She fainted on her cold bed, pussy covered in a mixture of her virgin blood and my cum. I couldn’t resist but took out my phone and snapped as many pictures as I could. I didn’t meant for it to turn out that way, it was her who forced me to be someone else.

I was suppose to send her home after school, she decided to give in to me for once by allowing me to send her home. Once she reached her house gate and opened the side door, I pushed her in and held her arms behind her back, inflicting tremendous pain onto her. Warning her not to make any noise, I snatched the keys from her hand and opened the main door and entered. Pulling her hair and with her wrist still in my grip, I pushed her up the stairs to her room and onto the bed.

She starts kicking and struggling once I loosened my grip, so I pinned her down on the bed with my hand, applying my body weight on her and removed my bottom with the other hand. I turned her around and placed my hand around her neck, ready to give a squeeze if she struggled. I undid her belt and pulled her shorts off forcefully. I ripped her panties away and left everything everywhere.

I flipped her over and pulled her to the edge of the bed so that her ass could face me while I could keep her body on the bed. Whether her legs were opened or not didn’t quite matter as she will spread once it gets painful. I spread as much saliva as I could onto my dick and onto her pussy as well.

As I placed my raw dick at her opening and she screamed upon contact with it. Begging me to stop, I didn’t know what I had to lose. She ruined me, it’s my turn now. I pushed my hips towards her pussy and as expected, her legs widened but her pussy tightened to prevent entry. It turned as a wrong move as I wanted a really tight pussy.

I pushed my dick in and out, inch by inch deeper into her before I could reached her deep virginal walls. Once in, her virgin blood trickled down onto her bed and onto both our thighs, flowing down to the floor. With that sight, I went into a sadist mood and promised to make sure I enjoyed myself. She was moaning unwilling and tears of pain was flowing all over her face, mixed with mucus and saliva. She could not take it and could not break free from my grip but couldn’t faint from the pounding.

As I felt the sperms accumulating, I paused and whispered into her ears. ‘I’m going to shoot now, what should I do? Prepare ok?’ She was crying really pitifully and begging me not to cum in her, she would exchange anything for that. I continued my pounding and with one final thrust into her tightening pussy, I released my load into her.

Keeping my weight on her. I fell onto her back and rested. I went into my shorts on the bed and took a bottle of popper and placed it near her nose. Her heavy breathing took brought one huge whiff into her and she charged up struggling again. I took a whiff and stuck my hardening dick into her again.

Off I went pumping her pussy and as it was the second time, it took longer for me to cum and definitely felt longer to her while she got fucked helplessly on the bed. I kept at it and emptied the second load into her, triggering a series of kicks and struggle as she felt my warm sperms enter her.

As she laid motionless on the bed for my third round, I pumped away and unloaded the 3rd  time all over her pussy. She fainted the moment I pulled my dick out. I carried her onto the bed and turned her around so I could see her face. After taking photos of her in all possible angles, I switched to video mode before cleaning and dressing her up, as though nothing happened.

Having had my share of fun and revenge, I exited her house and went home to mosaic my face off the videos and making sure I had one-click/ line command to upload the files to as many servers. Codenamed ‘J’, I.T. was my niche and now, her greatest fear.

Money, sex.. what more could I want?

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Cumming so many times is no problem. Is whether got any cum only. Popper is restricted here in Singapore. Lol. You can wiki it.

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