Emergency Stairs

During the whole course of the movie, Rinnie and Ivan was kissing. Their hands ran all over each other’s body in the dark hall. It was empty, save for a few other couples who were in corners too.

After the show, they were the last, and hurriedly scrambled to the emergency stairs to make out. As Ivan pin Rinnie onto the wall, his thighs were in between her legs, and her hips was moving on its own, rubbing her pussy under her frilly skirt.

Ivan’s hand moved under her skirt and went into her her damped panties. His hand was already slowly working into her. Rinnie was in a state of ecstasy, red faced, breathing hot heavy air out of her nose while kissing Ivan.

She rubbed his obvious bulge in an up-down motion, making Ivan crazy. He removed her panties and put it into his pockets, untied her neck bra and placed it into her bag. Rinnie did not care at all, she was too horny to know what was happening.

She squatted down to Ivan bulge before loosening his belt and letting his pants fall to the ground. With a tug, his hot rod is right in front of her face. Without hesitation, she took it into her mouth and sucked it hard, in perfect synchronisation with her hand on his shaft. Ivan was going numb in his head, he held Rin’s head and pushed his dick deep into her mouth, unloading his down down her throat.

In desperation for air, she pushed his away and caught her breath. Now, it’s Ivan’s turn to satisfy the sex-starved girlfriend. With her back facing him, he spread her legs apart before putting his dick into her pussy, pounding her ass with his hips.

Rinnie is a wet girl, very wet girl. Her juice was practically flowing onto the floor from her pussy, her thick cum dripping slowly. He did not rest nor slow down, as he feels his cum building up, he increased his speed, pushing Rinnie into to a frenzy.

With one final thrust into her tightening wet pussy, he unloaded his huge load into her. Filling her up to the brim, so much so that her juice, with his cum is overflowing onto the floor. As Rinnie fell to her knees in pleasure, Ivan was dressing up.

In a semi-dazed mood, Ivan helped Rinnie cleaned up and walked her down to his car, driving her home – without her bra and panties. She fell asleep at the back of the car and as usual, was unconscious to know that she was fucked again in his car below her flat.

Reaching home, Ivan took her wet panties and masturbated again, cleaning all his sperms onto it, intending to make her wear it the next day.

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