Blinded by Lust

The heat on Jacob’s skin woke him up after a night of drinking and as he tried to give the itch on his face a scratch, he realised his wrists were restrained. The blindfold on his eyes were securely wrapped around his head and no amount of struggle could push it higher to let him catch a glimpse of what was happening. Thoughts of being kidnapped ran through his mind and the level of helplessly tore his pride to shreds. The only thing he could remember from the previous night was getting dead drunk with his close girl friend, who did not take so much a sip of beer.

Jacob: ‘Belinda? Are you there?’

Belinda: ‘I’m here.’

Jacob: ‘What is happening? Are you alright? I’m tied up. Are you too?’

Belinda: ‘I’m fine. It’s me who tied you up.’

Jacob: ‘But why?’

Belinda: ‘I hated that bitch who hurt you. You loved her so much, and all she could do was break up with you over another guy. You know how much I liked you right?’

Jacob: ‘But I have never thought you would like me.’

Belinda: ‘Doesn’t matter now. I’m going to have my fill of fun with you.’

The fear of her hurting his vital organ(s?) was more terrifying than anything else. A woman filled with jealousy was not to be meddled with, but the mystery of her intentions was getting his curiosity going. Why did she went this far when she could simply ask him to be with her? Or just get him to have sex. It certainly wasn’t that simple, and what she managed to do, brought his 80kg drunk man to this room, tying him up without him noticing. She must have been very motivated, no matter in a good or bad way.

A cold dash of liquid poured over his chest, trailing all the way down to his dick that had shrunken with fear. His sight was blocked, rendering any views of sexiness useless. How could he get turned on without seeing? One thing that scared him most was the suspicion of having more than Belinda in the room. There could be others too, or worse, another male.

After the liquid stopped, he felt the bed sank under another person’s weight, followed by a feminine hand over his rod.

Belinda: ‘Don’t worry. It’s just you and I. I just want to have fun with you.’

Jacob: ‘Then untie me.’

Belinda: ‘I prefer to dominate.’

A soft whisper of fuck came out of his mouth as her hand began stroking his manhood up and down. The affirmation that it was just them in the room made things felt lighter, but there was no way for him to be totally sure until he could see. A strawberry scent had whiffed up his nose and the lubricant worked well to make the handjob a smooth and calming one.

After one hand, another came to make sure he was getting all hard and ready for whatever that was about to happen. Belinda had not spoken a word since, dutifully jerking his thick rod to its full length. Up to this point, Jacob was dying to see how she looked, or what she wore. Wouldn’t you guys like to know as well?

Both his calves picked up the signals of her placing herself over his legs. Moving a step at a time, her butt had ran up his thighs and over his groin, where she stopped so the next step could take place. Gently, she placed her pussy over the base of his shaft and grind upwards, giving him a feel of the thin material of her underwear. Part of the lacy cut out was scrapping him, but it only made him harder. It was definitely Belinda, or a female, given the fleshy soft butt and narrow contours of the slit he felt under the panties.

Her hand then came into the picture to pull those pesky cloth away from her pussy, and raising herself high enough to let his dickhead penetrate an inch into her. It had never occur to him that he could get so close to a friend he treated as a sister. His impression of her was of a caring, thoughtful lady, who knew him since young. The demure image of her kept him wondering about her true nature, in contrast to whatever he was feeling now. The internal conflict for comprehension was a constant battle to retain his pleasant image of her. But part of him wanted more of the action. Anyway, he was in no position to argue or stop her.

Belinda let her body receive the rest of his shaft and the tiny entrance had kept her tightly wrapped around him. It felt as close as a condom, skin-close, spandex-tight, whichever you guys known it as. A minute later, her butt was on his groin, and her heartbeat could be felt on his dick, in a room so silent and ‘dark’.

Unlike how dominating she was, her hips moved up and down his body, grinding him in the gentlest, feminine mode. As soon as she started, he immediately knew his body would not last. Her pussy was slightly cooler than his dick, and the soft moans had turned him on to the max. He was so sure he would lose control the moment she freed him, if she did. The ride was somewhat torturing as she bounced non-stop on top, pushing his rod in and out of her impossibly tight cunt.

The groans he was giving off had made her much wilder, knowing that he was enjoying her every curve within. The continuous cowgirl ride drove him insane, losing control yet unable to do anything more. Every part of his manhood was screaming for him to give up and cum already, but the tickle at the tip of his dickhead from the bumps in her pussy was toning the urge down. What a struggle. He had never imagined such torment to be even possible.

Soon, she got tired of the long strokes and fucked him by just grinding him along his body. Jacob was relieved of the sensitivity, and could finally cum.

Jacob: ‘Belin, I am going to cum if you keep going.’

Was that sentence even legit? It didn’t sound like he wanted her to continue, or stop. She went on with the same motion until he came, and she spent a few seconds to squeeze every drop out of his rod. There was no signs of satisfaction or orgasm, but he loved how she owned him this way. His abs finally relaxed once the ejaculation died down, and waited for her to dismount the stallion.

But the moment his body calmed down, she adjusted her feet to be on the bed and lifted her pussy slightly higher, only to slam downwards once she got into a squatting position.

Jacob (shouting): ‘Fuck! Stop stop.. I am too sensitive now.’

Nothing went through her ears. The slamming continued until he was almost in tears, his dick had submitted to her, but apparently, it wasn’t enough. The agonising ‘rape’ pressed on and for the first time in his life, he had wished for death to come. His body was shivering helplessly, unable to handle the overdrive. And before he could understand his own limits, a gush of liquid shot out of his dick. It wasn’t urine, because it felt cold when it flowed out of her pussy.

He couldn’t believe he was squirting, but his mind was elsewhere, trying to figure out if there was a temporary death mode. Belinda finally let off an eerie scream as her body climaxed and she fell to the side, just as his dick reached a second orgasm and unloaded a few weak streams of cum over his own body.

The blindfold was raised to his forehead and his right wrist was undone sloppily. Beside him, laid Belinda, wearing the short dress she wore the previous night, drenched in perspiration, panting from the intense finish she received. His dick was reddened to a scary colour, but nonetheless, he was satisfied.

Belinda: ‘Ever did this with your ex?’

Jacob: ‘Nope. Never.’

Belinda: ‘Will you be my boyfriend?’

Jacob: ‘You’ve earned it.’

In a way, she owned him, but it wasn’t sex nor lust that bonded them. He made use of what he learnt from the previous relationship, and gave her a love life she would never regret, even if they weren’t together in the end.

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