Hardly Working 2

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The next day, I was so excited that I couldn’t get much sleep. i woke up early and drove to her car park at about 6.30am, waiting (im)patiently while sipping on my packet of takeaway coffee. She appeared on time at 7am in a purple shirt and black skirt, almost too long to high her beautiful legs. She got in the cold car and I drove straight to a multi-storey carpark, while she munched on a piece of hot dog bun I bought.

The car engine shut off with a push of the button and I leaned over to her, pulling her head towards me and she did not resist when my lips touched hers. My grazing moved from her lips to her ears and the back of it, before transiting down her neck and kept licking as my hands unbuttoned her shirt. A pair of blue bra greeted me and I unhooked it from the front, well-trained to notice where the hook was. Her nipples broke out from her shirt and my mouth attacked the perky tips direct, making her moan and sent her grabbing for something to hang on for her life.

Her hands slowly moved to my head and ruffled into my hair as I worked my tongue relentlessly on the breasts, feeding on the milky buns. Guys would know breast milk contains the most nutrients. Her hands knew what I’d expect her to do and went down to my hips to undo my belt and pants, lowering it just enough for my dick to do a morning stretch. The pair of soft hands worked their way up and down, squeezing the pre-cum out of the meat tube. It was just so overwhelming for me.

I climbed onto the back seat first and she followed, getting as comfortable as she could lying on her back. Doing this in the day definitely made everything easier with 100% vision. I lifted her skirt up to find a panty-less bottom and my middle finger circulated around her clit. Her pussy had a small slit, that did not look so small once I unfold the pages of slippery wet centrefold. Her clit was small and perfect, seemingly untouched by anyone. Her hands continued satisfying my dick while my finger disappeared into her pussy, digging around to explore and finding the sorcerer’s stone.

A yelp came through her mouth and I knew that was it. I kept stroking the area with my fingertips and she just kept jerking me faster. The juices that was leaking out was unstoppable and she got so fierce I suspected might just rape me even if I did not progress. She turned her body to lean her back on the passenger side door and I shifted closer to her. My fingers kept thrusting furiously into her tired pussy. But I couldn’t resist watching her expression as her eyes watched me with a pitiful look.

A glance away from my face scared me but the smile that followed did calmed me down. She pushed me towards my door and the tide had turned. My back was against the door while she went on her fours with her bare butt sticking out daringly, mouth ready to devour my drooling penis.

A figure suddenly appeared behind her and the door swung open. A pair of hands pulled her backwards by the waist and then one hand disappeared between her butt. I couldn’t see much from where I laid but her sucking mouth was the one distracting me. I could not focus on the intruder as her mouth went down all the way and her shivering head pushed all the buttons on my flute.

The guy behind her started ramming into her pussy and Angel seemed so willing to let him do so. Every time I tried to ask her questions, she would press her warm, wet tongue on the bottom of my stick and move her head, and if that did not stop me, her mouth would suck so hard on my small head until it hurts and use her tongue to fondle my sensitive pee hole.

Oh my, what have I got myself into? Continuous moans were then heard from her with my dick in her mouth. There was so much I couldn’t understand. After what seemed like a lifetime, the man disappeared and Angel reached into her bag at the front passenger seat, then turning around with a condom. I had no idea what was happening and why she became so obedient out of a sudden. She rolled the rubber down eagerly and it really relieved me to know that she was aware of what was happening. She turned around in doggie style with her butt at me and I watched the overflowing pussy dripped juices on my seat.

Who cares about stains when a pussy is right in front of me? I got on my knees in the restrictive space of my hood and I had to keep my body a little bent while she lowered her body as much as she could. I was inside her in one stroke and she gave a loud moan. Clearly, I was bigger and even longer than whoever had his lucky fuck. I started ramming my dick into her hungry cunt and the door in front of her opened again. The guy’s dick was bouncing freely in the air and she moved slightly forward to take it in her mouth. She did not make any movements after but allowed my hard thrusts propel her forward and made her went deep throat.

The guy held her head and I just kept going. Her pussy felt amazing with her ability to contract and milk my dick. I kept pumping until her arms tried to reach backwards to me and I just held onto them, pulling her body even closer to me. The piak piak piak sounds along with the gagging made the whole tryst so much more exciting and I knew it wouldn’t take long before I cummed. The guy did not interfere with what we were doing and so I spent the last lap of my energy to pound her really fast and hard.

A sudden shot of juices came out of her pussy and I knew she came, but she did not just came once. In fact, her shivering got stronger as I kept pumping, until her body was convulsing and I had to pull out of her so I could let her collapse onto the seat. With her legs still wide apart, I leaned over her cheat and perked myself up in a half-fuck push up position and continued in missionary. The extra dick went lower with a squat and it entered her mouth again, this time, the guy groaned as he forced his dick down her throat.

Another rush of liquid flowed down my balls and Angel went quiet. I kept going non-stop, using her super tight pussy as a release and my moment finally came. I drilled my hips right into her and she groaned loudly with a dick in her throat. The rubber filled up quickly with my cum and she lightly tapped on my thighs so I had to pull out the generous amount of cum I collected in the condom.

This time, she turned her body sideways and a hand came down to hold her face still, while the dick went in and out of her mouth, until he whispered ‘shooting’. Angel kept her mouth opened while she jerked his dick at her mouth, and the hot load of cum sprayed into her mouth, with a few shots getting onto her lips and chin. Once he was done, she took his dick into her mouth and sucked him clean, before he disappeared without closing the door.

The clock on my dashboard showed 8.40am and she laid motionless, trying to catch her breath and her hands went to massage her sore pussy. I got out of the backseat and into the driver’s, resuming the trip to office. Along the way, she recovered and I just had ask Angel what happened, more importantly, who the man was.

Angel: ‘That guy was my boyfriend. I told him what happened last night, and he got a little angry. He asked for a threesome in return and I told him that you would be driving me to work. So he allowed, on the condition I told him where we were and let him join in the fun.’

What more could I say? That night, her boyfriend and I ‘met’ again at one of those transit hotels. Actually, it was our dicks that met inside of Angel in a DP. She did not allow me to touch her at the workplace since then, strictly limiting our contact to the boundaries of my car. And her boyfriend had to be around somehow, either on FaceTime or video call.

Part 1 | Part 2

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