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Alright guys, this isn’t anything sexual, but a note I would like to highlight to the fellow SG erotica bloggers out there. This little bit affects me a lot, and if worked on, will certainly increase the amount of feedback or comments your blogs can receive.

Many of the bloggers uses WordPress, if not Blogspot for their medium of expressing their sexual desires. These free sites apply a standard configuration for accepting comments. That;

1. The commenter has to have an account with Blogger or WordPress or Tumblr, etc.

2. All comments have to go through the site owner before they are published.

3. And more settings that is not the point of my entry.

What I want to highlight is point number 1.

As a blogger and reader, I would like to keep myself hidden. Hidden being not exposing my email address, not using my public blog account to log in.

If all you bloggers can, and may, please allow anonymous comments on your site. They will still ask for an email address, and a name. At the end of the day, you will still need to go through all the comments, while the system will help filter all the spam that is reported from the other millions of blogs.

I would love to comment on many of the blogs, but this small inconvenience might just keep me from saying anything about any specific posts, if not the whole blog on its own.

Selfish as I am, I am concerned about exposing my identity while giving a comment. Most readers have an account to read blogs, and some don’t have. They are merely passer-bys who appreciate literature-inclined writers. As much as I do, I think they are happy to comment on your entries too.

Help me, help you, help them.

Seriously, I am dying to comment on some upcoming blogs.

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