After a day of rest at home, Patsy had recovered most of her energy from 12 hours shift the day before, and wanted to head out for a night of relaxation to complete her rest. It was almost 2pm when she woke up from her sleep, and the only place she was dying to visit was a pub she walked past a few days ago. Decided on the place, she headed down to the pub alone and drank to her heart’s content. There was nothing to worry about as it was early in the noon, and the sparse crowd did not spoil the quiet ambience she hoped to have. Although she did not have anyone with her, it was fulfilling to simply spend time with herself.

As usual, a few patrons tried to hit on her but she brushed them away without explanations, determined to have the evening all to herself. Just as she started to get a little drunk, the thought of her showing up at home in such a state quickly turned her to look for a place to crash for the rest of the day. A few minutes of deep thoughts later, the idea of spending the night in a budget hotel was the best, low-cost solution and she immediately headed for the closest one after paying her tab.

Checking into the hotel was the scariest part, as a few couples with huge age gaps stood in the queue, with some of them groping the ladies. Once she made the initial payment for a night’s stay, she rushed into the lift alone and went up to her room, walking past noisy doors until she locked her door, heart slowing down to normality.

The rest of the evening was spent in full privacy, taking an hour long shower before collapsing on the bed and playing games on the phone. For her attire that day, she wore a simple white shirt over a short skirt, considered to be decent for a pub visit. By the time she was on bed, the white top and panties were all that was on her, without the bra for comfort. Clicking on the browser app, a list of her favourite bookmarks appeared and the icon to a website she visited daily was selected.

Through the lists of videos available on the porn site, her fingers tapped on the latest lesbian clip and she took the time during the video buffer to adjust the blankets until a cosy corner was set up. She then turned her body to the side, eyes on the movie that was about to begin.

For the longest time, Patsy had a fetish for girl-on-girl action, loving how it aroused her curiosity, but the fact that she lived in the same room with her sister made it hard for her to do anything more than watching those videos with her earpiece on. And now, the whole room was all hers and it was a good time to give in to her urge of self-discovery, for the first time in her life. As opposed to modern day thinking, she was proud to reply that she had never masturbated in her life even though she was 23. She had had sex before, but plain, simple intercourse was all the intimacy she had with her boyfriend. The discipline to touch herself was actually an idea she imposed to reserve the moment for the right time. After all, nothing beats a journey of self-exploration in the quietness of her senses.

With the screen showing two girls satisfying each other, her hand moved into her shirt to massage her soft 36B cups, teasing the nipples as she brought herself into the mood. As much as she wanted to lose herself in the darkened room, there was no one to hear her moan, and so she kept quiet until things got hotter. Slowly, her hand reached south for her panties, splitting her legs just enough for her fingers to enter. Over the panties, her fingertips pressed hard onto her clit and began moving in circles. Moans then started to come out of her and it was so natural sounding, pleasing and comfortable for her body to say the least.

The scenes of the clip were already in her mind and she turned her body to face the ceiling, listening to the sounds from her phone. She had stretched a part of her panties open, and one hand hastily disappeared into it, coming in contact with her swollen clit, that was so elated to get some attention. As she rubbed harder, her body reacted accordingly by sending trembles throughout, closing her eyes to feel each delicate folds of her pussy as she continued on.

Her legs had parted themselves so wide her fingers could move at full speed on the sensitive spot, forming a patch on her panties with her juices. Losing control of her fingers, she gathered her courage to dip her fingers lower and pushed a bit into her pussy, sending a shiver up her spine. The sensation of masturbation was getting too good to stop, and her mind was already begging for more before she knew it.

Putting two fingers in, her knees were as high as they could get and the movements in her panties was almost tearing the thin piece of lingerie. There were juices leaking, moans exclaiming and body jerking. Most of her energy was drained, but the feeling of an impeding doom signalled her in preparation for climax, which she had never done it on her own. Decided on the third finger, she stretched her opening as her pussy squished in delight from the widened entry.

Just as she started to take deep breaths of air, her abs contracted and her body curled up, while a strong gush of fluid poured into her panties, flowing onto her butt cheeks and hands. Patsy panted heavily from the merciless onslaught of that very orgasm, and realised a smile had hung on her face although there was no one looking.

Tiredness soon took over her body and she put her phone into standby mode, pulling her juice-filled panties off and the blanket over herself. For a first timer, it wasn’t too bad seeing how exhausted she got. And the moments leading to slumber was filled with thoughts about having the next round with some changes to her position. It was after all her room to have fun in, and experiment with whatever she wanted.

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