Day: Saturday
Date: 14 November 2009
Time: 4pm
Location: Carpark staircase at buildingĀ  beside United Square

I just got my popper and today I met with my ex for dinner. We had pizza hut and we went for a walk around. I took the popper and unscrew the cap and asked her to take a sniff and tell me if it’s a nice scent.

She took a whiff and pushed my hand away. Asking me what was that. I told him it’s some kind of aroma stuff. Her face got flushed immediately and asked if we could go. We left the place and she started walking towards the side exit to get to the building beside. It was where we had our little ‘fun’ in the past.

Asking me for the bottle again, she continued walking faster and went up the stairs of the carpark to our usual spot, nose still glued to sniffing the popper every now and then. Once we reached, she held it up my nose and asked me to take a deep breath. My little brother immediately stood higher and harder than usual.

She pushed me to the wall and kissed me aggressively. Hands unbuckling my belt and I undid her bra hook. As my pants slide down and hit the ground, she pulled open my shorts with one hand and put her other hand into my FBTs and held my dick and made random jerkings. It was intense and hasty, my hands were soon under her shirt playing with her nipples when I realised.

After a short while of heavy petting, she could not take the teasing anymore, we quickly sat on the steps. Once seated, I got her to lie down while I struggled to get her shorts unbuttoned, going for her pussy. Once her shorts and panties are out of the way, my fingers worked her pussy and it was the first time she spread her legs so wide for me to play in a good view.

Pushing my hand away she got up and bent down to suck my dick, ferociously, not slowing down herself and my dick a rest at all. Unable to take her blowjob so fast and furious, I lifted her head up, positioned myself 2 steps lower and lapped her pussy juice like a thirsty kitten.

She came hard and more of her cum flowed down her pussy disappearing into her ass crack. A few minutes later, I did as she hurried me to sit on the steps she was on and jerked me hard and fast. She kept her excitement and speed, by taking a sniff every few minutes. As I told her I was cumming, she bent down, sealed her lips around my dick head and took every last drop into her mouth, swallowing it in one gulp and sucked the remaining.

Once I was done, she stood up and dropped her shorts and panties to her feet. Leaning against the cold hard wall, she spread her legs and spread her pussy lips with her index and middle finger as wide as she could, hinting for me to lick her. I scrambled to sit in front of her and worked my tongue on her non-stop, periodically holding her hand to my nose to hype myself up with the bottle.

For the third time, she pressed my head against her pussy, suffocating me and letting a stream of juice flow down her legs, disappearing into her shorts at her ankles. She wanted to take another breath of it but I stopped her, pulling her panties and shorts up and to get her dressed. I set her limp body down at the spot she was standing and waited for her to sober up.

The fifteen minutes was exceptionally long as she tries to get the popper from me in a few unsuccessful attempts. She went into a nap after a long struggle and I accompanied her until she woke up thirty minutes later to her phone ring.

I had to send her home as she was still in a daze and quite wobbly, occasionally asking if she could have another whiff. Completing my goal to get her hooked, I decided I had enough and promised her more more she recovered from this.

And with that, she fell asleep once she hits her bed. It all ended at 6pm.

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