Land Before Time

Guy: ‘Hey! J?!’

The white Mazda that had pulled up along the road called out to me, disrupting my attention on my phone. I nodded and he ushered for me to get in, unsure of where or what he was going to do to me.

Two days ago, someone had contacted me via my site (this blog), and expressed great interest in what I did. The offer to show me his job related to the nature of my stories was irresistible and I agreed to a meet up. Following his instructions, I waited at the agreed pickup location and here I was, in his car.

Guy: ‘I’m Tommy. But I don’t need to know your name. I’m quite interested in what you write. So I decided to bring you around today, like work attachment. If you got any questions, just ask. Smoke?’

I took my pack of cigarettes out and he lit it up for me. The car sped off and turned into another alley, before we stopped at a condominium that lined the narrow ‘Lorongs’ of the well-known red light district.

Throughout the time I was out of his vehicle, I was behind him. Each of my five senses was picking up as much information as I needed, slowly bringing the other side of the sex trade to my awareness.

Tommy: ‘In the day, we will go around and collecting money. The girls are usually awake and have less customers.’
Girl: ‘这位帅哥是谁?’
Tommy: ‘别kaypo啦。’
Girl: ‘每次有帅哥都不介绍的。呐!’

The lady in a translucent nightie handed him a thick wad of fifty dollar notes and winked at me, as though welcoming me into the trade. She called out for another girl and a much ’emo-looking’ lady came to the door, half-awake but had an unnerving aura around her.

Tommy: ‘This girl is the emo kind that some guys your age will like. Don’t know why also. Quiet, shy, no skills.’
No skills huh?
Me: ‘I think it’s the shyness that makes the guy have the GFE.’

We moved on to another few units, watching him count the money and making some notes on his iPad as we went along. It felt like those PUB guys making their rounds to check the meter readings, except this was just money pouring in.

Tommy: ‘Okay. That’s it for today. If not I will usually work until late noon. Let’s go see the new girls. Your lucky day today.’

We drove to one of the shophouses that looked nothing like those sleazy ones, and went into the living room of the second floor. We took our seats at the sofa and the five girls sat on stools around us. As expected, it was an interview session. One by one, they introduced themselves and gave us some history of their sex lives back at their home. At the end of the session, one girl stood out.

Xixi had one ex-boyfriend before, and that was all to her. A demure looking, 1.55m, 42kg girl, being as shy and frightened as she could be.

Tommy: ‘For every new batch of girls, we will find those with the least experience and price them the highest. Their clothings, attitude.. guys can tell. The rest of them can pretend or act, but they will never be as convincing.’

Similarly, I was as uptight and lost as they were. They could tell. Occasionally, the ‘OKTs’ will keep one for themselves as ‘pets’ while the rest are sent to another location, for make up and hairdo and whatever training they might need.

Tommy: ‘Who will you pick? Clear choice right?’
Tommy: ‘西西,你今天跟我。You?’
Me: ‘Umm.. her?’
Tommy: ‘全部去换衣服。然后等Ryan来接你们。西西和雪婷快点,还有别的地方要去。’

They moved like robots into the two bedrooms, clearly afraid to offend Tommy, or me. The worse that could happen was to be given minimal work and returned to their hometown, ending their money-making stint way earlier before they could get more money.

Within minutes, the two girls supposed to follow us came out in their overly provocative outfits and I just had to keep a distance from them.

Tommy: ‘Don’t be shy. They know what they are getting into. Everyone will be looking at them, not you. Even if your friends see you here, no one will talk to you one.’

My 19 year old girl slipped her arm under mine and we hopped into the car, setting off for a hotel not too far away. It was not those chain-hotels that we went into. And for a very good reason too.

Tommy: ‘Ah Siang! Two rooms.’

A key was handed to me and I felt confused all of a sudden. I thought we had other ‘more’ official work to do.

Me: ‘Tommy.. I’m not sure if I can do this. ‘
Tommy: ‘Free one la. Get a taste of the preliminary interview. Tell me how good or bad she is. Very important. Don’t sabo me hor. You know the SOPs right?’

The lift stopped at our floors and he went in the other direction with his girl getting dragged along. I sighed and went to my room, surprisingly cleaner than how I would expect it to be.

Xue Ting: ‘第一次啊?’
Me: ‘不是。但是我不来这种地方的。’
Xue Ting: ‘哦!明白了。那让我试试吧。’

She stripped my clothes off, followed by hers and led me into the shower. Cleaning me like a little boy, she paid extra attention to my dick, that was still soft. Lubricated with soap, her hands got playful and started pumping it, running warm water while she cleaned the foam off.

The next thing I knew, she was on her knees, licking and sucking my cleanly washed dick. How could I not get hard with that? She was devouring my rod whole and making a little gagging noise. Soon, I was holding her head down and thrusting, till she was too breathless to continue.

We went to the bedroom and she climbed on top of me, making out as though I was her boyfriend. I could totally feel her passion and lust. Perhaps it was just the water that she did not totally wipe dry. Returning her mouth to my dick, she sucked on it with the same vigour and enthusiasm. Somewhat too eager to please me.

Me: ‘够了。’
Xue Ting: ‘不爽吗?’

From her purse, she took a condom out and rolled it over my rod, eyes looking at me with a sly grin.

Xue Ting (whispering): ‘Come fuck me.. ‘

Woah. Her English was almost perfect, with little to none of that Chinese accent. I climbed up wearily and took a long look at her, before I dropped myself over her. Holding her wrists down, I plunged my dick into her and she had to display the agonising look of a surprised attack. Biting lips, squinting eyes.

My hips hammered away and her moans broke free, filling up the room with sex. She was not overly wet when I began, and seemed to maintain that amount of juices as we ravished on. Her B size boobs, the constant reminder of ‘oh yes.. fuck me.. ‘, and the overwhelming tightness I felt whenever she let off a loud moan with her body shaking uncontrollably.

We took a break after five full minutes and she flipped around, spreading her pussy from between her legs. I docked myself into her and stayed in that position, picking her chest up so I could feel her back on my skin.

Ramming her at a slow pace, I went faster as she moaned louder. In the heat of the moment, I knelt on one knee and my other foot stabilised my movements, driving my cock as deep as possible into her.

Suddenly, her hands reached behind her and tried to stop me, screaming ‘stop.. 停下来!‘ non-stop. This WAS her breaking point. I ignored her pleas and continued thrashing her, till she buried her face into the pillows.

After the longest five minutes, I slowed down and pulled out of her. I turned her onto her back and positioned my dick at her face, ripping the condom off before her eyes. Shoving my thick cock into her mouth, I plundered it deeply and choked her.

Within seconds of entering that wet, teethed hole, she realised the method to end this quickly. That is to offer the best deep throat she could manage so I could cum.

Me: ‘射了!射了!’

An ‘Mmm‘ gave me the permission and I flushed my cum into her mouth, squirting for as long as she jerked me towards her lips. At last, I was done with the ‘interview’ and she regained her composure.

While I laid exhausted on the bed, she got up and went back to sucking me. In less than ten minutes of relaxed state, I felt myself growing hard again.

Unable to return to the state when I pounded her, she sat on top of me and rode – like a cowgirl. Of course, not before she capped me on with another condom. Her pussy grinding along my hips, guiding it to move back and forth inside of her. She was pushing all my buttons in the right spot, and not stopping at all.

Me: ‘不可以了!我要来了!’

Her hip-motion went faster and I flopped like a fish, shooting my second load into the safe haven of a rubber. She did not let me rest till she got her orgasm, and right after, we cuddled like long-lost lovers.

Xue Ting: ‘喜欢吗?’
Me: ‘嗯。’

A twist on the doorknob came after fifteen minutes, and we weren’t even dressed yet. Tommy and his girl was there, but he was supporting her as though he had raped her multiple times. As for me, he was smiling when he saw Xue Ting stroking my hard manhood.

Tommy: ‘他射几次?’
Xue Ting: ‘两次。三次也没问题。很厉害哦。’

He brought his girl into the room and asked them to go into the bathroom, while he spent a few minutes talking to me.

Tommy: ‘I hope you like the trip today. This is Xue Ting’s number. I’ll tell her to give you free service whenever you find her. And this is for you (handing me a few pieces of blue notes). Working in this line, the friends I have are always money-minded. So I don’t have any real friends. If you want to tag along or work for me, just give me a call. I can tell who can be trusted.’

He asked for Xue Ting to follow him while Xixi was left with me, tired and almost crying. For the rest of the evening, we had sex a few times. But truthfully, it felt like making love more than sex.

Xixi.. she was obviously in this for money, and after having a taste of how men would generally do her, that is, more sex than love, it was regret I saw in her eyes. Now that she is here, on an island far away from home, there was no turning back. At least not before she got what she came for.

So guys, when you visit a prostitute, as skilful or RTF as you may feel, they are throwing away all their pride for something we appear to have too much of – money. Don’t over do them, don’t abuse them. Just get what you went to them for, and give them what they came to Singapore for.

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