Don’t Cry

Day: Friday
Date: 13 November 2009
Time: 9pm
Location: Playground around my house

A SMS from a girl whom I had not contact for some time since the last time we went for late night dinner at Bishan.

I replied ‘Yes, where?’ to her sms which read, ‘Are you free to meet now?’

She was around AMK Hub when she smsed and it didn’t take long before she saw me under my block and hasten her pace. Running into me, she opened her arms and I opened mine. Sobbing like a little girl who just lost her dog, it last for a few long minutes.

After she calmed down a little, I led her to the now-quiet playground by the open space next to my block. We sat at the end of slide and she just cried away without saying anything. Leaning on my shoulders, using my shirt to wipe her tears as it flowed.

I placed my arms around her to keep her close and somehow, hoping to let her feel comfort. She finally spoke and told me about her friends who turned against her and made her feel really unwanted.

Without saying anything, I let a long breath out of nose, sighing. She started crying and this time, burying her head into my chest. Wanting to stop her cries, I lifted her head up and used my thumbs to wipe her tears away.

‘I’m here.’ With both my hands on her cheeks, my eyes looking at her lips and eyes red from tearing, I brought my mouth to hers and kissed. Knowing she just treats me at most a brother, I pulled away but to my surprise, she leaned towards me and kept our lips sealed.

Placing my hands on her waist, I gave her a gentle squeeze and she let out a little muffled ‘Umm..’. Pausing unwillingly, we went up to the tunnel slide and lay inside.

Lying on top me, our kissing got more intense but polite. She spread her legs over me and was grinding her pussy on my bulge turned on by the fierce tongue fight. Sitting up, she rested her upper body on her hands resting above my shoulders. Not wanting to scare her, I moved my hands from her waist up to her breasts and started to massage them, cupping her small breasts in my hands.

With every squeeze and knead, she would press her pussy through her soft cotton shorts on my bulge, going back and forth. Soon enough, I could feel the warmth and dampness even through our clothes.

As her breathing got deeper, I went under her shirt and fondled her nipples, using every move I know. Going into a state of dizziness, she allowed her body to fall onto mine and rested. After a few minutes, she sat up and adjusted her hair, ‘Sorry.’ she said. ‘It’s okay’ assuring her that all I wanted was for her to feel better.

She did lie down as I requested and I went down the tunnel to position myself in front her shorts. Gliding my hand up her smooth leg, I naughtily wriggled my fingers up her thighs until I came in contact with her moist pussy.

Using the tip of my middle finger, I applied pressure onto her clit and twirled in circles. After a few minutes of her squinting from pleasure, I felt a gush of pussy juice wetting my fingers.

Looking at me shyly from above, she loosened her shorts and pulled just a low enough for my hand to massage her comfortably. Without her pants obstructing, my hand went between her legs and I continued pleasuring her, at the same time, watching her body react to my teasing.

After a fifteen minutes of continuously getting her off, she finally took my wrinkled fingers away of her red and sore pussy. Pulling her cute shorts back to her waist, she tied it with a butterfly knot. I then climbed up to lie with her. Moving her body to one side, I lay beside her and she turned to face me, lying on my chest.

‘Thank you.’ whispered in a shy voice.

I gave her a tight and close hug to my chest. And accompanied her for a while more before sending her home. She is precious, she is important to me.

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