Feeling Really Lousy

Day: Wednesday
Date: 11 November 2009
Time: 6.30pm
Location: United Square, stairwell.

I was feeling super fucked up. I tried doing so much for a girl and a break is what I got in the end. I asked my ‘daughter’ out for some ice-cream frenzy. We ate at Ben & Jerry at United Square before a mood swing came over and I cried.

We went to the staircase as it was seldom used as I had no need to hold myself back. We just sat and she lent me her shoulders while I cried away. As I felt better after I say everything out, I peeked into her V neck shirt to see a very tempting black and white striped bra.

I placed my left hand onto her stomach, hugging her closer while my head is still on her shoulders. Slowly, I rubbed her stomach and went under her shirt, up to her chest and massaged her breasts. I undid her neck bra and allowed her assets to break free.

Teasing her nipples in a circular rolling action with my thumb and index finger, she was moaning in a gentle, enticing tone. My mood got better and I shifted my hand between her legs, feeling her moist panties. Her panties was really thin in material and that resulting in a super sensitive response with my every probe. I spread her pussy lips apart with my ring and index fingers so I could move my middle finger up and down her opening. As she got wetter, I used my thumb and index finger to pinch and massaged her clit till she orgasmed expressed with a tight clench on my arm.

Her moaning got louder and it made my bulge so unbearable. I loosened my belt and allow my dick to take a breath. She held it in her small hand and used the other hand to masturbate. It wasn’t masturbation with the other hand, she went to collect some of her pussy juice to use as lubricant.

Spreading over her own hands, she gave my dick a firm grip and jerked away. We were in a seated position, beside each other. Both her hands were on my dick and my left hand was across her hands between her legs, working on each other.

Without giving notice to her soaked panties, my middle finger went into her tightening pussy without much trouble from her wetness. I fingered her at a comfortable speed while she continued working on my dick. As my balls were about to explode from the 25 minutes of massage or you may call, teasing, I went to sit on the step lower in front of herĀ  while she continued stroking my dick with her hands around my neck and across my chest.

Once the feeling came to unload, I took her hands and covered the dick head, hoping not to waste any drops. As I haven’t masturbated for some time, it was a huge thick load onto her hands. With both her hands dirty, I took the chance to remove her panties and bra, knowing I would return her after a visit to the toilet. She could not do much but allowed me to have my way.

We went to the handicap toilet and she got dressed. An idea came over me and no doubt it was getting a little late, I wanted to reward her. After she put on her panties, I seated her down on the toilet. Kneeling on the floor, I went to give her a pussy licking through her seductive panties.

Her trimmed pussy hair made me imagine that I was having an abalone – without the seaweed. Her love juice was also sweet and thick. Like a cat drinking milk from a plate, my tongue simply could not stop until she stopped me.

I cleaned my mouth before exiting the toilet, only to be seen by another couple waiting to use the handicap. FML.

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