3 Minion Milestone

First of all, J would like to express his gratitude for your support. We have reached a total of 3,000,000 page views. You might notice it is just ‘page views’ but it means a lot to me. Cause you only have to load one page to see my latest story, and I would love to imagine that one visitor arrived.

Lately, there hasn’t been any news or interests in my modelling offer, so that alone will have to disappoint you guys for a while. Let’s hope someone takes up that slot soon.

At the same time, I have resigned from my employment at the cafe, so that explains the disappearance of my listing for a female barista. As of right now, I am looking for a peaceful little cafe to work at, preferably doing what I do best – making coffee. But if you guys have any non-office related jobs, I would love to hear about them too.

This 3 million page view is a huge milestone for me, though it had taken more than 5 years (going 6) to achieve. I have many friends who are close to me, that I sadly cannot tell them about my site simply to keep the friendship existent. Can you imagine that? Writing stories, a trait that would attract the ladies, taking a turn for the worse cause it falls under the category of ‘erotica’.

I have been thinking about sharing my collection of pictures which I sourced online, from various sites like SgGirls and Reddit. It’s a small folder I get my inspirations from, and before you guys start sending me mails for the MEGA link, please note that few of them contains any nudity. I use it more for the fashion and clothing style to expand my imagination of dressing my female leads up.

I, J, welcome any donation anyone out there would like to make, not because I am jobless, but to keep buying the cans of green tea that I drink when I write. That’s all!

Anyway, if any of you guys out there have one-off stories that you would like to share, feel free to share it through my site. Surely the 4k views per day would do some publicity for you. And IF you have any female friends that need help financially (and suitable to model), I am most happy to do a shoot for them and let the loyal readers here decide if the photo set is worth their money.

Finally, I would like to thank you guys once again for your continuous support. It keeps me writing and posting. Really. You guys might think that ‘I didn’t even do anything. I’m just here for your stories’, but actually, we are much closer than you think. You can be there reading, and I am just a login page away from you, writing a story on the other side.

This small act of checking my blog for updates, goes a really long way for me. No doubt I don’t make any money out of this, I truly enjoy what I do in my free time, especially for you guys.

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Have you considered putting up google Adsense ads and taboola content on your side to monetize that 4k/day views? Should help cover some costs.

Yes I have. There are some advertisers who doesn’t want their ads to appear on adult sites, and truthfully, I don’t see any more areas to put up ads on. The plain and simple design is my objective, without any unnecessary colours to grab unwanted attention. For now, I’m quite alright with the (lack of) income the site’s bringing me.

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