Help Alice Out

‘ALRIGHT GUYS! THAT’S THE LAST OF IT! Just put them in the store and you guys can go off. Thanks for your help today.’

I carried the last two long tables into the storeroom with Alice, the seventeen year old girl who shadowed me throughout the whole event – a quarterly dinner at an old folks home.

‘J, do you have a minute?’

‘Yeah. What’s up?’

She had turned off most of the lights in the store except for the ones near the door, where she caught me before I left the room.

‘Will you go out with me?’

‘What do you mean? Of course I can.’

‘No. I mean, romantically.’

Besides being the least appropriate time to ask such things, I was barely catching my breath over all the heavy lifting that covered me in perspiration. She didn’t wait for an answer and pulled me by my shirt, for a kiss I knew was as wrong as we shouldn’t have.

‘You’re not getting away this time.. ‘

Her whisper mixed into the hot breaths she blew in my face, and her hands roamed down to my jeans to unbuckle it. For starters, she was the most helpful girl I had ever come across, though not possessing the strength to most of the work she got herself into. That innocent face, accompanied by her nubile figure, the whole thing looked no different from an ‘underage fling’.

And, that was exactly what I gave into, to hold that small girl in my arms while undoing her bra from under her loose shirt. Her breasts in my moulding palms quickly transformed her breaths to moans, increasing the sensuality of the storeroom we were making out in.

We found a table for her to lean against and we remained standing while she played with my dick in her inexperienced hand, and me kissing all over her neck.

‘i’m not a virgin for your information.’

I immediately carried her onto the table for her to place her feet at the edge, easily lowering her shorts to her thighs in that position. On my feet right in front of her, our privates were just inches from the wrong that never felt so right in our lives.

‘i’m going to put it in now.’

‘i’m waiting.. ‘

Our eyes were on my erection disappearing into her, a process that had a deeper effect on ‘feels’ than ‘sight’. Her legs were split as horizontally as she could, and my hips were thrusting as quietly as it could. Her soft, mewing moans became my driving force to get me pumping faster, till her body started to tremble.

‘i’m going to climax!’

‘you’re making me cum too!’

The entry point was clamping so hard on me, that a deadly form of intensity was building up from the massage happening on the sensitive spots along the shaft.

Within thirty seconds, I had pulled out of her to her dismay, but her hand continued working to keep my cock begging for her. Hot waves of cum splattered around her pussy as she jerked me off to an amazing orgasm, to which she received one from my thrusting fingers too. Our sexual fluids went all over the floor and her groin, going non-stop till there was nothing left.

In a flash, we got dressed and left the room to see some old folks gathering for chess and whatnot outside. We got a few handshakes on our way out, before we hopped in a cab for our impromptu supper date.

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