Driving Through – Her

‘I’ll..nghh.. have a Filet O’Fish meal. Up-sighhh please. Yes.. mmgh.. That will be all.’

Danielle lifted her head out of my groin when I moved the car forward to the Cashier box, but still massaging my cock with her hand during the whole payment. Once I shifted the vehicle ahead but behind another car, she went back down to suck on my erection that was twitching so wildly to her fondling hand. When it was finally my turn to pick up my order, it was her fingers teasing me again till I sped out of the drive-thur.

Even on the short drive to a parking space by the side of the road, she was contented with the few tongue flicks she gave, motivated by my uncontrollable groans whenever, however she touched it.

‘Hey, can you let me eat first? I’m super hungry.’


With that, she handed me the paper bag and climbed between the front seat in that short blue, tube dress to the back, briefly exposing her bare pussy to my face. I only managed to take a bite when I saw her hand reached around the seat for my cock that was still hanging outside my pants, moaning as she tried to jerk me from the back.

‘Hey.. What are you.. ‘

I looked at what she was up to and saw her fingering herself at the edge of the seat, face blushing red as she pressed her lips together to suppress her horniness.

‘Can you eat in the back? I will behave.’

‘Fine fine.’

I climbed to the back after handing her my food container and sat behind the driver’s seat while I continued eating. Danielle just entertained herself with making me groan to her tireless blowjob, until I couldn’t take it anymore and finished the burger in the next two bites.



She got on the seat in doggystyle and wriggled her ass at me, urging me to hurry up and claim her pussy. Being that lucky boyfriend attached to a girl with an insatiable hunger for sex, I capped on at my fastest speed and slipped my cock inside her.

We had long accustomed to the tiny space we did our little ‘workout’ in, and I was just mindlessly pounding her pussy as hard as I could. Just two minutes into the sex, the heart-stopping mechanical whine of the window stopped me in my tracks.


Two Bangladeshi workers stopped to look in our direction and I was just frozen in fear.

‘Keep moving dear.. ‘

As I tried to ignore their presence, the rhythmic thrusts resumed and they walked even closer to her signal. She pulled her tube dress down to flash her boobs at them, and even guided one of their hands each to my exclusive ‘zones’.

Her moans increased in volume as soon as they started squeezing, coincidentally tightening her vagina for my enjoyment. In the dimly lit sideway, I couldn’t make out what they were up to when I heard zipping noises, followed by erratic hand movements from my girl who had stuck her upper body out of the window.

When I peered from the side, I saw her giving them a handjob with both her hands, shocking me with the craziness when she was really turned on. I pulled out in jealousy and pried her ass cheeks opened for an appropriate punishment, to which she let off a deep groan when I pierced into her virgin ass.

Knowing how wet she was, the entry into her untouched asshole was ‘smooth’ to say. I was barely coping with that unbearably tight, extremely warm hole when I started fucking her brains out. Besides the two men who were squirming in pleasure outside, I was not doing too bad too, biting my teeth together as I anally owned my girl.

*inaudible chattering*

She reached even further out to turn their cocks away, just in time to water the grass with the cum that kept spraying like a broken hose. I pulled her back into the car when I felt like that they were done, and raped her ass even harder when she showed me her soiled hands.

‘Gosh you.. dear! You’re so FUCKING HARD!’

I grabbed her used boobs extra hard on my final lap burying my cock into her ass, until I couldn’t hold it in anymore and exploded inside her. The both of us suddenly went motionless as my dick pumped so strongly into her, filling her up for the first time in our relationship.

‘Dear.. ‘

I gave a little tug to pull out of her, and she slammed herself down to close that overworked rim. After a thorough clean up, the following silence ensued till we reached her place, before she gave me a tight hug when I went to the back (where she rested) for a short cuddle.

‘Can we have anal sex more often? You can cum inside too. I won’t do anything stupid again. I’m sorry.’

‘So you know what you did wrong huh? You are only allowed to do that after informing me. Understand?’

‘I’m really allowed to do that?!’

‘Yes. Don’t you want me to fuck you like that again?’

The teary eyed girl wiped her face clean and threw herself on me for a kiss, that trailed down my body for another blowjob that I finished in her mouth. From then on, wet tissues and bottles of water replaced the box of condoms I packed in the car.

I guess we all need to explore out of our comfort zones at times.

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