Hardly Working

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Work ended at 5.30pm in the office and the new part time administrative clerk was about to end her work as well. I took my time to organise my bag and took a long glance at her toned legs, and the rest of her body hidden behind a white blouse. It was translucent enough to catch her white bra underneath and she had just ended her first day at work. The jeans looked good on her due to her long legs and had a very humble look. That was the kind of girl I would love to have.

Me: ‘Angel, finishing soon?’
Angel: ‘Yupp.’
Me: ‘I’ll be driving back, to Paya Lebar area. You took your bus from there right? I saw you on my way to work.’
Angel: ‘Yeah. I can take a bus from there home too.’
Me: ‘Let me give you a lift. It’s along the way.’

Angel finally got her backpack and we made our way to my car, with her walking closely behind me. She got in after I turned on the air con and I went to the boot to take out a new box of tissue that had ran out. I hopped in the car as the engines growled and sat to wait for it to warm up. Well, there was not really a need to wait for it to warm, but it meant an extra few minutes with her and knowing about her.

Me: ‘So you’re attached?’
Angel: ‘Yupp. He’s working now.’

That’s why you would be so willing to hop into my car. I smiled and fastened my seatbelt, driving off towards the MRT and engaging in little talks that let me learnt more about her. When we reached the train station, I kept going at the maximum permitted speed and sped past the bus stop. I needed more time to break more of the ice down between her and I. It was a one shot attempt I knew she might give in to.

Angel: ‘Hey! That’s my stop!’
Me: ‘Oh shit! I forgot. Can I just send you home instead? Where do you live?’

She gave me her address and I punched into the GPS while driving. The journey was made less awkward with the music from the radio and we laughed at the prank calls they made on air. Soon, my car was in her carpark and she had to go. It was my time too, to work my magic.

I unbuckled my seatbelt and placed my hand on her thigh, and she was as alert as hell. She swept my hand away but I wasn’t done, not even close. I grabbed her arm and pulled her to me, while I placed my other freed hand with the tiny silver vibrator on her crouch and she kept up with the fierce fight.

Me: ‘Your boyfriend is busy, why don’t I keep you entertained for now?’

I pressed her head onto my shoulder and felt her teeth on my blade. Given the thick amount of muscles I had, it did not even cause me to blink twice. I liked her ferocity. It was how a normal girl would fight, with power and unwillingness. The strength and faithfulness to her boyfriend was what turned me on the most, and it was admiration that made me wanted her.

The vibrator somehow worked and the fight slowly went away. I could feel her chest raising quicker and her breaths warmer too. I unzipped her jeans with one hand and pushed the vibrator into her pants. Her panties felt extra smooth and I pressed onto her groin where the vibrator was after it slipped down a little, which was right on the spot! Her bite on my shoulder got stronger but my hand is now free. I moved to her waist and slowly slid up under her shirt, and reached her soft bra with a piece of thin silky patch of cloth over it. I reached for her back and unhooked her bra in one swift squeeze.

Her breast were cupped nicely in my hand and I massaged it using the whole of my palm, making her moan a little louder. I could hear the unwillingness and guilt in her, she just kept turning me on with every tiny move of resistance. From her shoulders, I pulled the bra strap out and her arms actually allowed me to do what I wanted and the bra came off quickly, all the while her forehead was still on my shoulder.

I turned her shoulder towards the backseat and she knew what I was getting at, climbing into the backseat in the dark environment. I got in from the side door and her head was just against the seat, eyes closed and waiting. I held her waist and brought her close to me, about to plant my lips on her when her head just pasted itself on my shoulder.

That’s right. Who was I kidding? I was just a horny guy. I undid her jeans proper this time and she held my hand when I was about to pull it lower. Alright. So, no access to her pants. I leaned my body over her and I was almost on top of her, but I did not put my weight over her.

My hand slid down from under her breast with the erected nipples and went between her thighs, where the bullet was still buzzing loudly. I held onto it and pushed really hard against her crouch, getting a respond from her when she grind her hips against my hand. Something was about to come – or cum.

A few motionless minutes later, her body trembled and her hips were raised so closely to my palm that was covering her groin. She just snapped out of the daze and took the bullet out of her pants in a hurry. She threw it on the seat in front of me before fumbling out of the car and grabbed her bag from the front seat. She almost gave me a shock when she tumbled onto the curb while making the getaway but she disappeared well and fast.

Left alone in the car, I took my hand that felt moist with her wetness and took a whiff of her sexy scent. Perhaps tomorrow?

Me (SMS): ‘Can I pick you up tomorrow?’
Angel (SMS): ‘Okay.’
Me (SMS): ‘7am.’

That was about too early for work, if not for the plans I had.

Part 1 | Part 2

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