Merry Sextmas 2014

Lady: ‘So you’re the new IT guy? Merry Christmas!’
Me: ‘Yeah.’

I took the cake from the well-acquainted lady who was around my age, or even younger, from the figure she had maintained. The only staff in the office were those whom had no plans for Christmas, and held a little celebration in the absence of our boss.

The cake was finished quickly and the small group of five or six gathered around the pantry area, giggling among the tearing sounds from their present exchange. Still relatively new to this company, I took the opportunity of the non-working period and familiarised myself with the network security strategy they used.

After the part mood died down, the same lady whom had served me the cake, came over to my cubicle. Well, I only learnt of her name then – Evelyn. Looking a little flushed from the champagne, she took an empty seat next to me and glanced at my screen, filled with applications I brought to the company to run some vulnerability tests.

Evelyn: ‘You also have no plans tonight?’
Me: ‘No. I’m more worried about losing my job even before I get started.’
Evelyn: ‘Don’t worry la. The I.T. guys here slack all the time.’
Me: ‘That’s why I hired right? I want to see what they have missed so we can continue slacking.’
Evelyn: ‘Haha. Not bad uh. We hired someone so hardworking. I’m from the HR department if you don’t know.’
Me: ‘Now I know.’

As most of the colleagues left, they turned off most of the lights, leaving Eve and I alone in our cubicle. Her head landed on my shoulder not long after, eyes barely open in the dimmed lights from the monitor.

Me (whispering): ‘Eve.. let’s go home.’
Eve: ‘My place or yours? Don’t want! I want to stay here.’

Here‘ isn’t a bad place too. The air-conditioning was up, and the huge glass windows made things even more romantic. Seeing how her head kept sliding off me, I couldn’t let her be and helped her to the window, where I sat next to her looking at the night sky of our metropolis.

Eve (whispering): ‘Nice right?’

The thin material of her white-purple dress could not hide the padless bra pressed against my arm, but her well-covered thighs helped drove out any unwanted thoughts.

Eve (whispering): ‘I have spent the last four Christmas eve alone. And I don’t want that anymore.’

She placed my hand on her back and I pulled her closer, till she lost balance and supported herself by pushing on my dick. I was a little hard then and did not hurt much. Beyond all these, there was her breathing sounds, that grew louder the closer we got.

Half anticipating and shy, I remained still whereas she made the first move, of unzipping my work pants. The new belt clicked opened easily and I crossed my arm over my lap to her legs, bringing my fingers up those flawless skin. Our eyes had locked onto each other, reading the signs our minds were broadcasting without shame.

Very gently in the moonlight, our lips touched and tongues met. Things moved slowly with just our tongues together, but my hands that soon went to massage her boobs changed the pace of our little office fun.

The cute hand of hers dug my cock out and stroked it delicately, while I shifted my attention to her panties that had soaked her juices up. Before we knew it, her undies were removed and my pants fell noisily onto the floor.

We picked an unused table facing the windows, quickly bending her back over the desk with her legs opened.

The emergency condom I had in my wallet was quickly put into place and in I went, prying her pussy apart with much strength. It wasn’t that I was feeling weak, but the pressure was high as I felt her lips below forcing me out. After some effort, I was hammering away on that shaky table, sending moans through the spacious office floor with much enthusiasim.

Right then, the knowledgeable lady turned into a little girl with her hips in my hands. She was mindlessly jerking her booty back as I thrust, going balls deep on my shaft.

After a few minutes of doggie, she turned around to sit on the desk and I was back in her in seconds. We continued making out in this missionary pose, her legs tightly wrapped around me. We went on like this (between the two positions) for almost thirty minutes before she requested to be placed on the floor – and to be fucked till the fireworks went off.

In no time, we were pressed against the windows with my cock fucking her minds out, slamming against each other. My hands were busy tuning her nipples under the unhooked bras while she focused on making me scream with her playful squeezes.

We lasted as long as we could. Evelyn getting pounded to orgasms she had lost count of, and me being pushed to the limit of ejaculation.

Evelyn (panting): ‘Cumming soon?’
Me (breathless): ‘Yeah why?’
Evelyn (moaning): ‘Cause I am?’

She leaned back to place her hands on my ass and let me jerk smaller strokes, causing her to moan as crazily as the deeper, slower ones. Within a minute, I was hugging her tightly while my hips buckled.

Me (groaning): ‘Cumming! Cumming!’

Poorly phrased, but same meaning. Just like how tsunami warning works, the alarm went before I was really firing. She took the bet and lifted herself away, flipped onto her back and took over the sex with a handjob.

Kneeled between her spread eagle, the both of us looked at the huge crowd and moaned. By slipping my fingers onto her pussy, we were getting each other off.

At the same time the first trail of fire launched into the air, my cock finally exploded over her chest she exposed and she let off a groan along with her orgasm. Panting, I remained on top of her as we recovered our positions, hurriedly getting dressed to watch the rest of the fireworks.

Evelyn: ‘Thank you for that.’
Me: ‘I should thank you. It’s a wonderful Christmas.’

Lying on my shoulder, we were in each other arms till the noise went down.

Evelyn (whispering): ‘So now.. we have each other to play with in the office?’

I gave her a naughty pinch on her nipples and shut down my terminal. As for the rest of the night, the sight of her car made me change my plan for a lonely night. We settled for a budget hotel nearby to catch our sleep and as well as.. yeah. You know it.

J apologises if this post isn’t up to standard (judging by how hard or wet). This is somewhat like a nicely wrapped, badly chosen present. Anyway, Merry Christmas you guys! J could well be out of the F&B scene soon and back to the I.T. side. All the best for all!

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