Early Morning

It was only seven when Rick woke up in the chalet he booked to organise a small gathering with his friends. Although it was still early, there was no one around except for Faith, who was soundly asleep on the bed. Seeing that the comfortable bed was freed, he hopped on it to continue his sleep, away from the mattress that who-knows-how-many has slept on. Just before he could fall back into sleep, Faith rolled over and leaned her face on his arm, hand landing on his chest as though they were a couple. Her faded long t-shirt had raised to her waist, exposing her white FBTs underneath.

Well, Rick’s hard on had began flushing his mind with impure thoughts of taking advantage of this situation, although he knew how risky it was. Her boyfriend was his friend as well, but was out with the rest, probably for breakfast or a morning beach walk. Placing his hand on her thigh, he was getting excited with the fair, shaved legs that flowed up the tight piece of shorts. Gliding upwards, his fingers led the way and he was pleasantly surprised with a lack of the standard netting, or any signs of panties along her hips.

Since he had gone this far, might as well right? Very slowly, he moved his hand to the centre of the shorts, fingers still trying to make out if she was really panty-less. The transition to her pussy met no resistance, not even a g-string. He daringly ran his fingers along her slit, and it woke her up in a jolt.

Faith: ‘Rick! What the fuck!’

His mouth immediately went to hers and kissed hard. He pushed his tongue against her lips while his fingers continued to rub on her pussy. Splitting her pussy with his fingers, the middle finger was vibrating quickly on her clit. In no time, she was giving in to the furious attack of his fingers, lips parting with her hormones raging.

He did not allow her to speak a word, but focused on turning her on until moans began to escape from her sweet smelling face, glowing from the sunlight shooting through the unkempt curtains. Faith had kept her eyes closed from this unwanted foreplay, but there was nothing she could do to herself. Lust was felt in her tongue, brushing at his while her legs parted to welcome him. With the expanded space, he reached deeper down her cunt and pushed a finger into her.

Faith opened her eyes in shock and whispered to stop him. There was no stopping of what he did until he was satisfied, but he listened, and slowed down so she could open herself up to him. Her shirt was lifted up to her chest, and the braless state quickly attracted his lips like bees to flowers. The pink tips erected at the vicious flicks of his tongue, sending her into a shiver while using her hands to push his fingers deeper.

Faith: ‘I want you inside me.’

That sentence needed no reply. Rick undid his pants to his knees and climbed on top of her. The shorts was easily pushed to the side, giving his dick a direct passage to her love hole. With that pussy well lubricated and relaxed. A strong shove sent his meat deep into her and she exclaimed with a muffled scream. He started to ram her hard and sank his stick balls-deep. The slapping sounds was unmistakable. Their bodies were stuck together, hips pounding on the stationary girl with her legs raised in the air.

Suddenly, her phone rang and she sobered up from the frenzy sex they were having.

Faith: ‘Shhh.. boyfriend.’

Rick picked himself up and parked himself inside her, in a sitting position perpendicular.

Faith (over the phone): ‘Hello?.. Just awake.. Rick is downstairs.. Nope. Not hungry.. *silence*’

A do or die thought flashed through Rick’s mind and he began moving in and out of her. Her eyes rolled up in a tremble while she tried to slow her breathing down. The replies she gave was greatly suspicious, but his hands on her ankles had prevented her from kicking him away.

Faith (over the phone): ‘Okay.. see you later.’

She made sure to cut the line before letting her pent up moans echo in the cold room. After the phone call, Rick could tell she was much wilder than before. Her pussy tightened and her body got more sensitive.

Rick: ‘Like it?’
Faith: ‘It’s so scary! But I like it. Let’s change position.’

She turned around on her fours after he pulled out, and kept her knees opened for him to enter. He got into position and thrust his dick in without warning. Her chest jerked backwards onto his body and he made small but quick thrusts into her. The speed was driving her insane, and after a few seconds, her arms were on the bed again, desperately trying to maintain her good impression.

Faith: ‘I can’t take it anymore. Fuck me harder.’

Hearing that, he gladly complied. He shifted his hands from her waist to her shoulders, pulling her backwards to his dick. It was something she had never felt before. He was dipping his way to the deepest spot, never reached before by her boyfriend.

The two bodies pounded like bunnies for at least ten minutes before Faith began to contract her pussy. It was heavenly but devastating to his mind. This lovely girl had been promoted from a good friend, to a lady he could never look at the same way again. She pushed her butt backwards and made him sit on the bed, while her hips shifted to an ankle-sitting position.

Now, he was the one to lay relaxed on the bed while her butt slammed down on his groin. In front of him was his dick, appearing and disappearing like magic.

Rick: ‘Faith.. I am cumming soon.’
Faith: ‘Just shoot. I’m on the pill.’

He raised his hips in synchronisation to her up-down motion, sending his dick deeper into her. Her moans were also increasing in pitch, and body was getting wetter from perspiration. Finally, his cum made their way out and shot into her vagina. All the while he was cumming, she repeatedly moaned I can feel you inside me, oh yes! more more!. She had never appeared his slutty in his eyes, and he loved how crazy she could get. Just as the last squirt squeezed his dick dry, a tad of jealousy brought him back to reality.

She fell forward and crawled away, letting his dick resume it’s upright state and laid in a mess on the bed. He took his time to wear his shorts back, and watched as she adjusted her FBTs.

Rick: ‘Who is better?’
Faith: ‘You. I can still feel your warmth inside me.’
Rick: ‘Why isn’t Sam satisfying you?’
Faith: ‘He is. Just not as long and lasting as you. He can’t go fast too.’

Rick was happy to hear that, but there was little hope of getting her often in future too. He made his way down to the kitchen just as the group came back. Faith too, was at the stairs getting down to the first floor. While the rest unpacked some tidbits, Rick and Faith were alone in the kitchen washing the previous’ day BBQ mess.

Faith (whispering): ‘Now I know who I can find when I need to relieve myself. Sam always said love is not about sex. And I get what he meant. You won’t mind right?’
Rick (whispering loudly): ‘Of course not! He can love you, I can pleasure you.’

He gave a smack on her butt with the rest right outside at the dining table, keeping her a little temptation of their new found connection.

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