The Opposite

‘Kor, let me see?’

My sister planted her ass before I could get up and proceeded to scroll through the thesis I had edited. The nightie she wore was short enough to let her panties land right over my groin, but the more-important task on hand prevented any forbidden thoughts from surfacing.

‘I can’t find the parts where you edited.’

‘You don’t have to. I’m good at what I do.’

‘I just have to trust you then.’

She got up from my lap and went behind the office chair, to keep an eye on where I was making changes to next. Feeling the bit of wetness on my shorts, I looked down at where she sat and saw a patch of moisture that coincidentally formed a heart shape. Unsure of what it was, I didn’t think much of it and went back to my work, but without asking her to do something.

‘Can you go change a pair of panties or something? Your butt is wet!’


She fidgeted behind me to do her checks, and then spun me around to her. Gullibly, she brushed her finger across the wet spot and then brought her panties (she stripped off) to her nose.

‘It’s not pee eh.’

‘Whatever it is, go change.’

I spent five more minutes finishing up her assignment before I brought the laptop to the bed, where she was lying lazily on to fiddle with her phone. After she couldn’t find which part was edited, we went off track and found ourselves watching funny YouTube videos instead. Well, at least we got her work out of the way.

‘This is funny right?’

One of her knees bent to expose her bare pussy for me, and she just had to catch me looking before I turned away. A playful grin appeared on her face when she slammed her laptop screen down, followed by a wrestle to bring my hand to where I shouldn’t touch, like ever. Soon, she had my palm cupped over her pussy that had its fingers stroking along that wet slit. If you thought I was led astray by temptations, it was actually her threat to tell on me if I didn’t make my sister ‘happy’.

The next thing I knew, my shorts were hanging at my ankles, while we were moaning and ‘fighting’ to out-rub each other.


She slapped her hand over my moving finger and increased my stroking speed, until her breaths stopped, and then resumed. Her orgasm was unlike anything I had seen before, being so silent and subtle. My dick returned to its hardened state once she continued pumping her fist, turning me into a helpless little boy at her mercy.

‘Rach! Shooting!’

She jumped up and bent her back over my lap, taking the tip into her lips while she jerkee even faster. In seconds, I was shaking uncontrollably as cum fired from the tip, right into her mouth that was sucking really hard. The cum that gathered at her teeth was swirling at her flicking tongue, around the tip where her lips were still holding on.

I felt truly empty by the time she brought her face away, and then spat it out on her hand to take a closer look. Before I could stop her, she had slurped it all up like half-boiled eggs, going down her throat like a midnight snack.

Right after we sat upright, our parents entered to us sitting side-by-side, lights from the laptop screen illuminating our faces.

‘Sleep early you two. We’re turning in.’


Rachael yelped loudly with her hand over my dick under the warm laptop, and then waved them farewell. So, that night, I spent the night in her room ‘completing her work’.

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