Friend from M’sia 2

Day: Monday
Date: 9 November 2009
Time: 8.30am
Location: Value Hotel

I was awaken by a warm and wet but gentle sucking on my dick, in a daze, I could feel my blood rushing downwards and getting ready. She stopped abruptly as how she started and I soon went soft and slept.

After about 9.30am, I woke up and went under the blanket to give her pussy a lick. She moaned gently and started to get wet. I stopped as abruptly as I started and sneaked out of bed to put on a condom.

I positioned my dick at her pussy without too much movements or contact as possible. I gently used my dickhead to go up and down her pussy lips. As she moaned and got wet again, I pushed my dick into her and she let out a little yelp.

I started to move my hips and she wrapped her legs around my ass. Pushing me towards her, my dick went deep into her and out. Going to cum soon, I took off the condom and sprayed my semen all over her body.

She covered herself with the blanket while rubbing it all over her body. Me? I haven’t got enough sleep yet, so I went back to bed. It didn’t take long for something to awake me again.

The same warm, wet feeling, but was tighter this time. I could feel something on my legs, but until I realised she was riding me again, I thought it was her mouth. For revenge, she took me for a hellride, clamping my dick down with her pussy, she moved up and down so fast that I had the most craziest ‘after-cum’ sensation. It was definitely making me go crazy.

We fell asleep for a short while before she showered and sent me off. She had about 5 more hours to finish her shopping. And to return to M’sia to continue with her life.

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I want to write longer like yours lo. I want to have more variations in my use of words. I used the same description till I’m tired of myself. Sian lo.

Short and sweet, nice, i can never write so consisely. im so long-winded wan >:|

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