Random Fun

Day: Sunday
Date: 15 November 2009
Time: 10am
Location: Her house

Not wanting to wake her up, I made sure I lifted her oversized t-shirt so lightly that she wouldn’t notice. To my surprise, she wasn’t wearing her panties, so I looked around only to find it on the floor. She probably took it off halfway in her sleep. Holding the bottle of popper in my hand, I placed it under her nose as she exhaled to breath in one whole breath of it.

She opened her eyes lazily as she turned and smiled at me, pushing my hand towards her nose for the second whiff. As her body gets warmer under the blankets, she pushed them aside so we could make out. Last night was unforgettably crazy for her.

Her hands went down into my shorts without guidance and her shirt was already lifted up to reveal her pointy nipples, hard from the scent. Taking her little brown nipples between my index and thumb, I pressed a little and twisted left and right, the horny look she gave along with moaning just made me harder.

I placed the bottle by the bed and focused on her. Pulling the blanket over us, she helped me remove my pants very quickly and soon, we’re naked, hugging each other, running our hands over each other’s body.

My hand went between her slightly wet pussy and gave her a gentle rub in a circular motion. Getting high, she released her hands on my dick and pulled my body closer to hers. As my fingers quickened, she let her moaning run loose and went into a trance, heavingĀ  and puffing deep.

She suddenly went weak after I felt a rush of juice flowing through my fingers and onto the bed, leaving a sizeable patch on her bedsheets. I adjusted her onto her bed and lying beside her, I used her hands to jerk myself off, cumming onto her panties and leaving it in the laundry basket.

I shook her up a little to let her know I was going and she nodded in tiredness. No doubth, she is still just my friend, but I’d really want her back.

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