Seal the Deal

Melody: ‘So, how do you find this place?’
Derrick: ‘It’s good. Quiet with a nice view. So all that’s left is the price. I’m looking to knock another fifteen thousand off the asking price.’
Melody: ‘But what you’re getting is the lowest. I assure you.’

She suddenly got tensed after she heard the request for a discount. The deal would definitely go through but her commission would be reduced to mere peanuts. In the furnished house, he was in one of the bedrooms, leaving her to consider his offer, or come up with something.

Having no choice, she was prepared to offer him something he could not reject. Not that Derrick couldn’t afford the price, but any savings he could get would translate into more investment funds or even the renovation expenses.

Melody: ‘Umm.. Derrick?’
Derrick: ‘Yes?’

He turned around to see her black skirt being unzipped, collapsing into the ground silently. He took a seat at the dressing table and watched as she unzipped her tank top.

Derrick: ‘So your offer is this?’
Melody: ‘Can I?’
Derrick: ‘Sure. It will be up to your performance then.’

She stripped down to her bathing suit and stepped up to him, kneeling between his legs and helped him remove his pants. His Calvin Klein underwear was gone and his dick sprang out half-awake. Bearing thoughts about the money rolling in, she held it gently stroked it awake.

The weathered look on Derrick’s face did not turn away nor showed her any expressions. He was just lying back and letting her give him a handjob.

Derrick: ‘You know you won’t get far with that.’

Keeping her knees on the ground, she straightened her back and brought her mouth to him, parting her lips just above the tip. Melody’s tongue reached out to go under the foreskin and circled it around to peel it backwards.

Derrick: ‘That’s something new.’

His penis was clean and did not leave any taste on her tongue. It was like a smooth piece of meat that had her saliva over it, inviting her to go further to please this wonder rod. Sliding her lips down his shaft, she took as much as she could and let her cheeks swell and deflate as she moved her head.

Derrick reached his hands to her boobs and fondled the nipples while she slurped away, pinching her rare pink raisins till she was moaning with the dick in her mouth. Her body was turned on by the energetic rod she was sucking on, throbbing wildly against her tongue. His fingers weren’t just hungrily touching her but he was massaging her, as though teasing ladies was part of his job.

Derrick: ‘Go to the bed. Let’s give it a test.’

Melody climbed onto the soft mattress and sat on her hips, waiting for him to suggest something. Instead, he went on his knees and helped her to turn around, going on her fours on the luxurious bedding.

He made sure to cap a condom on from his wallet before positioning himself behind. Moments later, she felt the tip poke into her pussy and he thrust shallowly till her body was ready to accommodate more of him. A minute passed and he was deep inside her, pausing to let her mind prepare for what’s to come. Except that she had no way of knowing that.

He grabbed her waist and pumped fiercely into her, knocking the breath out of her in just a few strokes. His dick was splitting her pussy all the way to her ends with every thrust, thick veins brushing along her sensitive walls as he buried himself deep. Her mind was sky high while her body was jerking non-stop to his forceful banging. There was only so much she could take and he was really pushing her to the limits with his powerful hips.

Derrick: ‘I am just going to cum in this position. Better hang on.’

Right after he said that, he tucked her legs together and laid her flat on the bed, except her butt was raised slightly so he could bounce on top of her. Her elbows supported her chest from the bed and his dick was long enough to deliver the waves of pleasure despite her ass taking some length away. The thickness, speed, intensity, depth, it all had came together so perfectly to form this beautiful sword.

Biting the bedsheets, the sturdy bed made no sounds even though he was slamming his hips on her butt. Her G-spot was in direct contact with his stabbing sword and it was driving her mind crazy.

Seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours. Her energy was drained so quickly by the muscular guy who seemed to be enjoying the workout.

Derrick: ‘Still awake? I’m going to cum soon.’

His thighs landed on her legs and he changed to a sitting position. Jabbing between her ass cheeks in short pumps, he kept most of his dick inside her while thrusting at high speed.

The third wave of orgasm hit Melody hard and she drifted out of consciousness, but not before a pair of hands grabbed her breasts so hard it hurt her sober. The condom filled up with his warm liquid and some of it was forced out over her slit.

He quickly pulled out to avoid splashing his cum over her privates and disappeared into the bathroom to get himself cleaned. For Melody, her job was done and she got dressed, ready to meet another client in an hour’s time.

Derrick: ‘I’m happy about the deal. We’ll fix it at the original price then. I would like to see you here again, to sign the contract. Hope you will be prepared the next time.’

He picked his briefcase and left her alone, struggling to calm her excitement and sense of despair from what she just did in exchange for commission. As tough as the property market is getting, there are few out there who would be looking for such agents.

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