Sweet Noon

Kel gave out a sigh whilst lying on the bed, wondering when her boyfriend would be coming over. Her boyfriend had been treating her like a princess all these while, respecting her wishes not to have sex before marriage. Their sex life were non-existent from her self control. And that day, would be one that would change everything.

Jerry’s secret knock came through her window and she opened it to let him climb in like usual, hidden away from her parents. He placed his bags at the usual corner of the room and shoes at the window for a quick escape if her parents entered, which never happened in their 6 months of dating. She was wearing a simple negligee that was translucent that showed off her tiny chest of A cups, behind the tube bra and lacy layered boyshorts.

They were going planning to go out, but Kel knew she had a job to do before that. She removed all of her tube and panties, making Jerry high from the surprise that he’d never expect. Still, could there be a catch for her doing all these for him?

Kel: ‘Boyfie, today, you can do anything to me. You can have sex with me if you want. You can do anything you want, promotion ends when we split for the day.’

He quickly took off his pants along with his underwear to save time and brought her to sit on the bed. He then stood in front of her and took her head, pushing it down to his dick that was smelling of sweat. Kel did not spend any seconds smelling it and immediately put it into her mouth, sucking it like a baby for a while to coat her saliva over it. She then began to move her head up and down, swirling her tongue around whatever spaces she could make out. Jerry’s legs almost gave way from his second blowjob from her and it was way higher level than what she had did before.

Her head had not much control over the depth since his hands was at the back. He was shoving his dick deep while forcing her towards him. Kel kept her mouth opened to handle the deep throat and tried hard not to choke on him. The oral sex lasted for a long time since he had not did this before, not with this kind of freedom. His hips were out of control, thrusting forth and back out of her small mouth. After he was done, he was about to go for more.

Kel did not let him exit her mouth, instead, held onto his cold butt and threw her mouth at him, going deep the way he liked it and Jerry let her did what she wanted. The point of no return past his body and he placed his knees on the bed, climbing and pulling her to the wall. He placed the pillow between her head and the wall, then rammed so hard into her that made her gagged at the depth and speed, until the strings of slimy cum sprayed onto the back of her throat and down into her stomach. Her head rested on the pillow as he used her mouth as he wished, until the twitching in his shaft stopped.

She pushed him slightly backwards but did not let him fully exit. She sucked lightly on the tip a few times for the last few drops and then licked the area like a melting ice cream. He finally gave in to the tiredness and got off her, resting bottom-naked on the bed.

Kel got up and went to her wardrobe to pick the low-cut dress she wanted, and slipped it over her swimmer’s figure, without a bra nor panties. She began combing her hair as he put on his pants, skipping the underwear but kept it in her bag.

They got out of the house through the windows and made their way to the hawker centre nearby for lunch and Jerry’s eyes could not help but caught all the guys looking at his girlfriend, possibly braless from the gapping shoulder hole and her neckline. Under strong sunlight, anyone could make out the V shape from her pussy down to her feet, and pressing the dress tight while sitting down only revealed her cameltoe to those sharing the same table.

Jerry knew she was safe in public with him around, and the meal was finished uncomfortably in the staring eyes and his painful hard on under his pants. Their next stop was Far East Plaza and he knew the escalators there weren’t dress/skirt friendly, but it was different for him. He made sure she stood behind him at the lower steps right at the side of the glass display, so any peeping toms could just look up and admire her upskirt, all the way to the nipples on the gentle cleavage slopes. Her swimwear had not been helpful in getting her boobs bigger, but Jerry loved her size nonetheless.

She went into a bikini store and asked him to join her in the changing room. She then spent the next few minutes getting into a complexed swim attire that had many straps for the bare back, and then pulled the area around her panties to the side. She used her other hand to unzip his pants and eased his hard on, before pointing it at her pussy and pulling him inside of her.

Kel was slightly wet with lust from the exhibition she gave to the public, and Jerry was the one to relieve her horniness. He held her waist and rammed his dick into her moist folds of meat and began ravishing her pussy, with strong but gentle strokes in and out. Her small opening was already hard to penetrate into, and on top of that, her pussy had not had a dick for the longest time, thus it was simply too much for him to handle.

The quickie lasted last then three minutes without changing positions and as planned, she would not do anything unless he did so, that includes cumming inside her. The urge to cum was so powerful that he just rammed into her hole without holding anything back and just as he cummed, he pulled her ass back so hard that he pierced into her deepest corner and shot his measly teaspoon of sperms inside her. His conscious returned immediately after the waves ended and he pulled out of her, quickly undoing the straps and then stripping her down for her dress.

They left the changing room with watchful eyes of the patrons and paid for the swimwear. They hurriedly left the store and he pulled her into one of the secluded stairs at the plaza. He unzipped his pants once again to take out the juice covered dick and made her sit on the steps to suck him off. The duo had took some time to find this spot, in fact, enough time for him to recover from the quickie and grew into another hard on. Again, he used her mouth as a cum dump and forced her head down on his dick, thrusting and pounding against her face with his pelvic.

The session took a really long time but Kel was prepared for it. The chokes were lesser and her throat could take the frequent deep thrusts. His fingers held her head firmly as he moved his hips quick and shallow, letting her maintain the suction in her mouth until he was about to cum. For that moment, Kel stopped at his mushroom head and sucked with all her might that Jerry fell against the wall while inside her, and fired a few drops along with the rest as blanks. Exhaustion was coming for him but they knew it was not the place to rest.

Kel swallowed his sperms and left the warm stairs hand in hand. Finally, the day was about to be over and she was as tired as him. They went home in a cab and he lifted one of her legs behind the driver’s seat to expose her pussy under the dress. The passing vehicles did not stop them as he dug his fingers into her, making her squeal and moan a like a radio broadcast to the lucky driver. Their place was not far, and the driver even gave them a discount at their destination.

Kel opened the windows to her room and just as she was about to climb in first, Jerry grabbed her waist and pulled her backwards, causing her to fall forward onto the ledge of the window. He unzipped again and shoved his dick between her pussy, sinking it right into her vagina and she clamped her muscles tight in resistance. It was too risky to do it here, but she knew he was in control for the day. He pounded her ass real hard and it felt like forever to her.

Luckily, no neighbours came out to the corridor and Jerry was getting tired as well. The squeezes she was giving pushed him over the edge and once again, he cummed into her, but without any warming sensation from his earlier ejaculate. Once done, she let him enter her room first and followed shortly after. They stripped to their skins and collapsed onto the bed, Jerry dozing off almost immediately.

Kel decided to go for one last shot and she laid her head on his stomach, before taking his little brother into her mouth, sucking like a pacifier while it grew ever so slowly. Fighting the Z monster, his dick finally rose to the occasion and she climbed over his body, lowering her pussy over his dick and sliding down as deep as it could reach. At this angle, she could feel her G-spot getting stroked as she grind her hips.

Jerry stirred grudgingly in respond but he was just too tired to stop her. Kel then leaned on him and raised her pussy as high as she could without letting him slip out, and then slamming it against his groin, making him groan continuously. Her orgasm came within a few minutes and she just kept going for as long as her strength remained, while her body and mind got attacked by the series of climaxes.

His hips jerked senselessly, shooting nothing into her while she recovered from the last round of sex she could afford. She snuggled back into his arms, and gave him a kiss before sleeping with him. That night, she woke up to an empty bed and he was done for the day. That’s so lucky of him to have such a girl for life. Who knows more days like that could be coming?

I wonder when will such a day come for all the guys here.

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