GirlPOV> Sweet Dreams

As I was awoken by the kinky dream I had, I could still feel the wetness and warmth under my dress, I wasn’t used to wearing panties to sleep then. Running my hand from my chest to my pussy, the soft silky material did not help at all, was a turn on instead. I was massaging my pussy through my dress.

I felt a rush of hotness running through my body from my pussy. I lifted the dress up high to my breasts so I could play without restrictions. My fingers were in direct contact of my moist throbbing pussy. I wanted to stop and get back to sleep, but the inner me wanted more.

My other hand were fondling the nipple, I simply couldn’t stop. Not able to bear the masturbation without orgasm, I reached for the drawer beside the bed to get my micro vibrator. After turning it on, I placed it onto my clit and felt a jolt of pleasure running through me.

I knew there was no turning off, and I would not rest until I worn myself out. My hand was numbed by the vibration, but I knew I had to keep it on my clit. I came hard and the feeling of the juice flowing, triggered another around of teasing for me.

I kept going at it until I was really tired. There was a little wet spot on my bed though, I placed the vibrator back into the drawer, turned to the side, place my hand between my legs and touched myself to sleep.


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