Me (whispering): ‘You sure about this?’

Yun: ‘Uh huh. You’ve been fantasising about this right?’

With my girl tied in bed, I sat next to her, armed with a double-headed dildo. Rubbing her inner thighs with my warm palm, she was looking at me with anticipation. We both wanted to try this at least once, and she would be the one suffering from this ‘activity’.

Yun (whispering): ‘Put it inside? I’m already wet.’

The pink cotton panties were a little damp, but there was still a long way to go from there. Splitting her wet folds gently, I pushed the thinner end of the dildo in, and sank it all the way into her. The tight clench of her hands with a gradual increase in her moaning volume, I could only start slow.

Yun was a virgin from the start, and we had only gone as far as petting. Never did she tell me she used her fingers until the night before, pleading with me to bring a toy for her so I could live out her fantasy.

Well, the term was ‘edging’.

Yun: ‘I’m going to cumm! Keep going!’

Pumping the dildo faster, her back arched upwards and I immediately pulled the toy out, to a little irritated struggle to make me put it back in.

Yun (whispering): ‘Baby, can we do the edging thing some other time? I need to cum now.’

Me: ‘Hey.. we can’t cheat.’

Her legs opened as the toy wriggle between her legs, entering her again. Slurping in and out of her hole, her voice was the only music in the bedroom, sensually expressing the pleasure of sex through her sweet voice. It was a light, soothing pitch that would get any man hard.

As her body trembled to signal a build up of orgasm, her face would remain calm, as though she was trying to ‘cheat’ a moment to herself. Very carefully, I slowed down as the dildo got harder to move inside her and we passed another spine-chilling climax.

Yun (panting): ‘I.. can’t take it anymore. I had enough.’

Me: ‘Noo.. fifteen minutes more to go. Bear with it k?’

*Ahhh.. *

The dildo started pumping again, and she fought through the moans to strike a deal.

Yun (moaning): ‘I’m going to let you try this some time. I promise. You have no idea.. arghh.. ‘

Her abs rose into the air as I increased my speed, forcing her legs to float at ninety degrees, allowing me to go deeper. Besides the usual tinkering of the straps that bounded her, the next fifteen minutes was fairly peaceful. Even so, one thing that changed was her gaze. From the loving, understanding one, it had turned into a lip-biting, vengeful grin that scared me a little.

Me: ‘Okay.. I’m going to go all the way k?’

Yun: ‘No no.. free me first.’

She suppressed the complimentary orgasm and made me lie in her place, with my shorts and underwear gone.

Yun: ‘Can you reach behind me and put it back in?’

My arm went around her back and she guided the dildo in, with the thicker head inside this time. Naturally, I started moving the toy and her body, with was slouching right next to me, bent over to cap me with her mouth.

Using that toy that was getting slippery, I rammed it deep into her and she was sucking me with such force I could feel an ache down there. Still shoving her head over my dick, I just kept moving my hand as the urge built up. Barely able to contain my horniness, she was fondling my balls too – which made things worse.

Me: ‘I’m going to cum if you keep doing that.’

Yun: ‘Gden shoo.. ‘

With the approval of a cum-in-mouth, I let her did her work and focused on the dildo. Going faster at the same time as she did, she went lower down my shaft and we broadcasted our groans together.

Yun (moaning): ‘Oh yes.. don’t stop.’

I held her head down and kept myself still as my hips buckled, squirting my hot load into her. At the same time, a stream of juice flowed down the dildo where my hand held it. A shy shiver shook through her body and her lips broke free from my rod, gasping for air as I patted her head.

Turning her face towards me, a drop of cum hang by her lips and a smile softened my heart. She hopped on top of me and cleaned her mouth with the back of her hand, forcing a hard kiss onto me with her soft lips.

Yun (whispering): ‘I’ll be saving it for you. And only you. Keep it hard for me k?’

She tucked herself into my arms and continued playing with my soft rod, massaging it while half a dildo remained inside her pussy.

Me (whispering): ‘Do you want to bring it home?’

Yun: ‘Yay! Thanks baby!’

She laid sideways and opened her legs, masturbating herself with the toy while I kneaded her breasts for her. A lovely relationship? Sure it is.

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