Two Tables Away

She was in an off-shoulder crop top, almost see-through if not for the white folding layers that pushed men’s imagination wild. There was no visible bra straps but that only made things worse by the exposure of her fair waist where the top ended.

The guy? He had his arm around her neck, hand doing something in her blouse. Where I sat, two tables away at the study corner of a void deck, I could see everything that they were totally cool with.

His arm dived deeper as his movements got slower, till it looked somewhat like breasts-massage. The girl had her face turned to his chest, and his other hand on her thigh just kept moving higher.

Soon, he was in her skirt and her one of her legs went over his lap, making way for more ‘useful’ actions instead of just teasing. She could not do much for him in this situation, kneading the bulge that was poking from under his berms.

When he moved deeper between her legs, a gasp told me she had no underwear on. It was totally fine to wear nothing under such a short skirt. Yupp. Her breathing was loud enough for me and they could not sit any closer.

Siamese twins? They were THAT close. But apparently still too far. Popping sounds started coming as he thrust his working hand, while the other was just too distracted to continue the massage.

Excuse me!

He retracted his hands and she pulled her skirt lower. Well, that was how all of us looked like when we were caught right? At 1am, who else, besides me and them, would be here?

The Police. On Patrol.

Needless to say, they were the firsts to be interviewed and then disappeared towards the longer end of the block. Okay. The badass cops are coming for me now. See ya!

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