Plain Water

Jacob, a middle aged delivery man, had been sending the heavy bottles of water usually found in small offices and water dispensers. He knew most of the clients by hard and always enjoyed a close contact of those who ordered the delivery. A few days ago, he went to a shady supplier of sexual enhancement drugs and bought a bottle of aphrodisiac liquid, ready to explore a little into the dark side of his trusted services.

A new company had requested for a demonstration of the new dispenser and he was asked to send a prototype of it to the office. He unscrewed the dispenser and took out a small syringe, designed to transport a solution with anti-chlorine, and other chemicals that would make the water taste better. It was a mandatory set up and he pumped a little of the aphrodisiac into it. The appointment went as usual and the table top dispenser worked as planned, delighting the staff with the high quality of the water.

The small company of staff took a cup each and after they had a taste of it, only a female employee named Candice was left with him, learning how to operate it to control the temperature and troubleshoot whatever issues the simple device might have. The effect of the drug kicked in and she had trouble sitting still, fighting hard to ignore the temptation to relieve the tickle in her nipples and vagina.

Jacob watched closely for her reaction and the frequent brushing of her arms across her chest highlighted how well the liquid was doing. Under the table, she was pressing her fingers hard against her decent black skirt, scratching along her groin. The flushes of redness on her face made her felt warmer than usual and he knew it was time to make his move. The rest of the office were quiet, with everyone in their cubicles and a few of them excusing themselves to the toilet.

Jacob: ‘Candice, you okay? You look red.’

She arranged her fringe to the back of her ears and he went over to her side of the table, sitting on the chair next to her. His hand impulsively reached for her legs and he pulled them apart, their intimate advances hidden away from the glass windows at the back. He rolled his chair backwards until he could turn on the automatic blinds and it swung across the glass with a whine. They were now in full privacy.

Jacob grabbed the front of her neck and held her up, twisting her around to sit on his lap on the chair and his hands held both her boobs forcefully. He did not bother taping her mouth or what, but kept kneading her boobs through the padded bra. Candice resistance was proving to be futile as the drug further amplified the high she was experiencing, her mind going berserk and drowsily out of control.

Her body was demanding much more from the only guy in the room but her mind was fighting so hard against it. The fact that she was married with two children did not do anything for her either. The panties under her skirt was soaking up all the juices that had leaked from the drug and nipple stimulation. His hand reached under her skirt and felt how turned on she was, wetting his fingers so quickly for him to finger her.

He spread her legs wider over the armrest of the chair and sunk his fingers into her panties and pussy, thrusting vigorously at her unwilling slit. The juices flowed even faster and the thickness of it was very much slimy as well. After he got what he wanted, he pushed her over the edge of the long table and lifted her skirt up. Candice did not move on her own even without him holding her down.

He took the brown-coloured glass bottle and dipped his finger into it, before pushing it into her mouth, which she sucked on it hungrily, depraved of the sexual satisfaction her body needed. As his finger wriggled in her mouth, he unzipped his paint-stained pants and whipped out his aching manhood, before tugging her panties down to her knees.

Jacob rammed his dick into her sweet pussy after he guided it to the opening and held her ass firmly while he thrust against the table. The carpet on the floor quietened the noises and the soundproof doors worked well. She was massaging her own boobs as her pussy got ravaged but his thick dick, and there was no way she could regain control of herself. His mind was so hyped up by the forbidden sex he was having, and the beautiful mature body jerking on the table in front of him was a guilty reward he deserved for working tirelessly.

His dick slipped conveniently in and out of her pussy until the chain of orgasms hit her and the tightness around his dick was proving too much for him. Curiously, he dipped his finger into the bottle again and put some in his mouth. Within seconds, his dick grew even larger and Candice’s arms were flinging crazily around the table, yearning for something to hang on to. The pounding of her pussy slowed down after a long while and it was time Jacob ended his services too.

He pulled the seat closer to the table and sat on it, letting her do the bouncing over his dick, until the burst mode triggered and his dick fired the six rounds of thick hot cum into her. She did not stop moving and it kept Jacob groaning with ecstasy, overwhelmed by the sensitive dickhead and her relentless hunger for more. His dick shrank after the continuous fire and Candice was just barely done.

She turned around and squatted between his legs, taking his dick into her mouth and sucking on it for more. The cum that was in her had dripped like a broken tap out of her cunt and got onto the carpet. His dick then became the unwilling partner that got hard after her eager mouth took over. It wasn’t a blowjob to him, it was more of a mouthfuck she did without much variation or movements of her tongue, it was purely sucking and lip service.

Once his dick was up and standing, she helped him on his feet and made him sit on the table, before pushing him on his back and climbed on the table. She sat with her knees at the side of his hips and lowered her pussy over his dick, squeezing her own vagina to an impossible seal around his skin. Jacob’s mind was still numbed from her earlier stimulation of his flaccid dick but she just began bouncing on top of him.

She leaned on his body over the sweaty shirt and lifted her hips up and down over his hips. Candice kissed his neck sensually while violently milking his rod for cum. The only thing she could do was to imagine that he was her husband, and she was doing him instead. The second round lasted longer but she had been doing all the work up to this point. As his dick prepared to unload the second time, he sat upright and opened his legs. The two of them grind their asses on the table to keep pumping, connecting their privates near and far, until he was about to cum.

Jacob: ‘I’m cumming!’

She hugged him tightly and he did the same, with greater force as his hips jerked towards her to empty his balls of ammo. As his pump worked to fill her up, Candice went to his ears and nibbled on it, before whispering a phrase he would love to hear from his wife.

Candice (whispering): ‘Don’t ever let me go.’

Her pussy was filled up nicely and she got off him, falling on his empty chair and worked her fingers over her clit and pussy, pushing every drop of leaking cum back into where it belonged – inside. He too, got off the table and pulled his pants back, before using her mouth to clean up the leftover cum at his pee hole and along the shaft, where her juices were.

He poured a cup of water from the dispenser and poured a generous amount of the drug in, letting her take the final cup of addictive goodness.

Jacob: ‘I’ll call you when I need it.’

Would she obey him with that simple solution of aphrodisiac? That night, her husband was exhausted from the continuous fucking she demanded and her pussy remained filled no matter where she went, along with the daily meet ups with Jacob at her own office’s meeting room.

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