Simple Request

We were both under the blankets in our underwear with her hands grabbing my bulge. Behind the thin cloth was a rod that knew it would not go anywhere further than her hands, or her mouth. Sex wasn’t on our agenda to keep her ‘V’ for the right person, it was just a introduction process for the barely legal teen to know how foreplay felt like.

Crystal (whispering): ‘It’s so big!’
Me (whispering): ‘Yeah. Just for you.’

I kissed her forehead as she stroked, lying towards me for one of my hands to go between her legs. Being a dancer, those slim thighs couldn’t touch even when she sat up with her feet together. It was one of her beautiful feature no man could resist. Pushing hard at her panties, the smooth mould was soft and fleshy, feeling a little warm to the touch. She did not have any suggestions about what I should do since it was her first time. Everything was dim enough to bring the mood right for her to learn something that night.

I wriggled my hips to take my underwear off and she did the same, kicking her panties off the bed once it reached her ankles. My fingers soon slipped between her raw opening and began work on her clit, where she gave off a gentle shiver when I circled my movements.

Crystal (whispering): ‘What should I do now?’
Me (whispering): ‘Wanna try giving me a blowjob?’
Crystal (whispering): ‘Okay. But don’t look k?’
Me: ‘Yupp.’

She pulled my thighs apart and crawled between, sitting back on her calves and bending forward to my dick. The blanket was left over my stomach to hide her shyness and her eyes were on the calibre, pink and dry for her to feast upon. Licking just the tip, she watched my expression over the white sheets before sliding her lips down, taking half of my length into her mouth. Rising and lowering her head, the sensitive area under my small head was the focus of the day and it was slowly stirring my lust stronger.

As much as I could, I held myself back from forcing her head down and let her suck me at her own pace. Groans were her driving force to go deeper, saliva gathering at her mouth to lubricate the thick slab of meat she was devouring. The blowjob lasted for a good three minutes before I asked her to take a break, giving me the chance to return the favour.

Me (whispering): ‘Lie down.’
Crystal: ‘I want to see you licking me.’

She stuffed two pillows behind her back to lean against and spread her legs for me. At that position, I couldn’t keep watch on her expression but went directly to the wet folds. Making a few strokes up and down along those reddened slit, her fingers raked into my hair and was pressing me to go down on her.

I carefully opened her labia out of the way to reveal the precious gem that was glistering wet, and flicked my tongue on it. I was determined to give her an orgasm no matter how tired my mouth was, she was after all, my honour to be teaching her such things. Giving her clit a hard suck, Crystal’s body unlocked something wild in her and rolled my head around her pussy, guiding me to fondle those pleasurable areas that she knew best.

I concentrated on swiping my tongue wherever she wanted, going faster as she requested. I could feel she was high and possibly almost cumming from her violent shakes shooting through her body.

Crystal: ‘I’m going to climax.. ‘

I kept sucking on her clit till she let out an ‘arghh’, shooting a couple jets of thin liquid into my face as her body trembled. She had let go off my head when she felt the juices dripping from my chin and grabbed the sheets to wipe them away.

Crystal (panting): ‘Sorry. Sorry. I didn’t know.’
Me: ‘You like it?’
Crystal: ‘I’ve never climaxed so hard before.’

I quickly hid under the blanket next to her as I got cold, hugging her to get some warmth. Her body was as cold but we were enjoying the cosiness more after she had her orgasm.

Crystal: ‘Umm.. want me to help you?’
Me: ‘What should we do?’
Crystal: ‘Come lie on top of me.’

She closed her legs to form a little ‘Y’ shape and pointed my dick at the intersection. She was still wet then and we did not need to add any lubricant.

Crystal: ‘Can you trying moving?’

My legs were placed on her sides as I thrust into the tiny opening, listening to her moans as I brushed across her clit. It was a risky position as my dick was constantly angled to go into her but her legs kept it from doing so. We went for about five minutes in this non-penetrative pose until I placed my fingers on one of her nipples to squeeze it. The double attack of pleasure caused her legs to open and the next thrust I made accidentally shoved my dick deep into her pussy.

One of her legs then went around my waist to keep me from moving any further, and I knew we did something we never wanted.

Crystal (whispering): ‘Are you inside me?’
Me: ‘Yeah. I’m sorry.’
Crystal: ‘It’s okay. Keep moving?’

The worried me was confused about what she just said but the damage was done. There was no turning back for the both of us after we felt how awesome it was to be really – having sex. As she asked, I continued pumping my dick, going deeper and harder this time. Her legs opened wide in this missionary position and my mind was fading to a blank from her tightness. She too, was grabbing and kneading her own breasts as I thrust, giving her no chance to catch her breaths amidst the pounding.

Crystal: ‘I’m going to climax again!’
Me: ‘Me too!’
Crystal: ‘Don’t take it out until the last moment k?’

As best as I could, I distracted myself from her glowing face with her eyes looking up innocently at me. I kept ramming into her till her vagina suddenly clamped itself around me so overwhelmingly tight. I knew she was cumming and pulled out right before I came. She placed her palm open above her clit and I let her wrap her fingers around the juicy cock that was in her just seconds ago.

Still moving my hips, her soft fingers couldn’t felt better as I could still picture myself inside. Within a few seconds, the powerful streams of cum sprayed over her chest and belly, all thick and white without flowing off her sexy figure.

We stayed in that position till she pumped every drop out of me, and we parted to a distance to ensure none of my semen landed where it should not. Hopping into the shower hand in hand, the cleanup was made fun for the both of us lathered and rinsed each other like small children.

Crystal: ‘Shall we.. umm.. rest before doing it again?’
Me: ‘Let’s go buy some condoms so we can go all out without worrying.’
Crystal: ‘Okay!’

She threw her towel at me after drying herself and slipped on her black short dress, without any bra or panties underneath. We made our way to the convenience store nearby and got our equipments, returning to our hideout for a night of crazy sex we both had unintentionally created a lust for.

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