Shopping at Taka

Day: Thursday
Date: 12 November 2009
Time: 11am
Location: Takashimaya

Before we left her house for shopping, I picked her a mini-skirt and a low cut tee from her wardrobe. Of course, I also made sure she put the wireless vibrator into her panties for some outdoor fun.

The whole train ride to Orchard was torturing for her, she had to control her moaning and body response to the vibrating egg in her, and she had to calm herself so as not to wet the panties too much.

Upon reaching, we talked through Wisma Atria and it was easier since I decided she would get it later. Heading towards Art Friends, we had to take the escalator up and it was always quite a sight to look up and see girls in short dress or skirt revealing their fetish panties or shorts.

I made sure she stood by the side and spread her legs so others could get a view of her wet white cotton panties. She walked around Art Friend and I kept the vibrator switched on to prepare her for the fun I’ve planned. After close to twenty minutes of browsing, she quickly grabbed me and walked out of the store, whispering into my ears, ‘流出我的底裤了 (It’s flowing out of my panties)。’

Looking at her legs, I could see a stream of liquid flowing down to her feet. I brought her to the handicap toilet at the level and she had to take it off to dry it a little. Once she took it off, she asked if I could lick it for her since it’s still flowing. I went down on her and gave her pussy a long and short pulses of gentle sucking of her love hole and clit. It didn’t get any drier, more steams of her love juice were made though.

Airing the panties for a while by the sink, I stood up and pushed her to squat down so she could suck me. Placing her head by the wall, I’ve decided to move my hips instead of her moving her mouth. So, all she needed to do was to suck and use her tongue.

After moving in and out of her mouth at different depth with increasing speed, I quickly took her panties and wrapped around my dick as I felt the build up and unloaded it all onto the section of her panties that her pussy will come in contact with, when she put it on.

Having no other choice, she had to wear it back and of course, with the vibrator in place. We went home as horny the way we came out to play. Upon reaching her comfortable bed, *pom* and off she went to sleep.

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