Jasper (WhatsApp): ‘Room 343.’

The message Melissa was waiting for finally came and she made her way to the lift. Wearing her school’s sky blue skirt and a white ‘Victoria’s Secret’ t-shirt, eyes were on her as she carried her backpack across the lobby. The door opened before she could hit the doorbell and a topless Indian man walked away after seeing his ‘order’.

Man: ‘I’m Muthu. You?’
Melissa: ‘Melissa. You can call me Mel though.’

He laid on the bed while she changed her top to the uniform in the matching blue colour. It was the request from the guy whom had caught hold of her compromising photos, putting her in a situation she could not get out off easily. Somehow, her bad habit of not closing the curtains in her room resulted in the collection of long videos Jasper had recorded at her window, from her changing her clothes to masturbating in the bright afternoon light. The fact that he even filmed her in HD made it worse if anyone had seen those videos.

Back to the room, she sat at the edge of the bed, sending a message to Jasper to let him know she had reached. Muthu was behind her, unbuttoning her blouse and reaching into her bra where his hand fondled her boobs like a dirty old man. Melissa stood up after her shirt was undone and let him stripped her skirt off, followed by the white panties she wore underneath.

Muthu: ‘Come. Let’s get started.’

She placed her phone down and turned around to see him lying comfortably at the headboard, legs opened wide and a red stick standing for her. Seeing that there was no way around this, she kneeled between his legs and began stroking him. The squeeze tube of lubricant was placed into her palm as the handjob went on, wetting her hands without anywhere to wipe it off.

After a few minutes, he commanded her to lie down and give him a blowjob, sounding fierce and impatient to the gentle shy girl who was forced into this situation. Beginning to feel the pressure, she laid on her chest and let him hold her head, guiding it to his dick. He gave her no chance to catch her breath before forcing her mouth over his dick, and using her mouth as a cum dump. Choking sounds echoed in the room and tears just flowed uncontrollably down her cheeks.

As her teeth closed, Muthu let one of his hands go and delivered a painful slap that glowed on her face like a hot iron rod was pushed onto her. She quickly composed herself and opened her jaws, returning back to gagging on the piece of meat that was causing irritation to her throat.

Muthu: ‘You’re quite bad in your blowjob. Climb on top now.’

He grabbed her by her arms and pulled towards himself. Of all things, she did not open her knees in time and sent a kick to his balls. Now, that was something she shouldn’t have done as another slap went across her face on the same side. He threw her face down on the bed and flipped her over violently. Bending one of her knees ninety degrees, he sat on her other leg and penetrated into her without a condom. The shocking pain caused her to freeze and her wrists were pinned behind her back.

Feeling his dick pierce into her pussy was the worst sensation she ever felt as her vagina heated up despite the lubricant he applied during the handjob. Every time she made sounds too loud for his liking, her ear would be twisted. As time went by, her pussy began relaxing for the rape and Muthu was heard groaning as he fucked her.

Just as her pussy tightened to an orgasm, he coiled the ends of the blanket around her wrists and tied her to one of the corners.

Muthu: ‘You wait here.’

He grabbed his phone and took a photo of her before making a call. From the conversation, she could hear him asking Jasper to come up and the minutes passed by quickly when the bell rang. The familiar face appeared shock at the state Melissa was in but something was holding him back from questioning Muthu.

Muthu: ‘Help me record.’

He shoved his phone into Jasper’s hand and it was aimed at her exhausted body. Muthu returned to the bed standing on it and tugging on the straps tied to her hands. Her hair was jerked mercilessly and her face was shoved into his groin, dick disappearing into her mouth in one stroke. Forcing himself on her, he treated her like a sex toy and fucked her mouth to his delight. Only when he felt his load about to come, did he drop her on the bed and flipped her to doggie.

Muthu: ‘I’m going to cum inside you bitch.’

The pleas from Jasper not to do that went unheard as he squeezed more lubricant behind her body. Except that he did not smear it over her pussy. Melissa yelped as his thumb pushed some of the jelly into her asshole and he pulled out to use her other hole. In under a minute, she felt some pain on her ass as he found his way for the first inch to disappear. Following that, a powerful jerk sent her screaming as he tore her anus apart, pumping violent to the crying girl who was too tired to resist.

A minute past before he cried out that he was cumming, and she felt her hole warming up as a gush of cum poured into the unexpected virgin opening never designed for sex. Groaning and moaning in despair, her body dropped lifeless after he pulled out. The man went to the toilet immediately and got dressed after getting what he wanted.

Muthu: ‘Your ass is great though. Here.’

A few pieces of two dollar notes was strewn over the bed and he left after taking his phone.

Jasper: ‘You alright?’

The poor girl couldn’t reply him no matter how many times he asked. He had turned her around and tucked her in, leaving her groin uncovered to air it.

Melissa: ‘Can I go now?’
Jasper: ‘Is it still painful?’
Melissa: ‘Yes it is.’

He did not just leave her to rest after hearing what pain she suffered. He had gone to his bag for a condom and slipped it on before she knew what was happening. Not that she had the strength to fight back, but the loss of hope had drained her motivation away to break out of the blackmail threat that was keeping her up every night.

Once again, her legs were opened and he leaned over her body. A smaller dick slid gracefully into her pussy and while it took away some pain, it had replaced it with some pleasure as well. As much as she did not want to enjoy it, it was soothing the pain at an alarming rate she could not reject.

The dick inside her began moving and her pussy was getting wetter. Moans came uncontrolled and her body was taking the chance to recover while the intended hole was being worked to take the pain away.

Jasper: ‘Feeling better now?’

She nodded at him and saw how caring he was, despite the fact he was the person that blackmailed her. Her body had recovered from the anal sex and she felt somewhat grateful to Jasper for the act of kindess. Wrapping her legs around him, he rammed deeper into her and let the pleasure flow through her body.

Jasper: ‘Can you suck me off? I don’t want to cum just like that.’
Melissa: ‘Don’t force me down k? I’ll be gentle.’

A ‘k‘ came from him and she let him take her place on the bed. Lying on his abs, she took his dick into her mouth and slurped the raw cock that was just inside her. Maintaining her suction and speed, she took her time to work her tongue along his shaft till she felt his legs trembling. The end of her torture was here and she went lower down on him.

Jasper: ‘I’m cumming.’

Those words were spoken in a tone so calm that she did not mind him cumming in her mouth. Sucking harder, the first squirt coated her tongue and the rest gathered in her cheeks, still using her lips to stimulate the sensitive area under his dick head. Finally, everything was done and she dashed into the toilet to relieve her bowels.

After expelling the unwanted cum in her ass, she joined Jasper under the sheets where she willingly tucked into his arms.

Melissa ((whispering): ‘Can I just serve you alone? I don’t want other guys to touch me anymore.’

The two of them dozed off after a heart to heart talk and all she needed to do from them was to satisfy his needs, and she would be taken care of.

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