Photography outing?

Day: Wednesday
Date: 19 November 2009
Time: 3pm
Location: My House

I knew her since she was Sec 1, but she didn’t stayed long in the CCA we met in. Just yesterday, she commented on my Facebook wall and so, it became a meet up for photography outing.

On my FB wall, ‘LOL! Haha. Eh, one day come out, lend me play with your “toy” ! :D Hees!’

My mind wandered as initiated to ask her out. We decided to meet below her flat. She was way cuter than when I last met her. Asking if she wants to go to my place, she dared me to and so I brought her up. We entered and she sat on the sofa while I went to get a drink for her.

In my mind, I am thinking of how to make her horny, imagining my hands running under her clothes. I passed her the cup of water and sat beside her. While she sipped away, I asked if I could touch her and she said, ‘Why?’. I replied, ‘I want to make you feel comfortable at home mah’. Without suspecting anything, she nodded her head a little warily and continued watching TV.

I ran my hand up her left thigh, slowly going between her legs. She clamped my hand between and asked what was I doing. ‘Just relax can? I won’t hurt you lah.’ She opened her legs slowly and my hand proceeded up to rub her shorts. She leaned towards me and placed her head on my shoulder, clearly enjoying the teasing.

As I moved my fingers quicker, her hands wrapped around my arms tightly. I could feel her shorts getting warmer due to her wet and warm pussy. Pulling her by her hand into my room, she laid on the bed while I pulled her shorts along with her panties slowly.

I continued rubbing her damped pussy, while she tried to control her moans. As my fingers worked, I lifted up her shirt and suckle on her nipples like a baby. Her tiny body spasm and twitched with every orgasm. After a few rounds, she could not take the ecstasy anymore and went close to fainting.

I sat beside her, continued touching wherever I wanted, her pussy was sore and red from cumming, her nipples were also a little bruised from the sucking and licking. I pulled my shorts lower, and took her long slender hand and wrapped her hand around my dick. Slowly moving her hand up and down, she knew what I was doing and moved her hand on her own.

She pulled herself up and hugged be from behind, without stopping her hand on my dick. As I got closer to cumming, I stood up so she could jerk me and catch all the cum with her hands. With her sudden increase in speed, my load came hard into her hands, thick, gooey and white like squirting dove out of a bottle.

She was happy when she saw my contented face. So was I when I got her off. We stayed for a while longer before going out to take photos. There was some very suggestive photos we took while at my house too.

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