No Plans for Today

Day: Saturday
Date: 31 October 2009
Time: 11am
Location: Bras Basah, level 4, below stairs of surrounding flats.

Woke up early, went online, only to find she’s one of the few online. So I greeted her and asked her about her plans. She didn’t have any either. So we decided to meet at Bugis, get my things and maybe walk around.

As it was still early, shops were not open yet. We went to level 4’s open air area around the exit of Popular bookstore to catch some fresh air. Knowing of a nice place to fool around, I brought her to a spot below the flight of stairs under the blocks of flat.

Once there, we kissed like long lost lovers but without making too much sound, knowing we’re in a risky situation. We know we could be easily detected. She was wearing denim shorts and a tank top.

Turning her to face the wall, my hands went around her waist, loosened her pants and went straight for her pussy. She wasn’t prepared to have any fun today, so I had to get her wet. We’re not going to have sex, it’s too dangerous out here. Using one of my knees, I lifted her right leg and my naughty finger went into her widened pussy. Her moans were more like mewing when she tries to keep it down.

My fingers got all wet and soggy with wrinkle skin from the quickie I gave her. She buttoned her shorts back, and adjusted her soaked panties. She turned around to face me, and pulled my shorts open to stick her hand in, jerking my dick without warning.

Knowing this isn’t the best place to cum, she didn’t wanted to wait or go somewhere else. She found out a few new tricks that surprised me and reduced the time for me to build my load. As I was cumming, she squatted down and took the load into her tiny mouth, swallowing it upon entrance of my sperms.

We cleaned up and left before the peak hour starts. We got my stuff and I went to her house for another round of intense fuck session before going home.

Don’t we love it when we have friends we can enjoy sex with? Who says friends can’t make love too?

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