Day: Tuesday
Date: 18 November 2009
Time: 4pm
Location: My House

My sister was in her room while I was in mine. For a 18 year old, she had small tits and loves to wear loosely at home, usually a oversized tee with a pair of shorts or panties under.

She screamed for me to go over and look at her laptop. I went over to her room while she got out of her chair. I started fixing her laptop when I could not find her around, ‘Damn, I didn’t close the porn I was watching.’ I ran over to find her watching the screen, with headphones over her ears.

I went over and Alt+F4 to close it. After getting her laptop fixed, having no mood to continue with what I was watching, I went to watch TV. She finished her work and joined me on the sofa too. Our parents were working then, wouldn’t see them for more than 2 hours a day.

Seated beside me, she asked if I always watched porn, and she confessed about her porn collection too. Knowing this is going a little wrong, I did not continue asking or saying anything until she placed her hand in between a partly spread legs, running her fingers around her panties. Feeling hotter, she lifted up her shirt to her belly and pulling the panties down her thighs, her cleanly shaved pussy was exposed. The hard on was almost instantaneous. ‘I’ve fantasized about you some times, but scared to let you know. I love you’, she said

I was horny but still had my senses working. This is wrong for siblings, the love was a different kind of love. She assured me that we’re not going to have sex, just exploring each other’s body, and I stupidly allowed her to.

Pulling my pants down, she wrapped her long, smooth fingers around my dick. The feeling of coldness meeting hot is a little overwhelming. She positioned her mouth to let a huge blob of saliva from her mouth hit my dick. Slowly moving her hands up and down, my dick was soon covered in her saliva, slurping wet.

I sat closer to her and placed her legs and my legs on the table. Pulling her right leg over my thighs, her pussy was never so close to me. I could catch a glimpse of the glister from her moist.

Putting my index and middle finger together, I rubbed her pussy along her smooth pussy lips, with no prickly feel. As she got wetter, I slid my fingers lower and into her tight pussy. Going as deep as I could, I wanted to hear her moans. I sped my fingers up and she soon forgot about my dick. Just grabbing my hand tightly and pushing it deeper up her. It was like my sister using my fingers as a dildo.

After 3 long minutes of fingering, a rush of juice flowed onto the sofa and the floor. Without wasting any, she caught a handful and poured it over my dick, continuing with her jerking.

She took a whole 20 minutes before I came hard into her hands. Working her hands skilfully, she squeezed all the cum out from the bottom of my shaft, to the dick head. Spreading it around her hands, we went to shower up and continued with TV, and some teasing.

Knowing it’s wrong, it didn’t effect us much as we had fun. That’s all that matters right?

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