Loving Time on Bed

Baby: ‘Come lie down.’
Me: ‘Huh? You don’t want me to start first?’
Baby: ‘Nope. Close your eyes too. Don’t peep ah.’

I pulled the corners of my blankets over my eyes and felt her fingers digging into the sides of my shorts. She removed them easily and her head was placed on my thigh, lying along my legs while her hand stroked my upright dick that was so excited by her adventurous mood that day.

Adjusting her posture higher up my body, her lips went to kiss the tip of my dick and went on to suck it till it hurt. That was exactly how I know my Baby loved to tease me and the long strokes she did after that just eased the ache with warm, wet pleasure that filled up my head.

A buzz went off at my feet and I stole a glance at what was happening. She had tucked the pink vibrator into her panties and was masturbating as she sucked. How sexy could that get?

Me: ‘Baby. Come up.’

She shook her head to let my dick touch her sides of her mouth and that instantly drove me weak with a groan. Suddenly, she kept shaking her head left and right to keep my thighs trembling. It was an achievement for her to drive me this crazy. I could only feel in bliss to have a girl like her.

After a while, she reached into our ‘secret’ box under the bed and took out the box of condom, retrieve what was needed and tore the wrapper away without effort. She placed the unrolled condom on the head and used her mouth to roll it down, much to my surprise since she did not like the taste of rubber.

Climbing on top of me, she finally let me watch what she was doing. Fingers holding her panties to a side, she had an agonising look as she sat down on my dick, splitting her pussy open with the man stick she had embraced along with me. Half-tired, she picked herself upright and rocked her hips along my groin. Her panties had held the vibrator in place as we made love, bringing our sex routine to the next level. Even with a condom, I could feel the full pleasure from rubbing my dick head against her pussy, non-stop bombarding my head with small jolts of love.

Baby: ‘Can we go straight to doggie?’
Me: ‘Of course. I want to see Baby go crazy too.’

She leaned back onto my feet and I sat up, hugging her in my arms. I flipped her over and she turned herself around, going into reverse cowgirl. Her hands went onto the bed followed by closing her knees together, and leaning forward at the same time I picked myself up on my knees. Her panties was out of the way as nothing should be bothering us, especially when I was about to go crazy with her.

Holding her waist, I took my time to roam around her body and held her pair of soft breasts in my hands.

Me (whispering): ‘Ready?’

She plopped her body down on my pillow and held the ends before I got started. Thrusting at a slow pace, she was gasping silently with me lying on her back. I could never get enough of this precious baby who went out of her way to prepare me so much for this moment. My body was out of control when I straightened my back, ramming harder and deeper into her.

She had buried her face into the pillow to quieten her moans, at the same time her pussy was tightening around my dick. I had never felt so big inside her before and her squirming butt was just making me go crazier.

Baby: ‘I think I’m going to climax. Let me ride you.’
Me: ‘Okay.’

Carefully, I held her butt against me to stay inside of her while she opened her legs to the sides of my hips, riding me while occasionally giving me the horny look. At that time, I was totally relaxed as my dick was being satisfied by my love.

Baby: ‘Can you feel it? You’re getting bigger.’
Me: ‘It’s you getting tighter!’

My eyes couldn’t open as her movements intensified. Waves were created inside her that squeezed me in an upwards motion, as though emptying a tube of toothpaste. My mind was constantly telling me that she had enough and it was my turn to go all out at her.

Me: ‘Come Baby. Turn towards me.’

She rotated her body while seated and I laid her down on the bed like a princess, never leaving her pussy unattended. We switched into missionary position where she hugged me while my hips slammed downwards at her, pumping her full of my love while she breathed hot air into my ears.

Me: ‘I’m shooting.’

Her legs wrapped around me tightly as I plunged all the way into her, squirting my love potion into the condom that expanded like a balloon.

Baby (whispering): ‘I can feel the condom filling up. It’s a lot. I think we can make many babies with it.’

Exhausted and out of breath, I lifted myself away from her before kneeling between her legs. She got up excitedly and helped me removed the condom, sperms seen all the way along the tube. Luckily for the ring at the end, if not my juices would get pushed out into her pussy.

Baby tied a knot at the end and collapsed on the bed, with open arms to cuddle me like a little girl. We fell asleep after a while but I woke up to her playfulness. Biting her lips and face against my cheek, she was stroking the little head awake for another round.

How could I deny her, and myself of making more love right?

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