, sofa to dry the moisture on its own over the night. In the cab to her place, my fingers were inside her, jerking while her hands grabbed my forearm tightly.

Can you guys guessed what happened when we reached her place? That’s right. Indescribable.

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