One Hour

Day: Monday
Date: 16 November 2009
Time: 4pm
Location: My House

Knowing we had only an hour before my parents return, we wasted no time in stripping to our bathing suits, getting on my bed and kissing all over each other. As it got more intense, my hips instinctively positioned in front of her pussy and slid in without much friction. There was no resistance from her as she was all horny from the teasing with my fingers on her pussy.

It seems like she was already wet on the way to my place.

Keeping our lips sealed, I spread her legs wide and moved my dick in, going deeper with every thrusts. She clenched onto my upper arms tightly as I forced through her hymen. There was no turning back, no second chance. Right away, I knew I was inside once she started crying and sobbing. Her expressions tells me she wanted to stop, but not her body, which soon was overtaken by the pleasure.

Placing my face beside hers, she sobbed while I continued my rhythmic and smooth thrusts. Slowly feeling better, her moans got louder and her body responded to every move as she immerse herself in making love rather than sex.

The tightness did not get any lesser, it was like a sign she wants more, knowing the tighter she gets, the longer I want to hold it in. As she clawed my back for the fifth time, I could feel the bedsheets was all covered in her blood and juice. Slowly pulling my dick out of her red, sore pussy, it was the blood and mix of her cum juice that caught my eyes.

I wasn’t afraid of it, to me, it felt like a representation of a new beginning. I could feel more love than ever from her.

We proceeded to the toilet and she sat on the bowl, with the seat cover up. She spread her legs wide enough for me to go again and I did so. As she got used to a long warm rod in her, she knew it felt good to be tight and mine to be big.

With the final thrust into her tightening pussy, I pulled my dick out and spurted all my load into the toilet, from under her love hole, with blood still dripping from her raw pussy. The clean up took some time as most of our lower body were covered in thin blood and sweat. After we got dressed, she just sat on the sofa, rubbing her pussy to ease the soreness.

I went to change the bedsheet and we took the longer ride home by bus. She had a small, soothing but contented smile on her face while she dozed off on my shoulder.

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