Relatively, Relative 2

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Ian could not take it anymore. All he wanted to was to fuck his girlfriend. Lying down on her, pinning her down he put his hands underneath her cotton underwear. Like how a smoke detector works, a bell rang in Ally´s head. What was Ian doing? Isn´t this too much? What if he doesn´t like the way I shave? What if he gets turned off by it? There were many questions that ran through her already troubled mind. Ian reassured her to not worry and that he knew what he was doing. She agreed that he could do whatever he wanted except sex. Ian took it as a big sign to do whatever it takes that would make her want to have sex. After pulling her underwear off, he gazed at the beauty of her vagina.

It was well groomed. Very clean-shaven without any bristly stubs or anything that would turn a guy away. He placed his index finger on the outside layer of her hole. It was soft and moist. He ran his finger in tiny circular motions on the hole. She moaned and moaned. Slowly he began to penetrate her with his index finger. Ally screamed. She had never inserted anything into her vagina before. The steady and stable finger of Ian brought her a mixed sense of feelings. It was painful of how the dry finger was causing friction against her inner walls, but at the same time it was fucking, fucking mind-blowing. Soon when her vagina got wetter, she told Ian to not stop, and to even go harder. Something from what she said turned Ian a whole fucking load on. He started going in very intensely. In and out, in and out that was all it took to hear the screaming from Ally. She would moaned like a poor kitten once he took his finger out. He taught her how to play with her clit as he was fingering her.

She would flick it from left to right, wetting the clit and the skin around it with her fingers. Then she would rub it very gently so as to not sore it too quickly. She would rub it from the top to the bottom. Very gently caressing the flap which was very wet, Ally let out a little shriek as she felt the powerful combination of Ian´s fingering and her own clit action.

Ian stood up from the bed and he started masturbating. He could not help it. All he could think of was too fuck but the girl said that she had enough. She was tired and was very sore below. She slept instantly. He looked at her already naked body. The wetness from her vagina flowed down to her thighs. His saliva was all over her breasts, her face and her neck. He saw her sleep soundly with her legs spread open. His hand was wet with saliva and his penis felt so good as his hand was going up and down his shaft in a very intensive manner.

He stopped masturbating. He almost came. He controlled it for a bit and he decided that he was going to fuck Ally. He kneeled on the bed, his knees holding his weight as he lifted knees Ally up. Her knees were over his shoulders as he rubbed his penis against the clit of Ally. He wetted his penis with his saliva till it was dripping down to the bed covers. Without hesitation he just pushed it into her vagina. It was not difficult as she was still wet and his penis was super drenched in saliva. Once the penis went in, he paused. He took a moment to enjoy the warm, moist feeling of his penis inside her. Her vagina was so very tight and it felt so good for Ian.

Ally fidgeted for a bit in her sleep. She was so sound asleep. Ian went in and out of her slowly. This went on for a few minutes till he touched the correct spot in her vagina. This caused Ally to moan very loudly. That got him all crazy and he was fucking her like how a Maglev would enter a tunnel. All force and power from the train, not bothered whether the tunnel could withstand its pure intensity. That woke Ally up as she was in pain. The ferocious fucking of Ian triggered alarm bells in her head and she panicked.

She kicked him away and screamed. She lifted her body from lying down and slapped him in his face. She could not stop crying, she was angry, she was furious. She was upset how he betrayed the trust that she always thought they had. Ian did not take the slap well. He slapped her back and he barked at her for being a coward and not loving him enough to let him to fuck her. Ian blamed how he felt like as if he was being used as she was the only one of the two be satisfied. He slapped her another time and shouted at her to get the fuck out of his house and to never call him.

3 days later, at half past 10, at night, Ally was sobbing to herself in her room.

Part 1 | Part 2

Photos published with permission, courtesy of an unnamed friend.

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