Make Friends, through Sex

Jamie took a glance towards the backseats of the lower deck on the bus he was about to alight and saw the familiar lady looking at him. Every night, he had been taking the same bus home at the same time and saw her for as long as he remembered. She too, have always been seen looking at him whenever he spotted her.

As the bus drove into the 100 metre distance, the lady got up and stood beside him, although he couldn’t recall her alighting at the same stop as him.

Hopping off the bus in the drizzling weather, the two of them stood at the stop, thinking how to get to the blocks in the rain. Right after the bus drove off, she grabbed his wrist and stopped him.

Jamie: ‘Yes?’
Lady: ‘I have an umbrella.’

She took out a small three-fold umbrella and handed it to him. Jamie did not think twice and let her occupy more space while letting the rain drip on his shoulders. Instead of just walking next to him, she hugged him around his waist and they made their way under the block.

Jamie: ‘Thanks. You live here? I don’t remember you alighting with me.’
Lady: ‘I don’t live here. Just want to talk to you. I’m Trisha.’

The Indonesian accent was obvious to him and he knew she worked as a professional from the way she dressed.

Trisha: ‘Do you need to get home soon? If not we can find somewhere to sit.’

He knew their age had some gap between but could not tell exactly how old was she from the light make up she put on. They walked along the void decks till they reached a certain lift, and she pulled him in without warning.

Standing a head taller, she wrapped her arms around his neck and forced a kiss on him, clearly a younger guy from the worn out complexion on her arms. Flooded with the sweet fragrance from her body, Jamie did not struggle and even held her tightly, making out with their tongues exchanging saliva.

Jamie (whispering): ‘You have a son right?’
Trisha: ‘Yeah. I have been single for so long.’

The lift dinged at the highest floor and she walked hand in hand with him one flight of stairs down. Unbuttoning her white long-sleeved blouse, her pearl-coloured bra showed themselves to him and he was quick to notice the hooks between the cups.

Freeing her breasts into his palms, her body was cold to the touch but was pressing so sexually hard onto him. Her hands went down to his jeans and undid the necessary buttons to let her hands into his underwear.

Stroking his manhood with her weathered fingers, Jamie’s hands roamed down her neck to her slim waist, where he quickly pulled her knee-length skirt to her hips.

Trisha (whispering): ‘Wait wait.’

From her bag, a condom was taken and she squatted down at his groin. She pointed his dick downwards at her mouth and took the cock in, slurping hungrily while the condom wrapper was removed. Unbelievably, her mouth was taking him deep throat, driving him nuts whenever she stayed balls deep for the few moments. The contractions in her throat was massaging him and there was no need to guide her since she was already at the deepest spot.

Minutes later, the condom was rolled in place and she waited at the railings, bent over and legs apart for him. Taking his chances, he lowered his jeans to his thighs and pulled her polka dot panties aside. Parking at her entrance, he watched her hands clenched at the rails before sliding in, in one stroke.

Once his machine gun was fired, it did not stop, going at a super fast pace that kept her moaning through her teeth biting on her lips. She had never seemed so young when her voice rang sweetly into his ears, jerking violently to his hard pounding.

Trisha: ‘It has been so long.. since I felt so good.’

Grunting continuously, she was tight as hell for him. Every part of his dick was in a constant massage that her vagina was executing. Her grip on the railing soon got harder and it kept her body still despite his powerful thrusts. Flipping her head backwards, she was breathing much faster and her knees were shaking as well.

Trisha: ‘Fuck yes. I’m cumming!’

As he pumped away, her panties soaked up a huge load of juices and dripped between her legs. Jamie was just moments away from being done and her tightness was increasing.

Jamie: ‘I’m shooting!’

Suddenly, she stood upright and let his dick slipped out of her body. Was she going to just let him end it like this? A fast about-turn got her on her knees and she pulled the condom off. Her mouth went over as soon as his foreskin was peeled back and her hands went on his butt to balance herself.

Ramming her face at his cock, Jamie’s hands and legs were trembling as pleasure overwhelmed his sanity. Her mouth was as good as her pussy, addicting him to a whole new level.

Jamie: ‘Cumming cumming!’

She stopped her lips right at his dick head and used her tongue to fondle him till the powerful squirts fired into her mouth. Moving her lips a little, he kept cumming till every last drop was emptied, only to be sucked further to properly check.

Mouth full, she stood up and let him inspect his cum. Moments later, she swallowed without batting an eyelid and hugged him in her arms.

Trisha: ‘Thank you. Can we do it again some other time?’
Jamie: ‘Of course. I like it very much.’

With smiles on their faces, they got dressed and left the premises, distancing themselves in case they saw anyone familiar. In the lift, she removed her panties and gave it to him as a welcome present, damp and warm with her juices.

Trisha: ‘Working tomorrow?’
Jamie: ‘Yupp. In case I end work earlier, I will be at the void deck waiting for you.’
Trisha: ‘Okay. See you then.’

That said, she made her way home in the opposite direction, leaving Jamie her underwear that was filled with another load of cum before he fell asleep. From then on, she had been obsessed with his dick and him, with her tight body and pussy.

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