Sarah had a weakness for her boyfriend’s wireless toy he bought for her on her birthday. He helped her put it on while they were cuddling on the bed. She was a well-trained slut for him and almost every part of her had been explored, yet, she remained faithfully his. The air conditioning was extremely cold in her room and Rick was hugging her from the back while she was still lazing on the bed. He took the bottle of lubricant on her bedside table and squeezed a ball onto his dick, using her ass to rub it evenly over his shaft. He then pried her butt cheeks apart and he gently pushed it into her ass, at the same time, hitting the ‘ON’ button on the vibrator and sent her frantically grabbing  at air.

Rick held her stomach firmly as he rammed his hips onto hers, while still hugging from her back. They were lying sideways on the bed and it was her favourite position for anal since she would not need to exert too much energy. His dick stroked her insides fast and furious, well aided by the slippery lubricant and she was bombarded both ways by the vibrator and his dick. Soon, she felt his size grew and knew he was about to cum. Sarah knew squeezing her ass would not be good if something else came out, so she relaxed more for him to go faster, until his hips threw a fit and spat the generous warm load into her ass.

Trained to hold it in, she pulled him out and went to put on a fresh set of panties, and a dress that was not too tight for her. Braless and horny, that was how she went out every time with him. They left for a shopping mall nearby as there was not much people in the day and he needed to buy some working outfits. Rick knew how poorly she handled herself when the vibrator went off during the trial, so he made sure not to use them until they had a proper place without putting himself and her in some embarrassing situations.

He stepped into one of the G 2000 store and went on to pick his clothes to try, brushing away the shop assistant who offered.

Rick: ‘Sarah, go pick an office wear. Long white blouse, decent skirt.’

She got a few sizes and waited for Rick, which brought her to the changing rooms and hopped into one with her. Rick did not start and let Sarah changed. He loved watching how she let her dress drop onto the floor, and the panties coming off shortly after. The loop attached to the vibrator was sticking out safely as well. She pulled the blouse over and checked that it did not make her braless nipples too obvious. The short skirt pulled upwards side by side made no hints that she was going panty-less too. He smiled at her and asked her to change her clothes back, and began to try his clothes.

Sarah quickly got out of the unpaid merchandise and helped removed her boyfriend’s shirt, and pants, and underwear. He held her head down at his dick to let her suck on it while he put on his shirt, buttoning up with a tie to complete the top. Her mouth was ramming along his shaft and her tongue had cleverly stayed at the bottom, giving him extra attention at the sensitive base. Coated in her saliva, she stuck a tongue out in a ‘oops’ expression and helped him put on his pants. They stepped out for a while to confirm that the sizes fit and went back into the room.

Again, her mouth went south over his dick and worked up and down on it while he changed back to his casual outfit, letting her zip him up. They paid for her outfit first, and asked for the labels to be cut so she could put them on immediately. Her figure was a little small for the clothes, but her boobs filled it out well. She went to change into it alone while Rick picked another tie. He then handed her his selection and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse, before pushing her to pay for him, with his card of course.

As soon as the clothes landed on the counter, a moan almost too loud slipped out of her mouth and her legs shivered her to a weakness. She hung onto the counter and the guy scanning his clothes had a gracious look down her cleavage. Rick went over to her and helped her up, and turned the vibrator up one speed higher, flushing her face with redness and a trickle of juice down her legs.

The rest of her actions were wobbly from taking his card out from her wallet, to saying thanks, her mind was close to fainting with the incoming orgasm. He pulled her into the lift and pressed on the floor furthest away from where they were, and Sarah just collapsed onto her knees, holding onto his arms while the orgasm took her breath away. They managed to get up before their level and they were at the top most floor.

Rick led her to the ladder for the roof access and she climbed in front of Rick, her skirt was fully exposed in his sight, even dripping juices onto him. They pushed through the unlocked barriers and stood at the highest part of the mall, hot from the sunny weather. They made their way to a shaded area and he hugged her from the back, once again, turning on the vibrator and keeping it at top speed. Her legs weakened and her arms were flinging around.

He knelt on the ground with her and unbuttoned her shirt, showing her bare chest to any eyes that were lucky enough to spot them. Her skirt was pulled to her waist and he yanked his pants down, whipping out his dick for her pussy. He bent her over one of the railings and pulled the toy out viciously before shoving his dick into the juice-filled hole. He held on to her hips and tugged really hard at her to drive his dick deep down and making her moan like a crazy bitch on the roof. Her pussy was not all that tight, but her muscle controls were great, perfect for his large size that needed extra ‘touch’ to cum.

He wasn’t all that keen in cumming in her, since it had risks of wanted pregnancy and using a rubber was simply too thick for him. He rammed her a few more times with deep strokes, before pulling it out and pushing it in one shove into her ass, stretching her unexpecting ass to a screaming pain. The vibrator went back into her and kept vibrating as her ass received the pounding she enjoyed. She just loved his thick tool pumping off both her ass and pussy, it felt super hot for her, and the edge she was pushed to was simply too addictive to say no to.

It took a while for him to start groaning as well, but she was ready. Her butt hole was yelling in pleasure while cumming from both entries. The squirting of his cum came within minutes and his body forced everything out of him, overflowing her ass until it leaked back out. She took out her bottle of water and gave him a quick rinse, before taking a mouthful of water and then going down on him, sucking whatever cum that got stuck in him and they made their way home, for his last round of sensual hot sex with her.

That was how he loved her, with sex. Was it too hard to understand?

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