Shelia’s mum nagged at her for the last time after dinner to get eggs and bread for the next day, if not, her sisters and brothers would go without breakfast. She sighed and went into her room, dressed casually in a singlet and boxers. She did not wear anything under, since it was her own house. Her door closed behind her and she took her jacket out of the hanger on the clothes rack. She pulled away the singlet from her waist and wore the jacket over her bare skin. She slipped out of her boxers and put on a pair of FBT shorts, probably was the slackest bottoms she had. The silence and coolness of her room made her felt lazy to go out of her house.

Since there was no one, she opened her secret stash of toys her boyfriend had bought for her and flipped around for something random. A shiny steel dildo with a slight unique curve to it caught her eyes and she took it out. A thin chain was linked to the little circular hoop at the base of it and it led all the way to her ribs before splitting into a Y shape, ending the chains with small adjustable clamps. She pinched the handle of the clamps and gently let them hang onto her soft nipples. As both the clips increased in pressure, she felt her nipples fighting back with their own hardness, trying to pry the clamps open.

A rush of chill went down her spine and she knew what was next. With the dildo in her hand, she sat onto her bed and guided it into her shorts, raising one of her legs so she could push it inside her pussy after a quick rub on her clit to get it wetter. Finally done, she got up and was a little more willing to run the errand, and even spend more time outside since she was all ready to play.

Shelia took the S$10 note her mum left on the coffee table and left her house, tugging at the connecting point of the Y-shaped chains. Her nipples were as hard as they could get and the tugs only made them more sensitive. Her face was flushed but her dark complexion hid it well. The mama shop uncle looked at her bewildered but did not pay too much attention, returning to his small TV as soon as he gave the change.

Now freed and alone, she sat at one of the brass couple seats at her void deck and took out a packet of cigarettes from her jacket. A flick and her mouth drew in a large breath of smoke, sending the mind into relaxation from both the ambience and nicotine kick. Her free hand went under her jacket and played on the chains, tugging the side at her boobs.

Out of nowhere, loud chattering were heard and Shelia’s attempt to get out from under her jacket had been clumsy and the wrong direction actually pulled at the dildo that was inside her. The noise past without anyone appearing and so she continued. This time, she toyed with the chains at her pussy and felt heavenly at the spot where the metal touched her flesh, to be exact, her clit. The teasing was barely enough for her, and it wasn’t relieving her at all.

Checking again to see if there was no one around, she placed one of her feet on the chair and slid her free hand into the thigh openings of her FBT. Her finger hooked onto the loop instantaneously and she began to move the dildo in and out of herself, taking puffs at the cancer stick at shorter intervals. Despite the short length of the steel toy, her speed was considered to be fast and she was desperately fighting not to lose conscious and even trying to stay focused on a lookout for passer-bys.

Her cigarette finished fast and another one was lit. Her uncomfortable hand soon moved to her navel and into her shorts. The movements from this angle were much more obvious, but it felt too pleasurably oblivious to her. Her first public orgasm came and sent her body into tiny fits, shivering her body in a rhythm and she just kept jerking while the rest of her body froze.

Once the convulsion subsided, her fingers in her shorts resumed their thrusting and accidentally, she started too fast and the urge to cum had just passed like that, without warning, she embraced herself and sunk the dildo deep into her pussy as the next round of orgasm came and took her breath away.

The dildo was left untouched after that. Shelia made her way home and went to bed almost immediately, still having the clamps and toy on her. That night, she fell asleep from a different kind of tiredness. Her fingers were so addicted to masturbating and thrusting a toy that the steel dildo had found a new home, apart from the occasionally rinsing in the showers. Day and night, home or not, alone or with boyfriend, her fingers would be working on that toy whenever she could, and her boyfriend now realised he could barely keep up with her new-developed stamina.

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