Relatively, Relative

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Ally slumped onto her swivel chair as she gave a huge sigh of relief. She was in her own world now, her sacred haven, her sanctuary, her room. She had escaped the ferocious clutches of the many repetitive questions from her many relatives in the living room. It was the first day of the Chinese New Year and Ally´s mum hosted a gathering of the entire extended Tan family in their humble 4-bedroom apartment. Ally did not like being in the same room with her relatives. She could not stand the continuous and never-ending chatter and gossip by them. All she wanted to do was hid in her room till they left; which was something she did every year.

3 multiple beeps from her Nokia hand phone gave her a little jolt as she was dozing off on her chair. With full vigour and excitement, she reached for her hand phone, hoping it would be Ian. To her abysmal dismay, it was her Mum asking her to get out of the room to mingle with her relatives. She dialled the 8-digit number of Ian´s phone. After calling 4 times, her battery went flat and she was too tired to charge it. She checked her instant messenger but her boyfriend was not online. She was worried and sad. There was no other way she could contact him.

Ian would call Ally every day without fail. They would chat on the phone for ages. There was never a topic they could not talk about. They were in love with one another, and the relationship never looked stronger. This all came to a screeching halt 3 days ago.

That was when Ally lost her virginity. It was never planned to happen. The both of them were messing around in Ian´s room. There was nobody at home. The both of them were on Ian´s king-sized bed. Ian had his top off and he was going at it on Ally´s neck. Biting and nibbling her neck, he took his hand at rubbed her thighs. She was wearing a black floral dress, something Ian got for her about a week ago. She loved his warm hands on her cold thighs. His left hand was rubbing her left thigh very softly and gently.

Feeling her skin and squeezing it whenever he could. Ally moaned softly whenever she felt the slight pain of Ian´s squeezes.  Ian took his head of her neck and he saw 3 reddish spots on her neck. He smiled to himself as he saw how turned on Ally was. Her eyes were closed and her hands were all over his chest. He pushed her down gently from a sitting position to a position where he was lying on top of her. She could feel his hardened penis against her vagina. The only thing between them was the silky fabric of her dress and her cotton underwear. She loved how Ian was moving in a very slow upward motion as he was kissing her. She moaned every time his penis was being rubbed against her clit.

Ian was experienced. At the age of 18 he had a long string of girls whom he had have sex with. He lost his virginity at a very young age and he was a quick learner when it came to sex. He read up on what to do to please women more. He had this thirst of knowledge to give satisfaction to women. He enjoyed the look of pleased satisfaction on a girl’s face whenever they ended their sex sessions. He loved how they end up calling him in the next day’s asking for more. He liked that. No, he loved that.

Ally on the other hand was not experienced at all. She never had done anything intimate with any guy except Ian. The only thing she did with Shan and Reese, her previous boyfriends, was cuddling and pecks of kisses on their cheeks. At the age of 16 she was vitally new to the sex world. She made it very clear to Ian that she wanted to keep her virginity till she met someone who might be her potential husband and Ian always promised that he would never fuck her, even if she asked. Ally knew about Ian. About him being all experienced, about him having sex with many girls in the past. What she did not know was that Ian had been fucking girls during their 1-year relationship and that he was going to break his promise on that very fateful day.

The wetness that overflowed from her vagina was damping her cotton underwear. She felt uncomfortable; she wished that she could just take it off and go all free and loose. But she did not dare. She had never exposed anything to Ian except her breasts and that was when Ian had forced open her top the other time.

Ian climbed onto Ally as he buried his face into hers. Kissing every bit of her lip, biting whatever that could be bitten; sucking whatever that could be sucked. His left knee was in between her legs, pushing against her crotch. Ally loved that. She could feel something hard against her vagina and she began to wriggle, feeling better after every move. Ian was smart, he was deceitful.  He knew that Ally was very, very horny at that point of time and there might be a slight chance of the both of them having sex. He brought the dress lower and he could see the harden nipples of Ally. He began inserting his tongue deep into her mouth as he played with her breasts. Pinching the soft tender meat while feeling her nipples, Ian licked the ears of Ally. It turned him on at how innocent this girl was. She giggled gleefully as she felt the tickling sensation of her ears being licked. Ian pulled her hands apart and pushed her deep into the bed as he went on a sexual attack on Ally´s breasts. From one to another he went crazy, wetting it with saliva, biting the soft meat. He left bites all over.

His hardened penis was practically visible, shape-wised from his soccer shorts. He took it off and chucked it to an isolated corner of his dim-lit room. From under him, Ally took his penis by her right hand and started to rub it. She loved how warm it was, how hard and how thick it was. She played with the head of his penis, rubbing it with the fingers which were already wet from sucking. As she ran her index finger from the head to the body the hair on her arms stood. She felt really good, with the hearty licking of her ears, the pinching and rubbing on her breasts and the wriggling action she conjured up against the thighs of her boyfriend. What could be better than this, she thought.

Part 1 | Part 2

Photos published with permission, courtesy of an unnamed friend.

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