Skype Friend

Day: Tuesday
Date: 10 November 2009
Time: 7pm
Location: Her dormitory

I had a friend whom I knew on Skype. She’s from China, 17. We had been friends for close to a year and her plans to study in Singapore starts today.

I went to her school’s entrance to bring her friends and her around for a tour. After walking for close to 2 hours, shopping for groceries and toiletries, I managed to sneak in to send them back to their dorms.

She invited me into her room while her room mate ‘automatically’ excused herself. Having done cyber once and felt comfortable with it, I pushed her against the locked door and kissed her while my hands massaged her huge breasts. She was moaning with my tongue in her mouth and pushed me onto the lower bed of the double deck.

Her group of friends entered the room suddenly taking both of us aback, and worse of all, they are armed with a video camcorder. Pinning me down onto the cold hard floor and her onto the bed, they took the clothes off me and her.

Pulling her hair and locking her in armlock, they forced her to sit on my dick, putting it up her pussy. Fresh virgin blood flowed down my thighs and they were pushing her down whenever she moved up to ease the pain. In a mess of violence, they forced her to move without their help and filmed the whole thing.

I was helplessly held down by four girls placing their whole weight to hold my limbs down. She kept riding me and soon enough, she went into a daze and had a pleasurable look on her face. She fainted after she came and squirted a huge load on me. I did all I could not to release it into her for fear of getting her pregnant.

They carried her limp body and placed her onto the bed with her legs out of the bed and spread wide. It was my turn to fuck her now. They had their hands on my hair and stood behind me to keep my hips moving.

I did as they ordered and woke the poor girl up with the deep thrusts and I suppose, pleasure. She did not resisted but just cried and moaned. It was hard for me to continue but had to keep at it or risk being beaten. After a long time of pumping, when I said I was going to cum, they kept my dick inside her by pushing my hips against hers with their feet.

I somehow managed to slip out of her pussy and sprayed it all over her pussy and body instead. They then laughed and left the room. Once again, both of us were alone in the room, covered in bruises, sweat and blood. When the music played signalling the lights out, I had already put on my clothes and apologised many times before leaving. She was too traumatised to say anything then.

Outside, all the girls looked guilty and feeling ashamed. One of the more older ones passed me the mini-DVD and said, ‘对不起,我们玩得太过火了。’

I took the disc from her and left without saying. It was a mixture of satisfaction and confusion. As if I have destroyed a girl’s life for my pleasure. I no longer contact her until she did.

We met and promised never to tell anyone what happened. It was then when we felt the hots for each other, and went for a fuck session before going our separate ways.

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