Feeling a little down by the lack of passengers for the day, a hand stuck out into the road along Marsiling and I glanced to my rearview mirror for any other cabs that might be snatching my customer. Driving a taxi for so many years, I have seen all sorts of customers, including those that dressed so sexily like this girl.

Me: ‘小妹,去哪里?’

I looked back at her when she told me her address while adjusting herself at the backseats, legs almost spreading wide enough to let me catch an upskirt. Her long bleached hair and her long legs complimented her so well I couldn’t stop staring once she got busy on her phone.

Me: ‘Working so late?’
Girl: ‘Oh. I just ended my tuition. N levels coming.’
Me: ‘I see. What’s your name?’
Girl: ‘Celestine. Why eh?’
Me: ‘No lah. I like to talk with my passengers. Can learn more about the outside world.’
Celestine: ‘Haha. Sorry uncle. I’m a bit tired. I will catch a nap first. Let me know when we reach?’
Me: ‘Ok ok. Can can. Goodnight.’

The seductive straps going around her neck seemed like a halter neck bra and it made her thin shoulders stand out. I kept driving till we reached the place she stated, hardly and residential buildings to be called home.

Me: ‘Umm.. Celestine?’

I turned to her and nudged her knees before she opened her eyes wearily. She looked out of the windows and a frantic look appeared.

Celestine: ‘Where are we?’
Me: ‘Look out at the pole. It’s the road you said.’
Celestine: ‘It’s not here leh.’
Me: ‘Huh? Where else have this road? You want to call and check? It’s a long way in and I still need to pick up other customers. How much money do you have?’

I bombarded her with the standard questions when faced with customers who gave wrong addresses to hinder our long hours of work. It wasn’t easy to make money in this times and although she didn’t looked like those kind who would intentionally tell me a wrong address, I was still hours away from ending my shift.

Celestine: ‘My mother only gave me S$10. Can drive me out of here and I find my way home?’
Me: ‘Girl, cannot lah. S$10 not enough to cover my gas, still want me to drive you out? Just give me what you have and alight here.’

A frightened face looked at me and we spoke in a heated tone, arguing about me cheating her and even wanting to drop her at some secluded area. After five minutes of pointless debate, I was out of ideas about how to settle this without intimidating her further.

Me: ‘不然这样,你给我看看,摸摸你的小妹妹,我就送你回家。’
Celestine: ‘你。。没别的办法吗?’

My patience was running out and I did not say anything. After a few minutes of rummaging her bag for money, she replied in a soft voice, ‘好吧。’ Finally, we were heading somewhere and I took off to a multi-storey carpark nearby.

She did not speak a word when I got out of my door to join her in the back. Her bag was placed away from us and I sat behind the front passenger seat while she hid behind the driver’s.

Me: ‘Come, don’t waste time. Open your legs.’

She turned herself to face me and left one leg on the floor while the other got on the seat. I slid my hands along her thighs and reached for her panties, except that it was only a tiny string that kept her decency in place. Tugging the g-string off her legs, I tucked it between the backrest and raised her dress to her waist.

She held it for me and I focused my attention on the curved mould between her legs. Carefully splitting her pussy apart, I found her clit and rubbed on it forcefully, feeling her body tremble as I masturbated for this young looking girl.

Me: ‘How old are you?’
Celestine (whispering): ‘Sixteen.’
Me: ‘Sensitive body huh?’

I repositioned my finger at her pussy and waited for her to nod before pushing my way into the wet hole. A sharp gasp was heard and I had to undo my pants while I rammed my fingers into her. Her moans couldn’t get any sexier when I increased my speed, sending her into orgasms while my dick got more excited about instigating her to do things while she was high.

As she was slouching opposite me, the juices that coated my fingers seemed so tantalising. I kneeled in front of her and went down to taste this sweet, young thing, flicking her clit in my mouth as I slurped up her juices.

I did not stop till her back arched upwards and released yet another wave of yummy juices, signalling the end of her enjoyment. How could she be the person to be having fun right? Once she was out of breath from the climax, it was time for her to ‘pay’ the fare.

Me: ‘Come. Help me out.’

I leaned against the passenger door while she bent over to my dick. She used some of her saliva to lubricate her hands and proceeded to jerk me. My dick was so close to her face that I wanted to just force her head down but it was risky for me to be doing that to a 16 year old.

Having no choice, her hand was all I could ask for and she just kept pumping while breathing in the manly scent from my day’s long of driving. I closed my eyes and just kept groaning as her hand went faster. It was truly a good time for me to relieve myself after working for so many years without a chance to do such things with my passengers.

About five minutes later, I could feel my urge coming but I did not want her to know. Smiling at the busy girl, she jolted up when the first load blew into her face and my cum continued to spray over her fingers as she held it in shock.

Quickly, I grabbed her g-string to clean my cum off her hand and stuffed it into her bag that was behind me.

Me: ‘You’re good with your hands.’
Celestine: ‘Can we go now?’

I zipped my pants up and went into the driver’s seat, started the taxi and drove out of the carpark. From the mirror, I could see her picking out her underwear and rolling it into a bundle before keeping it.

I got her postal code and keyed it into my phone, driving non-stop until we reached her place, a semi-detached bungalow just along the road we stopped earlier.

Me: ‘Girl, take this.’

Four pieces of ten dollars were taken from my hand and she darted out of the car hastily. Just as she was looking for her keys, I unrolled the window facing her and called out.

Me (shouting): ‘Celestine, thanks for the wonderful time. Want me to pick you up tomorrow?’

She did not turn back and disappeared into the house, knowing she won’t do what she just did again. Feeling refreshed from the handjob I received, vivid images of her jerking me off was still in my mind while I went around continuing to pick up and drop off passengers.

Definitely a good day to remember for time to come.

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